[[folder:Innortal's Loops:]]
* Franchise/HarryPotter loops:
** Harry recalls a time when he gave [[SoulJar Tom Riddle's diary]] to [[CloudCuckooLander Luna]]. [[RuleOfFunny The horcrux exploded]].
** [[LightNovel/{{Slayers}} Lina Inverse]] isn't allowed to do what she does best.
-->'''Lina''': I really don't see how me using a Dragon Slave is a bad thing.
-->'''Harry''': (''urge to kill rising'') Because … that would level the dragon, the stadium, Hogwarts, and a good portion of the countryside, [[PyrrhicVictory which I'm sure they'd deduct from any winnings you might receive]]\\
'''Lina''': … Are you saying they'd make a student pay for all of that?\\
'''Harry''': To be honest, I'm surprised they don't in your world. [[DestructiveSavior How many towns have you wrecked?]]
** Harry decides to get sorted into Hufflepuff one loop. One SmashCut later, he's taken over the world.
*** Later on it's mentioned that world conquest happens ''every time'' Harry goes into Hufflepuff, even when he's not ''intending'' to.
** Harry decides to go to Mardi Gras and accidentally takes Snape along for the ride. They return to Hogwarts one week later, completely hammered.
-->'''Professor [=McGonagall=]:''' Mr. Potter, you're drunk!\\
'''Harry Potter:''' Yes I am! I'm also tattooed, a member of the State Senate thanks to a bet, and I think I might be engaged to a classroom full of Veela.
** Ron and Hermione's awakening in the loops ends up being right after a Dark Lord Potter loop. Needless to say, they're not pleased.
** One loop has [[SelfDemonstrating/DeadPool Wade Wilson]] and [[CloudCuckooLander Luna Lovegood]] [[CrossoverShip in a romantic relationship]]. Harry calls them "a match made in [[Manga/RanmaOneHalf Nerima]]."
*** The very next loop has Deadpool as the Divination professor. 'Nuff said.
--->'''[[FourthWallObserver Deadpool]]''': I am your Divination Teacher, Deadpool. Now for roll call. If I don't call your name, you are obviously either [[FlatCharacter unimportant to the story line]] or [[DoomedByCanon you'll die somehow before graduation]], [[CrossesTheLineTwice so I won't waste the effort to teach you any skills]].
*** And the reaction shot to Deadpool's announcement:
--->'''Ron:''' ... um, Harry?\\
'''Harry:''' Your own fault, Ron. See, if you had stood out more from your brothers, you wouldn't worry about this.
** Harry faces a boggart once more, wondering what his worst fear would be after so many loops. The result speaks for itself.
-->[[spoiler:'''Boggart!Snape''': [[LukeIAmYourFather Harry I … am your father.]]]]
-->'''Harry''': (''[[ThisIsWrongOnSoManyLevels freaked out]]'') ''Riddikulus!''
-->[[spoiler:'''Boggart!Snape''': (''[[GenderBender turns female]]'') Actually, I loved your father more than anything. I … am your mother.]]
-->'''Harry''': [[BigNo NOOOOOOOOOO!]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Boggart!Snape''': [[UpToEleven And young Draco … is your half-brother]].]]
-->(''[[DespairEventHorizon Harry annihilates the boggart and everything behind it. Including at least one of the towers of Hogwarts]].'')
** Harry becomes [[WingedHumanoid part Phoenix]]. The teachers and Hermionie try to convince him to reverse it, leading to this exchange:
-->'''Ron''': She might have a point, mate. You sure that change isn't messing with you?
-->'''Harry''': Ron, it would be like you being made a Cannon, and people saying you should give it up.
-->'''Ron''': … See Hermione, he makes more sense. Why can't you explain things like that?
** YMMV, but [[CrossesTheLineTwice Harry giving Draco a live grenade.]]
-->'''Harry''': Hey, Draco! Gift!
-->'''Hermione''': HARRY!
-->'''Harry''': What? It still had the pin in it … when he caught it. Um … run?
*** Before that, Hogwarts had exploded from the C4 he had given to the Muggle Studies Teacher who was supposed to get the grenade.
** Harry deciding to do an "act like a pirate" loop.
-->'''Harry''': ''(dressed like a pirate captain)'' Yarr, bring me a wench and some booty!
-->'''Fred and George''': I do believe young Harry has gone round the bend. ''(transfigure their clothes into pirate outfits)'' But more fun for us!
** The mere suggestion of turning Snape into a male Veela, and the reaction to it.
-->'''Hermione''': Do you really want Snape to be a sex god for even one Loop?
-->'''Harry''': … Damn you and your logic, Granger!
* ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' loops:
** Upon receiving cat!Shampoo in the mail, Ranma suggests taking her to the vet. [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity ensues.]]
** Ranma tries to summon a bird with magic, and ends up with [[spoiler:[[Film/{{Gojira}} Godzilla]]]] instead.
** Ranma and Nabiki encounter [[Film/TerminatorSalvation future John Connor]] and mistake [[Creator/ChristianBale him]] for [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Bruce Wayne]].
** In one loop, Ranma absorbs [[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} Lilith]]. In later loop, he absorbs {{ComicBook/Darkseid}}. A more powerful by absorbing Ranma's energy Lilith meets a weakened by a battle with Ranma Darkseid in Ranma's mindscape. She turns him into a pet.
-->'''[[GenkiGirl Lilith]]''': Speak!
-->'''Darkseid''': Release me and I shall make your death quick.
-->'''Lilith''': Someone needs a time out! Oh! And a nice pink outfit! That blue '''so''' does not make you look cute.
** Apparently, [[TemptingFate fate]] is a sentient entity within the loops.
-->'''Akane''': This can't be all bad. [[ItMakesSenseInContext I mean, we can become perfect were-creatures]]. [[WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong What could be wrong with that]]?\\
(''[[DramaticThunder thunder rings out]]'')\\
'''Nabiki''': … Akane, when it thunders on a clear day, [[LampshadeHanging you know you just dared Fate and she took the challenge]].
