Funny / The Borrowers (1997)

  • Tom Felton's delivery of Peagreen's sarcastic "oh ha-ha-ha" when Arietty laughs at him for getting stuck in dog poo.
  • Pete Lender's (rather pathetic) attempts at trying to get his dad to pull the car over:
    "Dad, dad, you gotta stop. Uh...I can't see...every thing's gone dark! My leg, oh, I think it just broke...ooh..."
    • Especially when you realize he could have just said he forgot something in the house...
  • Ruby Wax proves to be quite a difficult receptionist if you aren't polite. When Potter demands directions to Demolition, she gives him a laundry list of what he has to do.
    Potter: Isn't there a faster way?
    Receptionist: Walk quickly.
    • And when Pete asks her (nicely) she tells him he just needs to take the elevator to the right floor.
    "Such a nice boy." (picks at something in her teeth)
  • Spiller gets an epic burn on Potter.
    Spiller: I suppose you think you can do anything you want.
    Potter: That's right, I can.
    Spiller: Bet you couldn't get a girlfriend.
  • Exterminator Jeff is pretty much made of this, being an overly nice guy fascinated to learn Borrowers exist and failing epically each time Potter pushes him to kill them.