Funny / The Comedy of Errors

  • Dromio of Syracuse spots his twin's fiancee and declares "She is spherical, like a globe. I could find out countries in her," leading him and Antipholus into a series of puns about locations of various countries on her body, in perhaps Shakespeare's longest sustained piece of unapologetic lowbrow humor.

Flying Karamozov Version

  • The opening bit with the clown janitor. He pulls open a pack of cigarettes and they drop on the stage—the more he tries to pick up, the more he drops. Then he opens the matches upside-down. When he finally gets one to strike, he forgets that he put the cigarette behind his ear until it burns his fingers. In frustration, he finally sweeps everything towards a trapdoor in the stage. One brief pause later, William Shakespeare pops up in high dudgeon, grabs his own wastebasket, and dumps it out onto the stage to get even.
  • When Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse unwittingly disrupt an acrobatics routine, the gang of performers circle them menacingly as the band plays a riff from West Side Story.
  • The final line of this exchange ("Where Belgia, the Netherlands?" "Oh sir, I did not look so low!") is followed by the Bard himself walking onstage to a storm of wild cheering and applause, taking several bows and accepting a boquet of roses.
  • Nobody can pronounce Epidamnum - whenever it comes up they try a couple of times and wind up pointing in what is presumably the direction of the city in question.