* In "Meet the Doctor...", [=McNinja=] tries to convince the guards he's one of them, and a guard employs a rather easy application of SpottingTheThread.
--> '''[=McNinja=]''': It's uh... me! Jonesy!
--> '''[=Guard=]''': Jonesy don't wear no ninja mask!
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/5p22/ DO I COME TO YOUR JOB AND TELL YOU HOW TO]] [[TheIllegible SCRAWL YOUR NAME ILLEGIBLY?]]
* Doc's brother [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/2p10 picks his ninja name.]] The name is pretty funny on its own, but Doc's rant just makes it hilarious.
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/2p18 Oh my God! Jose Cuervo must've been a ninja too!]]
** Even better - look at [=McNinja=]'s eyes when the bartender turns around.
* ''" You. Lit. Yourself. On Fire.'' '''''Why did you light yourself on fire?!'''''" "Because. '''''[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/4p15/ They can't grab me if I'm on fire."]]'''''
* Dan [=McNinja=] finishes his multi-paged furious rant at Ben Franklin about freedom and ethics by disappearing from the office in a puff of smoke. So the good Doctor decides to ease the ensuing awkwardness by delivering [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/4p20 this gem]]:
--> '''Dr. [=McNinja=]''': *adopts overly-cheerful tone* ...well...whooooo waaaaants pizzaaaaaa?
* When Mr. [=McNinja=] has to go into hiding, and Dr. [=McNinja=] finds him and agrees to help him out. His father is at a pirate's bar, disguised as a pirate.
-->'''Dan [=McNinja=]''': ''(rips off pirate disguise)'' Hell yes! And let's burn this place down on the way out!\\
''(Every pirate in the bar glares daggers at him)''\\
'''Dan [=McNinja=]''': [[FlatWhat What.]] Oh, like there's enough of ''you'' here to scare me. "Oh, jeeze o peets, what an awkward situation! I went and upset all the pirates in the bar. '''[[SarcasmMode Gulp]]'''." I STILL WANNA BURN THIS PLACE DOWN! YOU HEAR ME?! I DON'T CARE.\\
'''Dr. [=McNinja=]''': [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/5p14/ ...you're the best ninja ever.]]
** And of course, Dan's retort:
--->''(A bunch of peg-faced pirates run around frantically)''
--->'''Dan [=McNinja=]''': What was that about?
--->'''Dr. [=McNinja=]''': Oh... I guess they were crew on O'Shay's ship. Um... [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/2p30/ I cut off their faces.]] This probably made them scared of the sound of my voice.
--->'''Dan [=McNinja=]''': [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/5p15/ You're the best doctor ever.]]
----> Alt-Text steals the show: "Hahaha! They are blind and mute, AND THEN THEY RAN INTO A WALL! AHAHAHAHA."
* Then there's the [=McNinja=] home defense system...
--> "When I say 'HAPPY', you say 'BIRTHDAY!' '''HAPPY-'''"
--> "[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/9p27 AAAAAAAH!!!]]" [[note]][[AltText There's a portion of the McNinja caves where various forest creatures sing ''Zip-a-dee-Doo-Dah''. It's haunting.]][[/note]]
* Dr [=McNinja=] ''smells pirate''. And decides to use the toilet. Perhaps you'd better read that [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/10p45 in context.]]
* The AltText. Also:
--> '''Dr. [=McNinja=]''': *flips the double bird* UNH! YEAH! ''(notices he's flipping off a woman and her baby)'' Oh! No no no! That's not at your baby! It's at the moon! You can't see it, but it's at the moon, and...OH FORGET IT YOU KNOW WHAT IT ''IS'' AT YOU NOW. [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/11p49/ I JUST SURFED A ROBO DRACULA FROM THE MOON,]] SO Y'ALLS CAN JUST '''TAKE IT'''!
** Followed up by this next phrase:
--->'''Dr. [=McNinja=]''': [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/11p50/ OHGODMYLEGS.]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/13p25 Oops. I just accidentally poured out aaaaalll of your dish detergent!]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/14p30 "What a strange-looking toilet I'm installing here!"]] Gordito's face just ''makes'' this one.
