* Page 294. Jack has entered Craig's phallic tower, spent two comics getting to the top expecting traps and drones and what have you but being constantly disappointed. When he confronts Craig:
-->'''Craig:''' Ah, Cannon! I see you managed to get past the drones! ''[dramatically sweeps his 'kingly' cloak up]''\\
'''Jack:''' ''[shrugs]'' ...Drones?\\
'''Craig:''' Oh, right...I...meant to hack up some drones...\\
'''Jack:''' Turrets would have been good.\\
'''Craig:''' Oh damn, of course!\\
'''Jack:''' And what's with no trap doors?!\\
'''Craig:''' Augh! Damn it!\\
'''Jack:''' Come on man, [[CassandraTruth my house is more dangerous!]]
* At least Angel's happy.
-->'''Angel:''' Jack! You're okay!\\
'''Jack:''' Of course I am. There weren't even any ''drones''.
* [[ManChild Craig's King costume. Seriously, what is the guy, two?]]
* [[http://fancyadventures.com/2011/11/25/page-347/ Jack. I made you a dinosaur.]]