** A loop where Lina Inverse replaces Sasuke also replaces Itachi with Lina's sister Luna. The loop manages to incorporate why Lina is afraid of Luna with the Uchiha brother's history.
-->Some say [[Luna]] killed [[the Uchiha clan]] because her little sister had displayed a video of Luna bathing to the entire clan.
-->[[KillEmAll No witnesses.]]
* [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Bleach]] loops:
** A loop where Ichigo discovers that [[spoiler: Yuzu]] is the [[BiggerBad Bigger Bad]] above [[BigBad Aizen]].
** Another loop has Orihime becoming [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans Starfire]]. Ichigo notices that something's different about her, but the two characters are so similar, that try as he might, he doesn't know what it is.
** Powerless for a loop, Ichigo tries to get his father to stop Byakuya from killing him.
-->'''Isshin''': Kuchiki-sama, I humbly beg that you do not kill my son.
-->'''Byakuya''': ...No.
-->'''[[{{Troll}} Isshin]]''': Well, I tried.
** Rukia's awakening comes far too late for Ichigo to care about SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong. Miffed by his apathy, Rukia asks him what he's been doing in the loops. His [[ReallyGetsAround answer]] displeases her, so he's forced to tie her up and summons Sode no Shirayuki to help calm her down. It... ''almost'' works.
-->'''Ichigo:''' You ready to discuss this civilly?
-->'''Rukia:''' ''(now ungagged)'' Depends. Did you sleep with anyone? And was I one of those people?
-->'''Ichigo:''' ''(replaces gag)'' Sorry, that secret is something you aren't ready for.
-->''(Rukia starts struggling harder)''
-->'''Sode no Shirayuki:''' By all rights, I should attack you now and free her.
-->'''Isshin:''' Son, I don't mean to pry, but why do you have two women tied up in your room?
-->'''Ichigo:''' [[BlatantLies Magic tricks for a talent show.]] They said they could escape those ropes in no time. That was over an hour ago.
-->'''Karin:''' Shouldn't you let them loose?
-->'''Ichigo:''' Then they'd never learn.
-->'''Yuzu:''' Big brother is tying up women?
-->'''Isshin:''' Well, son, explain it to your sister
-->'''Ichigo:''' ''(points to Isshin)'' He taught me.
-->'''Isshin:''' WHAT?!
* Manga/{{Naruto}} loops:
** The [[ColdOpening cold opening]] that introduces the loops. It shows team introductions scene over and over again, each with a new spin.
--> "My name's Naruto Uzumaki. I love [[TrademarkFavoriteFood ramen]] and [[StuffBlowingUp making things explode]], I hate people who rat me out because then I have to take the time to make them disappear and that takes time from my favorite things. My goal is to kill two Uchihas since it's something Emo here will never accomplish."
--> "My name means nothing, for I have foreseen the horrible and painful ways you will all die within four years. But since I have foreseen the events leading up to those deaths and I find you bastards deserved to get offed that way, I won't say anything more. But Sasuke man, I'll be selling videos of your death, funny shit."
-->'''Naruto''': I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm a free spirit!
-->'''Kakashi''': (''thinking'') That would explain the [[NakedPeopleAreFunny total lack of clothing]]. (''out loud'') Alright Pinky, your turn.
-->'''Sakura''': I'm Sakura Haruno, and I like my men to be more... mature. (''[[HotForTeacher winks]]'')
-->'''Kakashi''': Um... Okay. (''turns to Sasuke'') Now you.
-->'''Sasuke''': I'm Sasuke Uchiha. I intend to kill my brother. Would you like a balloon animal?
-->'''Kakashi''': Why are you wearing clown make-up?
-->'''Sasuke''': It elevates my mood.
** The first crossover:
-->'''Teacher''': Uchiha, Sasuke.
-->'''[[Main/HarryPotter Sorting Hat]]''': (''without touching him'') SLYTHERIN!
-->'''Sakura and Ino''': NOOO! Sasuke-kun can't be evil!
-->'''Naruto''': Still better than the loop where we were all Smurfs.
** They keep working the fandom gag:
-->'''Naruto:''' (summons several shadow clones) We are the Borg, you will be assimilated, your ramen techniques and flavors will be added to our own, resistance is futile.
-->'''Sakura:''' (thought balloon) ''Not only was he annoying, he was a Trekkie. Dear God, she was being chased by a Trekkie! They never stopped! How could this be worse?''
-->'''Sasuke:''' "Star Wars" was so much better.
-->'''Sakura:''' (thought balloon) ''Noooooo! Sasuke-kun is supposed to like Harry Potter! Damn you, Ino-pig! I read those books and did all those fanfics for nothing!''
** Naruto referring to [[Franchise/StarTrek Captain Kirk]] as [[ReallyGetsAround "the man who put the STD in Deep Space Travel."]]
** The mini-me loop, where the loopers did something so extreme in the previous loop that they break the timeline, survive the reset, and therefore meet their non-looping selves. IHatePastMe ensues.
-->'''Naruto''':(''drunk'') Is it wrong to want to beat the shit out of your younger self?
-->'''Sasuke''':(''also drunk'') Seems pretty common to me.
** A mega crossover loop where Ranma is Naruto's jonin sensei, with [[Manga/HellsingUltimate Alucard]] and [[Anime/SailorMoon Chibi-Usa]] as teammates. The latter two end up fighting over a DoubleEntendre. Cue explosions.
** The loop where [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Kenpachi Zaraki]] is Team 7's jonin sensei.
--> Outside the Academy, the whole building shook before cracking in two, as a loud yell of "DAMN IT, KENPACHI!" from Iruka was heard.
** Just the team assignments in that loop were hilarious:
-->'''Iruka:''' Team 6. Ranma Saotome, Nabiki Tendo, and Usagi Tsukino. Your sensei is - Saotome! No committing seppuku in my classroom!
-->'''Ranma:''' It'll be less painful for me this way, sensei.
-->'''Naruto:''' Quit bitching, Saotome. Shouldn't you at least wait to see who your teacher is?
-->'''Iruka:''' Your instructor is Anko Mitarashi.
-->'''Naruto:''' ... stab away.
