Funny / Bordello of Blood

  • Some actual clever dialog in the film:
    Rafe: I'm here for the, um, Cunningham wake.note 
    McCutheon: I'm afraid the wake is closed tonight. Come back tomorrow.
    Rafe: I, uh, really must pay my respects right now.
    McCutheon: Then I suggest you come back tomorrow.
    Rafe: Maybe you don't understand me. I'm feeling excruciatingly sad.
    McCutheon: I'm so sorry.
    Rafe: And if I don't grieve right now - maybe even grieve two or three times - I'm going to go out of my mind, okay?
  • The Crypt Keeper's conversation with the mummy director.
    Mummy: But I don't even need to tell you what a piece of shit that film was.
    Crypt Keeper: (Thinking) That's because I know what a piece of shit that film was!