!!Original films:
* Miyagi is doing his "catch the fly with the chopsticks" bit, and Daniel walks in.
-->'''Daniel''': What are you doing?
-->'''Miyagi''': Man who catch fly with chopsticks, accomplish ''anything!''
-->'''Daniel''': May I try? *almost immediately catches the fly* Look! Mr. Miyagi! I did it!
-->'''Miyagi''': *throws his chopsticks down in disgust* You beginner luck!
* When the monks take up Julie's wish to visit her in Boston. [[HilarityEnsues Miyagi takes them out on the town]].
* [[CrazyAwesome Zen Bowling]].
* "Mercy is for the weak. We do not train to be merciful here. Man face you he is enemy. Enemy deserve no mercy... [[spoiler: HONK!]]"
* This moment in the first film:
-->'''Daniel''': But when am I gonna learn how to punch?
-->'''Miyagi''' ''(rocking the boat)'': Learn how punch when learn how keep dry!
-->'''Daniel''': ''(falls out of boat, yelps)''
-->'''Miyagi''' ''(laughing uproariously)'' Oh-ho, Daniel-san, you all wet behind ear! ''(Continues laughing, leaning back and nearly falling out of the boat)''
* Julie asks Miyagi "When are you going to teach me to break boards and stuff?" Miyagi answers "[[MartialPacifist Why you want to break boards? What boards ever do to you?]]"
** It doesn't top his earlier quip in Part II. After they arrive in Okinawa and see a poster of Sato chopping a board with his bare hands, Daniel asks Miyagi if he could do that. Miyagi snarks "Don't know. Never been attacked by tree."
** Another case of Miyagi vs inanimate objects from the first film, when some hooligans leave a bunch of beer bottles on Miyagi's truck. They refuse to leave, so Miyagi chops the bottles in half with one swing, terrifying them away. When Daniel asks how he did that, Miyagi replies "Don't know. First time trying."
* Pretty much most of Daniel's reactions to Miyagi's eccentricities.
* The part where Miyagi, Daniel and Ali trick Pat Johnson into letting her be on the sidelines so she could translate Miyagi's instructions.
--> '''Pat:''' Only Teachers and Students on the competition floor sorry.
--> '''Daniel:''' Oh, but he doesn't speak English and I can't understand his instructions without her. She's his translator.
--> '''Miyagi:''' -speaks Japanese gibberish-
--> '''Pat:''' What did he say?
--> '''Ali:''' He said you remind him of an uncle of his in Tokyo.
--> '''Pat:''' Well I guess it's alright.
--> '''Miyagi:''' -speaks more Japanese gibberish--
--> '''Pat:''' What's that?
--> '''Ali:''' He says you're very kind.
--> '''Pat:''' Oh, thank you.
--> '''Miyagi:''' Welcome.
--> '''Pat:''' -looks bewildered-
* In the third film when Silver tries to take on Miyagi he start making {{funny Bruce Lee noises}} at him. Once Miyagi finishes kicking his ass he waves his hands around in a goofy fashion and mockingly does the same.
* Miyagi and Julie discuss her upcoming prom in ''The Next Karate Kid'':
-->'''Miyagi:''' You tell Eric we go to prom.\\
'''Julie:''' What do you mean "we", Mr. Miyagi?\\
'''Miyagi:''' Miyagi drive car.\\
'''Julie:''' Mr. Miyagi, it doesn't really work that way.\\
'''Miyagi:''' Then Mr. Miyagi stay at home and wait like anxious parent.
** Then Eric actually shows up to a house full of visiting monks. He takes it in stride, but one can only imagine what he must be thinking. And as if that weren't enough, the poor guy ends up on the business end of Miyagi's TwerpSweating...while Miyagi is holding a knife. (He's chopping vegetables)).
* When Daniel asks Miyagi about his skill at karate, he asks what kind of belt he has. Miyagi's reply: "[[CaptainObvious Canvas]]. You like? JC Penney, $3.98!"
-->'''Miyagi''': In Okinawa, belt mean no need rope hold up pants!
** Likewise later on, during the now [[MemeticMutation memetic]] WaxOnWaxOff scene, Daniel takes note of just how many vehicles are in Miyagi's front yard.
-->'''Daniel''': Hey, where'd all these cars come from?\\
'''Miyagi''': Detroit!

!!2010 film:
* Dre's mom tells him to practice his Chinese, so he turns to a Chinese guy and speaks (very poor) Chinese. The Chinese guy's response was absolute gold.
-->'''Dre''': *Attempts to say "What's your name?" in Chinese, and not doing a very good job.*\\
'''Chinese Guy''': ... Dude, I'm from Detroit.
** It should be noted that this is the part where the title card comes in, signifying that this will be a long and difficult movie for Dre.
* The last time Dre's mom tells him to pick up his jacket, she says it quietly but with such force.
--> '''PICK''' up your jacket!
* When Mr. Han tells Dre's mom that Dre is his only student, she has this sort of "Oooookay..." look.
* When it looks like they're about to replicate the catching the fly scene. Instead Mr. Han whips out a fly swatter, and squashes the fly flat. ''Then'' he picks it up with the chopsticks.
-->'''Dre''': Ugh. That's nasty.
* During the Tournament at the end, Dre scores a point against one of his early opponents with a fast shoving motion. The slow-mo done for the crowd draws attention by pausing on the face Dre is making at that precise moment.