** And then...
-->'''Iruka:''' Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki, Saruka Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha. Your instructor is Kenpachi Zaraki with special assistant, Yachiru Kusajishi. Now - ''Naruto!'' I already said there is no seppuku in my classroom!
** Or Shinji's increasingly desperate attempts to confess during team selection to being a spy for Hidden Sand, Hidden Sound, or anywhere else that would get him arrested for treason and thus ''not assigned to his team''.[[note]]Shinji, Asuka, and Rei, with Misato as jonin-sensei.[[/note]] Iruka ignores Shinji completely.
** Naruto gives Sasuke some advice related to a NoodleIncident that possibly reached the Holy Shit Quotient:
-->[[spoiler: "If you ever have a metal cube call the [[Franchise/{{Transformers}} AllSpark]], never drop it on something called the [[Franchise/StarWars Death Star"]].]]
*** This is for a very good reason, two in fact: Startronius and Deathtronius.
** Naruto using being left tied on a pole as an excuse to secede and make his own hidden village; a perfect copy of Konohagakure, except that everyone is a Naruto clone. He calls it Ramengakure.
*** Naruto!Itachi interacting with Sasuke, threatening to show off the latter's potty training photos.
*** Team Gai meeting their Ramengakure counterparts. Summed up in one sentence:
-->The world just wasn't ready to handle Gai and 'Gai'.
** The loop where Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura decide to dress and act exactly Maito Gai just to mess with Kakashi, who runs [[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl screaming]] at the sight.
*** Not to mention, they got the other loopers in on the prank:
-->'''[[TheComicallySerious Gaara]]''': (''deadpan'') Yosh. Mother requires us to exercise our youthful spirit. This will not be an issue.
** Team 7 receives the infamous Tora mission again, except the goal is now to assassinate Tora.
*** In another loop, they kill Tora anyway, without prompting. Bonus for getting a standing ovation for doing so.
-->'''Kakashi''': ...You killed the Fire Lord's pet cat.
-->'''Naruto''': Well, how were we to know? You can't expect me to believe that thing was just a normal cat.
-->'''Sasuke''': I stand by my decision. I'm sure a full autopsy will reveal we were correct in the end.
-->'''Kakashi''': On what remains? [[NoKillLikeOverkill You stabbed it, fried it, and Sakura punted it into a probable decaying orbit]].
** "He called me a Tobi, that's just low..."
** Naruto trolling Kisame and Itachi.
-->'''Naruto''': Sorry, but I ain't gonna be used as bait just because Ero-Sennin slept with your wives.
-->'''Itachi''': Excuse me?
-->'''Naruto''': You're here because the Pervy Sage slept with someone you're related to or know, right?
-->'''Kisame''': Can I just cut his legs off?
-->'''Naruto''': Listen, Flipper, I don't care who he slept with; I am not going to pay just because my godfather is a man-whore.
-->'''Itachi''': We seek what you carry within you.
-->'''Naruto''': … I knew that ramen was special! Did someone sneak some code or battle plans into it?
-->'''Itachi''': We refer to the Kyuubi no Yoko.
-->'''Naruto''': Oh, he got out weeks ago. I am not responsible if he knocked up, killed, or owes money to you or your family members.
** Naruto switching toilet paper for explosive tags. The funniest part is that his would be victims thought it was ActuallyPrettyFunny, even though would've been a horrible way to die.
* Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion loops:
** As it turns out, the EVA-01/Yui Ikari doesn't like being painted purple.
** Operation Mini-Me, in which Shinji decides to dress and act exactly like his father.
-->Gendo stared down at his child, his mind trying furiously to do two things.
-->The first was to understand why those who watched him had failed to report such a change in the boy. This was no quiet wallflower with self-esteem issues.
-->In addition, the second was to not imagine Ritsuko saying, "We created a clone of you, one-eighth your size."
** The loop where Shinji has a threesome with Asuka and Rei and pretends not to know why Misato is upset.
--->'''Shinji''': Was it the illegal gambling I do with [[EverythingsBetterWithPenguins Pen-Pen]]?\\
'''Misato''': (''frustrated'') Noo...
*** The above exchange is followed by Pen-Pen entering the room and giving Shinji an envelope full of money.
** Shinji uses [[Franchise/StarWars the Force]] to make the Third Angel destroy all the Disney Parks [[DisproportionateRetribution because they sold him tainted food]].
** This exchange:
-->'''Shinji''': Rei, how many Loops have we been through?
-->'''Rei''': Seven thousand, eight hundred, and forty seven, counting this Loop.
-->'''Shinji''': Okay … wow. You counted them all.
-->'''Rei''': Negative, [[ExpospeakGag I simply recited a random number of sufficient quantities to see your reaction and take emotional fulfillment from it.]]
-->'''Shinji''': … [[LampshadeHanging You just said a huge number to fuck with me?]]
-->'''Rei''': I believe that is what I said.
** Shinji stages a coup d'état, while getting everyone to believe that Pen-Pen is the leader.
-->'''Misato''': Penpen, please tell Mommy why you wanted Shinji to start a coup d'état here at NERV.
-->'''Pen-Pen''': Wark wark wark.
-->'''Shinji''': He says he isn't saying anything until he gets a lawyer.
-->'''Pen-Pen''': Wark.
-->'''Shinji''': And some beer.
-->'''Section 2 agent''': We don't give into the demands of a probable terrorist—I can't believe I just said that.
** The [[WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged abridged version of]] [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant Mr. Popo]] decides to butt into Asuka's fight against the Fifteenth Angel. Shinji's thoughts on this?
-->''Could be worse, I could be haunted by Ghost Nappa like Ranma is…''
** [Gendo] had simply sent the Third Child a letter with only one word: ''Come.'' Shinji's reply was just as short. However, it included a picture of the Third Child bending over, apparently slapping his bare ass, with one word as well. ''Kiss.''
-->'''Gendo (thought balloon):''' If we were not all about to die soon and all my plans were not coming down around me, I would feel proud.
