[[AC:1964 Film Version]]
* When the astronauts find the British flag, and hold it up for their British compatriot to see.
--> '''British Astronaut''': I didn't do it!
* Cavor loves his geese, [[{{Irony}} but for some reason can't stand chickens]].
--> '''Cavor''': (''every time he's in the presence of a chicken'') I detest chickens!
* [[RunningGag "GIBBS!!"]]
* While Professor Cavor is trying to get Mr. Bedford down from the celling with a ladder.
--> '''Bedford''': (''sees Cavor and Gibbs trying to get the ladder through the door'') Never mind the ladder!
--> '''Cavor''': (''pauses for a moment, then turns back to Gibbs without skipping a beat'') Gibbs, your an idiot.