-->''[[AltText The script for this page says, "Panel 2: Gordito is all wtf mate." It's fun to write for yourself.]]''
* The AltText when [=McNinja=] is confronted by an assortment of death traps from every angle while venturing through the tennis temple:
--> Obviously he dies on the next page.
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/15p7 King Radical is subverting our city's rich history for his own devious purposes!]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/15p44 The alt text.]] Everyone needs a time to shine.
** [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/15p46 And the continuation of that theme]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/15p54 "Looks like King Radical was just a punk, hm, mother?" "Just a bitchy bitch bitch, father."]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/15p64/ Alt Text:]] I'm absolutely positive that nobody saw this coming.
* "Don't unicorns only approach ''[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/15p73/ virgins?"]]''
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/17p38 "And oh my goodness you just dropped a sprocket and some guy over there said Queen Victoria was stupid."]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/17p49 "We were going to have some stern words about being kidnapped by the Luftgoggle."]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/17p52 "Gorilla + Rocket Launcher > Ninja"]]
** Alt Text: '''We have to lay down some rules around here occasionally.'''
* Doc talking to one of his many ninja clones:
-->'''Dr. [=McNinja=]''': So what do you go by?\\
'''Clone''': Old.\\
'''Dr. [=McNinja=]''': "Old"?\\
'''Clone''': Old [=McNinja=].\\
''(Dr. [=McNinja=] glares at the clone, and [[IncrediblyLamePun what's coming next]])''\\
'''Clone''': [[CallToAgriculture I'm a farmer]]. [[note]][[AltText EEE I EEE I OHHH]][[/note]]
* Old [=McNinja=] scaring kids off his farm, perched in a tree and whispering to them in a ghostly voice.
-->'''Old [=McNinja=]''': "Come play with us! Come play on the farm ''forever''... We'll play in the... Blood... And... Stuff. You'll die."
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/17p74 This.]] [[spoiler:"Don't worry, buddy! We can take out these ninjas together!"]] [[spoiler:Frans's]] face in the following panel as [[spoiler:he and Dr [=McNinja=] join forces to defeat the ninja horde]] just makes this. Especially since [[spoiler:[=McNinja=] was turning the ConservationOfNinjutsu against him by deliberately teaming up with him.]]
* Dan's explanation on why they [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/20p26 don't keep explosives in the house.]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/20p46 Looks like Doc's in trouble.]] Except that '''[+[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/20p47 HE IS A NINJA.]]+]'''
* The [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/news/dr-mcninja-vs-ghost-trick Ghost Trick]] comic. Also doubles as an awesome tribute to the game.
* Gordito has to keep NASA's staff from delaying a launch. [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/20p70 By pretending to be a ghost hacker.]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p02 Doc's parents really knew how to raise a kid.]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p23 "Kite."]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p36/ "What?]] We thought it was a future....garbage disposal...." ''(cut to George Washington crossing the Delaware amidst a sea of floating garbage bags)''
* Google is quickly becoming an EnsembleDarkhorse. He/she is so delightfully [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p44/ slapdash]].
* Return of the [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p75/ Birdosaurus]].
** The doctor's reaction to said Birdosaurus [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p83/ here]]
** The AltText for the aftermath: [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p76/ Oh my goodness, someone should make a Jurassic Park/Inception crossover. "A clever girl within a clever girl."]]
** Hey look! [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/30p09/ He finally got him!]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/21p97/ The Ultimate Diplomat.]] Words alone cannot do him justice.
* [[http://www.drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p16/ THE SWEETEST DUNK]] (If you can't make it out, it says "So Sweet").
-->''[[AltText We are having a good time with sound effects over here.]]''
--> [[http://www.drmcforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=474&start=110#wrap From the forums:]] "I can say from experience that this was no mustache power. Anytime a mustachioed individual performs a sick nasty dunk, the mustache will reflect it."