** The Loopers get bored and decide to liven up an Eva Fused Loop with some... additions.
-->'''JSDF General:''' Ikari, if this is some joke, I'll have you castrated for it!\\
''Gendo just blinked. He was pretty sure Voltron was not in the Dead Sea Scrolls.''
** Misato's complete apathy regarding Shinji's attempt to strangle Asuka to death and throw her corpse overboard after the face-slapping incident on the ''Over The Rainbow'':
-->'''Misato:''' See, this is why you need to learn to control your temper. You just better hope whatever you broke by hitting him doesn't mean he can no longer cook or clean.
** Also funny for the reaction shots.
-->'''Asuka:''' He ''tried to kill me!''\\
'''Shinji: (while being held down by four burly deckhands)''' Oh, like I'm the first guy who's listened to you for a minute and tried to throw you to your death!
[[folder: Ace Attorney Loops:]]
* TheStinger for the Fused Loop with ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys'', [[MinnesotaNice Phone Guy]] sues Phoenix, while [[ApologisesALot apologizing twice]] and saying that it's NothingPersonal. That fact that ''Phone Guy'' is suing Phoenix just adds to his ButtMonkey status.
* Simon Blackquill has explained who he was to the Loopers from VisualNovel/DokiDokiLiteratureClub. When Monika attempts to peak into his (in-game) code, Blackquill immediately sics Taka on her, saying he’d have preferred she’d ask rather than cheat.
** And Yuri develops a crush on him, to Monika’s annoyance.
[[folder:Attack On Titan Loops]]
* [[Manga/AttackOnTitan Armin]] has a bad habit of looping in as the adoptive son of [[HasTwoMommies Ymir and Historia]]. And once he looped in as their [[HomosexualReproduction biological son]].
* The very image of Goofy as the [[Franchise/AttackOnTitan Colossal Titan]]
[[folder:Cartoon Network Loops]]
* Jack Spicer (EVIL BOY GENIUS) is an Anchor. The absurdity is overwhelming.
* Hurricane Billy. Equal parts horrifying and hilarious!
** Doubly so when you recall that Mandy was the one people expected to be an MLE.
[[folder:Doctor Who Loops]]
* From 2.9, The Doctor meets his match in River. And not that River. ''[[Series/{{Firefly}} That]]'' River.
** When he's planning to make a HeroicSacrifice:
-->'''Doctor:''' I do this all the time.
-->'''River:''' Regeneration is still disabled out of home-Loop.
** And a few seconds later:
-->'''Simon:''' Have you got a weapon?
-->'''Doctor:''' My brains, my mouth and my screwdriver. Three deadliest things in the world.
-->'''River:''' Failed basic theoretical engineering. Destroyed spare manual.
-->'''Doctor:''' Only a bit.
* From 3.10: Donna's first Loop begins with her shouting for the Doctor, wanting to know three things:
* From 4.3: Pinkie's Program gets uploaded to the Cyberiad. Cue a billion strong horde of robot Pinkie Pies swarming across the galaxy in the name of fun. In ships armed with Orbital Party Cannons.
[[folder:Final Fantasy Loops:]]
* Celes' questions during her first Loop. It was a fused loop with Pokemon.
-->'''Celes''': What happened to the Falcon? Where is everyone? And why are we 11?
* Terra as a moogle.
[[folder:Fire Emblem Awakening Loops:]]
* Upon waking up in the MLP verse for the first time, Lucina meets Twilight Sparkle and soon realizes that she is talking to a [[MythologyGag pega-pony-princess.]]
** The same loop switches Robin and Lucina with Spike and Rarity. The (nonlooping) future kids end up walking in on Grima!Spike feeding grapes to Princess Rarity of Ylisse, and end up confused as hell.
* In Robin's first[[note]][[spoiler: actually second]][[/note]] loop [[GenderBender as a female,]] she gets explained to her that because of [[spoiler:what the higher-ups did to her and the universe's codes in chapter 2]], her gender is now considered one of the universe's variables, meaning that it's up to fate whether Robin is male or female in any given loop. Robin is [[FacePalm naturally disgruntled]] by this, but Chrom shows his support by stating that regardless of Robin's gender, [[PapaWolf he]] [[SubvertedTrope won't object]] to anything Robin and Lucina do as a married couple. Robin, while grateful, retorts by informing him that [[spoiler:she was Lucina's '''''mother''''' the last time she was a she.]] Chrom's [[BrainBleach reaction]] is ''hilarious''.
-->'''Chrom:''' "If Lucina [[spoiler: was your daughter]]...[[DelayedOhCrap then...oh, gods]],'' [[BigWhat what?]]''"
* All of Loop 1.1 is a CrowningMomentOfFunny. The best bit is when Validar attacks Ylisstol as normal, only to be stopped by Robin whom politely introduces Lucina and Morgan to him. Validar is visibly confused, and is forced to stop his attack when the Shepards surround him and his troops by surprise.
** Lucina wants to stab Chrom due to Chrom [[YourCheatingHeart marrying different women and begin Awake for a few of them]]. Morgan's response? "GrandfatherParadox! GrandfatherParadox!"
* Loop 1.7. Robin may be a good tactician at home, but [[{{Irony}} he's horrible at playing the game he comes from.]]
* Pony!Chrom finds Morgan in Equestria. After saying that his special talent is [[MythologyGag apparently finding amnesiacs]], a cutie mark of a book with question marks appear on his flanks. Finding amnesiacs apparently really is his special talent!
[[folder:Jojo Loops:]]
* Jonathan deciding to screw with Dio during events that Dio would have tried to use to humiliate Jonathan in canon. This includes 'accidentally' tripping him, 'unfortunately' hitting him in the eye, and slipping laxatives into Dio's dessert.
* Josuke still having his BerserkButton pushed when someone insults his hair, as Asuka soon found out.
* In Loop 1.7, the ComicBook/SuperiorSpiderMan has a major beat-down at the hands of Giorno Giovanna. TakeThat does not even begin to describe the humiliation Giorno put Ock through with very little effort on his part.
* Mista STILL has an unnatural fear of anything that has to do with the number four. Bruno points out that he should have gotten over this considering how many loops they have been in, but Mista states that on his fourth loop he was killed immediately. Thus solidifying his paranoia.
