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Funny: The Descendants
  • When Sid can't stop laughing at Elizabeth's mother's dementia, her husband has this response:
    Scott: I'm going to hit you. *punch*
  • When Matt is demanding Alex stop berating her comatose mother, and Alex challenges him to do something, he spontaneously turns her around and spanks her, causing a disbelieving silence in the room.
    Scottie: YOU GOT SERVED!
    Alex: Did you just SPANK me?!
  • More of a cringe-worthy CMOF, when Matt confronts Brian:
    Matt King: One more question for you.
    Brian Speer: Yes?
    Matt King: Ever been inside my bedroom?
    Brian Speer: Once.
    Matt King: You could have had the decency to lie about that one.
    Brian Speer: Alright, twice.
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