Funny / The Internship

  • The fact that Alanis Morisette's "Ironic" plays during an actually ironic moment in the film.
  • Graham to Zach, a large team member: "Stop looking at the pizza. God made you lactose intolerant for a reason. You're fat. (beat) So fat. (beat) So fat."
  • Headphones' Take That! speech against Graham. Especially when he outright calls Graham a dick for making him, a self admitted silent loner type, talk in front of everyone along with calling his accent bullshit.
  • Nick and Billy's total ineptitude with technology and programming.
    Billy: "When you go on the line..."
    Lyle: "Online."
  • Nick drawing a half-assed eyebrow on Yo-yo with a Sharpie.
  • The hand dryer scene. THRICE.
  • The Golden Snitch!
  • "So we say no to love?" "YES! We say no to love!"
  • "What?!" "What?"