* Jo2uke accidentally traumatizing Yuzu by unintentionally flashing her his four balls, causing her brain to short-circuit.
[[folder:Jurassic Park/Other Dinosaur Loops]]
Used to be Jurassic Park only, but expanded to all dinosaur related material eventually. Includes Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time, and Nanosaur.
* [[Franchise/JurassicPark Alan Grant]] was chosen as Anchor of the Jurassic Park Loops over Ian Malcolm due to [[HeadsOrTails a coin toss]]. He was heads.
--> "You trapped me, in an endless repeating cycle of that theme park of horrors, because of a COIN FLIP!"
* Jess Harding terrifies a magical tornado into dropping the Roxys using a needle. Never piss off a vet.
* Roxy meets [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic the source of a certain nickname]]. His fanboying terrifies her while Alan just laughs.
[[folder:Log Horizon Loops:]]
* Naogtsu spots a hot girl and fantasizes about how she'd look in a school uniform, [[AttractiveBentGender then he realizes that it's a Gender-Bent Shiroe]] and reaches for BrainBleach.
* One-Piece Fused Loop
** Shiroe replaces Captain Kuro. That's right, he truly became a "[[RedBaron Villain in Glasses]]".
** After joining Luffy's crew, Shiroe realizes that Luffy shares many traits in common with the former leader of Depauchery Tea Party, and wonders if he has a weakness for this sort of person.
[[folder:Mega Man Loops:]]
* [[Main/SonicTheHedgehog E-123 Omega's]] insult to one of the Stardroids:
-->'''Omega:''' Your designated feminine predecessor was a sub-standard model, and ran Windows Vista!
* Dr. Wily's idea of parental advice to Bass.
-->'''Dr. Wily:''' And remember to crush your opponents under your heels, boy!
* When watching Bass and Roll talking, Rogue notices Rock and Blues don't seem to concerned. Blues points out that Roll can more than handle herself anyway, and then Blues adds
-->'''Blues:''' (''while smiling'') If Bass screw this up, we get dibs on whatever's left of him after our sister gets through.
* Reverend Dark out spreading the good word of robotics door-to-door. And Roll's [[StunnedSilence reaction]].
* For the 12 loops of Christmas (a project where authors created 12 loops, inspired by the season), the funny stuff included here you'll see: '''11 Battle Chasers''': (the Mega Man racing universe including cameos in the form of Mario, Yusei Fudo, and Jack Atlas) '''10 Forms of Sigma''': (From the X universe, where the 10 forms of Human Mode Sigma are caroling in front of Hunter HQ) & '''6 Soccer Squirrels''': (Ratoskr, the divine squirrel who runs messages up and down Yggdrasil in Norse mythology, caused a massive squirrel infestation of all levels of Yggdrasil. Including adminspace. The authors had a lot of fun making squirrely Loops. In this case, it's the Megaman Soccer universe where the infestation happens.)
[[folder:Nickelodeon Loops]]
* Loop 2.10: Korra and Asami Loop in as Beast and Belle. ... and spend all their time being SickeninglySweethearts rather than breaking the actual curse. Much to Mako's annoyance.
* [[WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra If Korra had been anything like she was at the beginning of her Baseline, she'd have been confident she could've beaten the old master in front of her with ease]]. Years of experience had taught her the Rule of Toph: ''Be afraid of old people. Especially if they weren't there before.''
** The old person in question? [[spoiler: Azula.]] Korra somehow winds up on her ass in seconds.
* Danny Phantom finds Ember Mcclane looping. He gives her a standard demonstration of power. All the while, he internally monologues about how screwed he is because of his lack of defense to exorcism.
* One of the first things [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents Trixie Tang]] does upon starting Looping: dressing the other popular kids as fairy godparents and sicking Crocker on them.
** This, from when Timmy notices that Trixie's Looping:
-->[[ItMakesSenseInContext "How do you learn to clone yourself with the internet?"]]
* [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents Jorgen asking Timmy]] about [[ObviousRulePatch the additions to "Da Rules" caused by Looper antics]]:
-->"Not wishing for Vicky and Crocker being fairy godparents? Who wished THAT?!"\\
"Musa said she wouldn't wish it and Cosmo misheard." Timmy explained before shivering.
* Trixie Tang decides that one loop in particular needs a... Man's touch. One SmashCut later, Timmy is asking why Men and Women have declared war on each other, and why men were the sensitive and loving utopia and women were the macho anarchic warlords.
[[folder:Sly Cooper]]
* Loop 5.13. Kellam sneaks up on Sly Cooper. A master thief.
-->'''Sly''': So, exactly how does a man wearing at least sixty pounds of armour sneak past two people?
-->'''Robin''': Honestly I've been trying to figure that out for years. I dread the moment Twilight meets him.
[[folder:Spyro the Dragon loops]]
* Ember's [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment revenge]] on Classic for keeping her in the dark about the loops for so long. As doubles as CrowningMomentOfAwesome for her considering how Classic also messed with her unawake self early on. Besides managing to beat Classic in a day spent at the arcade, she ends up buying a giant pink stuffed panda with the tickets she won. Classic remarks how stereotypical that was... only for Ember to reveal she intends on forcing Classic to carry it home for her, citing his early loop treatment of her as a reason he can't say no. Needless to say, he's [[PinkIsForSissies horrified]] by this, but reluctantly complies... only to find out there was more to Ember's revenge than she originally let on...
--> ''A blush blatantly blared on Classic's face, as he carried the stuffed animal on his shoulders. He didn't realize it before, but he now knew the full extent of what Ember had planned for him.''
--> ''A kindly old dragoness squealed in delight at the sight before her, and pinched the purple dragon's cheeks as she said:''
--> ''"Why, you and your girlfriend are the cutest couple I've ever seen!"''
--> ''Struggling to respond due to the old, wrinkly claws on his face, he could barely say, "[[ShesNotMyGirlfriend But I'm not her boyfriend!]] Ember, tell her!"''
