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Funny: The Castle
  • When a local council land valuer is sent around to assess the value of the Kerrigans' property:
    Valuer: Has the soil been tested?
    Darryl: Oh yeah. Nothing too serious in there. [[Beat]] What do you know about lead?
  • Dennis Denuto's Courtroom Antics.
    Dennis: It's the Constitution, it's Mabo, it's justice, it's law, it's the vibe, and, uh, that's it, it's the vibe...I rest my case.
  • Dale visits Wayne in prison.
    Dale: We could just chat for hours.
  • Farouk talks about the thug who visited the night before:
    Farouk: You have friend, I have friend. My friend go to your house, put bomb under your car and blow you to fucking sky!
  • The catch-phrases and running gags all count, although there are too many to list.
  • The gates. They stole the fucking gates. The local copper knows they did and warns Darryl to be smart about fighting the case, before suggesting to hide the gates in the back.
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