--> ''Instead, the pink dragoness shrugged, put on a reserved smile, and kept silent. Ah, revenge was most certainly a dish best served cold.''

* A recurring gag is Classic's attempts to derail the plot of the first game, trying to see if there is any way to stop the interview at the start from making Gnasty Gnorc angry and responding by turning all the dragons to stone. He gets increasingly irate with each failed attempt, trying to tone down the insults, trying to put him in a sympathetic light, throwing a one-man band, even ''praising'' him fails. Eventually he snaps and in a fit of rage interrupts the interview to openly curse him out. What happens next is, well... Let's just say [[TakenForGranite Gnasty made damn well sure he didn't miss Spyro this time]].
[[folder:Star Wars Loops]]
* Anything involving a certain Pink Pony.
** Pinkie using her chaos god powers to turn the death star into a party cannon.
** Anakin Recommending a different donor for a now much Pinker clone army.
* The fact that Darth Vader is scared of Nanoha and Fate's MamaBear rampages is somewhat hilarious.
* Literal Star Wars (as in, the heroes are all stars)
* [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb Doctor Doofemsmirtz to Obi-Wan Kenobi on his convoluted backstory]]:
--> "Your anchor was conceived by a bunch of angry mitochondria or something of the like. You have no place telling me my backstory makes no sense."
* The very mental image of Bariss Offee, a [[spoiler: normally]] proper Jedi and conservatively dressed woman, acting like Kamina.
* [[LightNovel/FateZero Iskandar's]] OneSceneWonder appearance. The guy burst into a tense scene between Thrawn and restrained Vader, before hamming it up and offering the two a chance to join him in conquering the galaxy.
-->"Mighty commanders, cease your hostilities and put down your weapons, for I am a King! I am Iskandar, King of Conquerors! Fate has brought us all together in this place to do battle for the right to conquer the galaxy, and I shall be victorious! But I am a generous Conqueror, join me and you shall be honored brothers in arms as we conquer the galaxy together! We shall win, but not destroy, and conquer, but not humiliate! We shall forge a united army, the mightiest the worlds have ever known! We shall know the glory of battle, and the joy of galactic conquest worthy of telling tales a thousand temporal resets from this day! Who will join me!?"
** The best part is, Thrawn does so immediately.
* [[LordOfTheRings Darth Vader does not simply visit a planet]]. He brings an entire fleet. Complete with TIE Fighter aerial displays, armies of stormtroopers, and massive bands to play the Imperial March.
-->''"As I have said before,... Darth Vader cannot simply visit Equestria."''
* A series of loops occurring when someone else became Supreme Chancellor, all of whom really should not have been given the job at all, with a RunningGag of the [[Franchise/LawAndOrder Chung Chung]] noise during their first appearance. Highlights including...
** [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist "As your nearly elected Supreme Chancellor, I promise to lead with a fair and bias-free hand. But first, for my first decree. All female Galactic Republic employees are to wear.......Tiny Miniskirts!"]]
** [[Franchise/MegaMan "I thank you all for recognizing my genius and electing me supreme chancellor of the Galactic Republic! My first order of business will be to do away with the backwards and often ineffective ways of the Jedi Order and bring to the republic new and improved defenders! In the form of my patented Jedi Droid Masters! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha"]]
** [[VideoGame/MetroidPrime "I thank you for the votes, but I must reluctantly decline your offer at being Supreme Chancellor due to conflicting issues." the purple flying alien held a claw up to the booing crowd.]], which is followed by Anakin and Samus being confused that Ridley is being a ReasonableAuthorityFigure.
** Well, right or wrong, the potato won.
** Palpatine... As Servant Berserker.
--> ".......Is this an improvement?" Arturia, Saber-Class Servant who was probably about to start fighting the Berserker Chancellor in a few moments questioned the older Jedi, who honestly wasn't sure if it was or not.
** Kano. Because every other choice was ''worse''. Seriously, the second best was ''Shao Khan''...
** Celestia, thanks to Twilight Sparkle's machinations. [[TemptingFate Then she said she hoped she wouldn't Awaken and skirt her duties to go sun surfing]]...
** Chanchellor Yoda.
-->"Well, I feel sorry for his political enemies," Anakin said. "He is absolutely merciless when it comes to trolling politicians."\\
"I know," Padmé replied darkly, [[NoodleIncident remembering a hidden whoopee cushion in a Senatorial Banquet that haunted her for months afterwards]].
** Pearl Forrester. Who screwed up ''immediately''.
-->[[OhCrap The realization had dawned on Anakin and Yoda's faces.]]\\
"Evacuate the Jedi Temple, we must," Yoda ordered. "Gave MikeNelsonDestroyerOfWorlds weaponry, she did."
** Wuher. As in the Mos Eisley bartender who ''turned Greedo's body into liquor''. [[LampshadeHanging He too finds it a stupid idea]].
** Debatably Canon, true, but one loop where Rey ends up abusing the flying platform for spins and fun.
** [[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFuckboys "thank. i promise that i won't wreck your shit. unless you are enragement child."]] Cue Anakin deciding that he hates Fuckboy's more than Fazbear's.
*** And then Freddy gets kicked out due to [[{{Hypocrite}} wreaking everyone’s shit]], leading to a new election... which resulted in ''[[HereWeGoAgain Toy Freddy]]'' [[HereWeGoAgain getting elected.]] [[ScrewThisImOutOfHere Cue Anakin taking his wife and abandoning the Republic.]]
*** '''And then''' Toy Freddy’s illegitimate son, Vile, kills Toy Freddy, who’s head smacks into Mace Windu’s face. The next Supreme Chancellor turns out to be Springtrap, causing Jar Jar Binks, of all people, to pull a ScrewThisImOutOfHere.
* Every loop when the Jedi's weaponry get screwed with. Highlights include fighting with wigs and baguettes instead of lightsabers, and using pie and bees in place of the Force.
* C-3PO as a bartender. That is all.
* The Elevator Saga, Episode 5 in general.
* C-3PO is the weakest of the Star Wars loopers. His achievements include singlehandedly assassinating the emperor (while complying as Lelouch), and stealing the death star, (by Falcon Punching Tarkan).
* The fact that Yoda managed to go stealth mode from the second age of the loops (Pre-Crash) to the modern age (Post-Billy) is worthy of a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome, having him outlast ''all'' of the other non-Trek Stealth Loopers in terms of discovery. That he was a stealth looper simply for the fact that no one ever asked if he was looping is one of these.
* Pete challenging Yoda to a dance off. Yoda's got some slick moves.
* During his first talk with Anakin after ceasing stealth looping, Yoda tells Anakin he's irresponsible. When Anakin denies this, Yoda shows off holoimages of [[CallBack Pinkie Pie's Party Star]], then [[NoodleIncident a Death Star patterned like a Soccer Ball and one with Mickey Mouse ears.]] Anakin expresses surprise the muppet was around for those incidents.
* During a montage of [[VideoGame/PokemonRanger uses of the Capture Stylus technology]], Bariss manages to pacify everything from Xenomorphs to Zombies. What doesn't it work on. ''Umbridge''.
* How do you settle an invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom without violence? Well, as it turns out Luigi and Vader both agree the best way to do so is with a Dance-Off. Everyone is thrown off by it, even [[SeenItAll Mario and Obi-Wan]] react.
* Everything to do with the Dark Side Raptor.
* Luke once told Leia that she was more like their father than she cared to admit. [[BerserkButton Naturally]], she responded with the [[WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda Wuxi Finger Hold]].
* Thanks to the Misaka glitch, both Anakin and Vader awaken at the same time and same place. Anakin wants to kill Vader, but Vader manages to convince him not to for a gag. What's the gag? Vader as a DastardlyWhiplash complete with a large nose, top hat and mustache with the plan to tie Leia to the monorail tracks. Anakin comes into rescue Leia and the two engage in HamToHamCombat. Sadly when all is said and done, Leia isn't amused.
** Vader trying to convince Anakin not to kill him is great too.
-->Vader: BOTH of us die, after blowing up a planet or three, and then I wake up with BOTH of our memories in Eiken or in Teletubbies or.. (Shudders) on Kashyyyk celebrating Life Day. (...) You looking forward to another Life Day Celebration? Because I'm not.
[[folder:Warhammer 40,000 Loops]]
* Generally, anytime the looping Chaos Gods get onto the scene.
* In specific, Bjorn the Fell-Handed's first loop. After millennia of seeing the Space Wolves gradually descend into greater and greater exaggeration of their wolf motif, Bjorn snaps at them when they wake him up from cryosleep... only to find that he's time travelled. In annoys him greatly.
* The God Emperor of Mankind's odd penchant for looping as the God Empress of Mankind.
** Which soon becomes less funny and more interesting [[spoiler: when Empy begins to legitimately question whether or not they prefer being male or female.]]
* Commander Farsight's pre-loop. Leman takes him for a spin on his modified assault bike, which has spaceflight capabilities. One unfortunate meeting with a spaceship exiting the warp later, Farsight returns through time to find Leman having decided to try again with a much more armored bike.
* Leman's continual failure to be anything approaching a competent driver.
** And Fluttershy mothering him whenever she gets the chance.
* The very image of Leman, as a pony foal, running from a haircut.
* LupinIII's visit: he ''stole the Horus Heresy''.
[[folder:Yu-Gi-Oh! Loops:]]
* Jaden redoing episode 1, as the Supreme King in a really bad Kingly accent.
* Crow's idea of a prank causing a massive free for all battle between Duel Monsters in Neo Domino City. It ends with Yusei getting quite pissed.
* Joey using a Fire Retardant Coat to defeat Marik. It works.
* A drunk Yuma dueling the Barian Emperors with 'Rank Random Magic-Booze Force'
* Jack Atlas's attempt to get a duel spirit, and how it backfired on him, leaving him with [[GenkiGirl Wynn the Wind Charmer]] instead of something RatedMForManly.
* During a fused loop with Anime/CodeGeass, Lelouch [[ScrewThisImOutOfhere getting absolutely fed up with the idea that his loop's entire reason for the invasion of Japan/Area11 and their combat style being replaced with duel monsters.]] Then when he calls his brother out for his actions, he defends himself (weakly), starting with the fact the Shinjuku Massacre was being done for a card with 3500 attack power.
[[folder:Miscellaneous/Unsorted Loops]]
* The tiny legalese on the Admin's e-mail to the Watchers
-->'''E-Mail:''' (This is an automatically generated message. Please do not reply to this address, as all responses are apt to be fed to Nidhogg and lost forever to all time and space)
* Uatu the Watcher's e-mail address: Uatu fingerscrossedoath
** Heck, the entire E-mail battle between Admin!Thor and Uatu, who on behalf of his entire species doesn't seem to get the whole "free will" thing.
* Skuld's e-mail response to Admin!Thor claiming the admins have everything under control.
-->'''Skuld:''' Well, that's lie of the month done. Hope you don't mind waiting three weeks before we engrave your name on the plaque.
* During a post Innortal Harry Potter loop, Harry was [[TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive grabbed by the Hulk during Halloween to go save the Microverse and pretty much abducted from Hogwarts]], which led to the following reactions.
-->'''[=McGonagall=]:''' HEY! Come back with my seeker!
-->'''Snape:''' No, actually you can keep him!
--> ([=McGonagall=] glares at Snape)
* Apparently no matter how much Snake tries to prevent it, Liquid always finds a way to chase him, Otacon and Meryl out of Shadow Moses. This includes Liquid riding a snowmobile or the tank that didn't get destroyed depending on what Snake hadn't sabotaged that time around. One Loop resulted in this.
--> '''Otacon:''' One employee kept that on the base for his daughter, for 'bring your daughter to work day'. I said that it was as stupid as it sounded!
--> *Cut to Liquid chasing them using a pink tricycle.*
--> '''Liquid:''' SNAAAAAAKE!
** Apparently, [[WesternAnimation/WinxClub Techna]] also caught him using a unicycle.
--> Flora: Okay, [[TakeOurWordForIt I'll take your word for it.]]
* A HTTYD loop by Saphroneth involves Shinji and Rei trying to figure out why Unit 00 now has [[KillItWithFire flamethrowers]]. Then Rei sets the ''stratosphere'' on fire.
** Shinji then displays an in-universe example: following the event, Gendo (for once ''not'' a manipulative bastard) hugs Rei. Her expression says it all.
* [[WebSeries/RedVsBlue Lopez]] replaced Harry Potter. When he put on the Sorting hat, the hat screamed like a little girl and became comatose. Everyone just looks at him. His response?
-->'''Lopez''': Que?
* [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIV Flynn]], replacing [[Franchise/MassEffect Garrus]], confronts Saren early. Naturally, [[{{Greed}} being who he is]], he proceeds to ''mug'' him.
** In the same Loop, David, Incarnation of Death and Embodiment of the Danse Macabre, attempts to kill Commander Shepard for his atrocities... against the art of ''[[ICantDance dancing]]''.
* [[GagPenis Mara]] is apparently one of [[AnythingThatMoves Jack Harkness]]' exes.
* Leah finds her Admin, Fenrir, during a loop. He says he was turned into a puppy by Loki and dropped into Tyler's van just as it tried to kill Bella. [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial While sitting on the gas pedal.]]
* [[Characters/FiveNightsAtFreddys Bonnie the Bunny]] becomes the first looper to ever curse out Yggdrasil specifically. Why? Because he's sick of [[GenderBender being turned into a girl.]]
* [[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys Mike's]] [[SarcasmMode gentle]] reaction to his [[IncompetenceInc boss']] [[TotallyRadical suggestion.]]
--> Mike Schmidt: "I'm going to stop you right there, no, we're not putting Freddy and the others in outfits that would make Music/VanillaIce look like Dr. Dre."
** And the animatronics then breathe a sigh of relief. ''Even killer animatronics know that that was a bad idea.''
* The Nut Kracker incident. [[Franchise/MortalKombat Johnny Cage]] creates a movie SoBadItsHorrible and spreads it through Yggdrasil. It ends up causing Johnny to end up on the receiving end of a series of {{Groin Attack}}s and Activates Cyrax, [[MythologyGag who still felt cheated out of his 8 dollars because of Ninja Mime.]]
* [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus The Spanish Inquisition]] always surprises Loopers. It appears surprising them. [[Film/TheMatrix Neo]] was determined to not be surprised by the Spanish Inquisition, and took all imaginable precautions to avoid being surprised by their appearance. End result? He, Morpheus (the Anchor, not the Admin) and Trinity ''Looped as the Spanish Inquisition''. Instant Crash, and Punishment Loop to the Teletubbies.
** When Morpheus (the Admin) comes to explain what he did wrong, he had to face the fact that [[OneSteveLimit he had the same name of the Anchor he was facing]]. Then he explained ''why'' you get surprised by the Spanish Inquisition: ''it's a fundamental law of Yggdrasil''.
* [[LightNovel/FateZero Iskandar]] as a Pokemon trainer. Who captures dozens and dozens of Pokemon by making his infamous speech.
* [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Gilgamesh]] fighting Herakles while the latter had been summoned as Assassin... And hides behind ''Gil himself''.
** The idea of [=Fate/Stay Night=]!Herakles as [[StealthExpert Assassin]].
** The reaction from Caster (who knew Herakles in life):
-->"[[NoJustNoReaction What madman so sick I can't find a word to insult him decided to summon Herakles in the Assassin Class?]]"
* Captain Kirk spending several Loops studying programming, and the Genesis Device, in order to replace Genesis' operating system with Windows. The result? Khan dies of sheer outrage when just before exploding, Genesis encounters an error.
* Peter Venkman, the ghostbuster, decides that he'll spend a night on the town. His ride: the ''Statue of Liberty.''
* The prank war between Naruto and [[Manga/SailorMoon Sailor Neptune]]
** Neptune starts it by making Team 7 believe Orochimaru started Looping. Cue everyone in the Loop shivering in fear when Naruto screams "Prank War!"
** Naruto's counterattack: a giant fire-breathing mutant chicken that attacked her during a chemistry lesson at Mugen Gakuen and instead hit Eudial (who Michiru was actually thinking on how she'd prank her that loop).
*** According to WordOfGod, the chicken came from [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6906214/2/The-Consequences-of-Drunken-Experiments here]].
** Becomes a FunnyAneurysmMoment, however, for those who read the ''Winx Club'' loops and realize that said prank war [[spoiler:stopped what could have been the beginning of Helia recovering from Setsuna Syndrome.]]
* [[Franchise/MortalKombat Scorpion and Sub-Zero]] apparently have an agreement regarding Quan-Chi and Shinnok. This is the delivery of said agreement.
--> '''Sub-Zero, in response to Scorpion dropping Quan Chi's charred corpse:''' ''Hanzo, did you really have to do this?''
--> '''Scorpion:''' ''You do realize that I always get dibs on Quan Chi while you handle Shinnok, right?''
* [=SkyNet=] Loops into Pern as AIVAS and discovers its usual services are not required. "'''CONGRATULATIONS PERN! SKYNET RATES YOU: NOT HOPELESSLY STUPID!'''"
* While cataloguing [=MLEs=], the Anchor for the Wiki/SCPFoundation, Dr. Glass came across [[WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy Billy]]. Dr. Clef is skeptical of the kid's stupidity, saying ''[[TemptingFate How dumb could he be?]]'' Cue the next entry for [=SCP-8888-MLE=].
--> '''Dr. Glass:''' ''[[IronicEcho How dumb could he be? Hmmm.]]''
--> '''Dr. Clef:''' ''Oh, be quiet!''
* Every time Lupin III and Carmen Sandiego show up due [[ImpossibleThief the sheer ridiculousness of their heists]]. The biggest ones (so far) are, for Carmen, stealing Gate of Babylon (as in ''the Noble Phantasm''. Lupin had already stolen everything in it in a previous Loop, and Carmen decided to top that), and, for Lupin, the ''Horus Heresy''.