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p02/ "I don't know where a river finds all those nickels!!! It just does!"]]
* '''[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p28/ DOCTOR MCLUCHADORE!]]'''
** [[AltText "I will put anything with a mask in a labcoat. ANYTHING."]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/23p42/ "Oh don't give me that look.]] [[RefugeInAudacity We wouldn't have had to do this if you hadn't made such a big deal about the gorilla!"]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/25p06/ "Tiger with a whip! TIGER WITH A WHIP!"]]
** [[AltText "A creature]] [[SarcasmMode IMPERVIOUS to getting hit by a car."]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/25p09/ "Oh no....bad dudes!"]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/25p29/ Dr. McNinja cures racism, yaaaaaaaay]].
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/10p40 KNIIIIIIFE EEEEEYYYYE ATTAAAACK]]
* The [[RunningGag running gag]] that a [[http://drmcninja.com/comics/2004-08-08-0p6.jpg kid]] and a [[http://drmcninja.com/comics/2006-02-072p33.gif pirate]] yells when the Good Doctor shouts a PreAsskickingOneLiner involving the word "[[PrecisionFStrike motherf-]]... '''''[[SpeechBubbleCensoring HE]] [[SceneryCensor SAID]] [[CurseCutShort A]] [[RuleOfFunny BAD]] [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments WORD]]!'''''"
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/25p102/ This comic]]. Something about Radical hugging Ron like a Limpet and Ron's confusion is great, but then Doc's face just seals it.
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/25p104/ "That's...uh...some robo-" "HACK IT." "I don't know if I-" "HACK THAT ROBOT."]] [[note]][[AltText USE...THE "NET"]][[/note]]
-->'''Dan:''' [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/26p62/ I'LL HACK BOTH OF THEM!]][[note]][[AltText He already]] [[HollywoodHacking threw three old routers at them]].[[/note]]
** '''[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/26p69/ HACK!]]'''[[note]][[AltText Someone make that man watch The Net or something at LEAST. Jeeze]].[[/note]]
* Ron Wizard reveals that Sparklelord's corruption runs so rampant throughout Radical Land that:
-->'''Ron:''' I had...[[SeriousBusiness bad pizza]] yesterday.\\
'''King Radical:''' There is...a lot of bad pizza in this land too.\\
** [[AltText Alt Text:]] I mean...you don't have to eat it. You can just eat the good pizza.
* "I thought he was humming Huey Lewis!"
** [[AltText So did Huey Lewis. And so did Huey's lawyer.]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/26p57/ "THREE TIMES!" :D]] '''[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/26p58/ "FOUR!" :D]]'''
** [[AltText The child delights in violence.]]
* '''[[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/27p10/ "AAAAAHHHHH RICE!!!" "HOW MANY GRAINS ARE THERE?!"]]'''
* Judy's [[{{Literature/Congo}} voice synthesizer]], which she needs to use because Doc doesn't know sign language.
-->'''Judy:''' It is bad we need to use this interpreter. It is new technology and sometimes has problems. As I said, my name is Hot Dog Princess, dammit dammit dammit no I am your guide.\\
'''Doc:''' I am so sorry.\\
'''Judy:''' Judy good gorilla.\\
'''Doc:''' I'm sure.\\
'''Judy:''' I didn't want to say that.\\
'''Doc:''' Still though.
** Later, we find out it has the dreaded ''autocorrect feature'';
--->'''Doc:''' I'm just excited to be talking to a gorilla.\\
'''Judy:''' (signing) I bet you say that to all the girls. [[ThatCameOutWrong Tickle Judy]]. (vocally) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! (signing) I tried to make a joke, and the software autocompleted! ''This is the worst day of my life''.
*** [[AltText Autocorrect problems on your phone are NOTHING.]]
* Then [=McNinja=] being on the receiving end of some MetronomicManMashing
-->'''[=McNinja=]''': [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/27p25/ Oh, this has been happening a while now]].
** "Everyone is impressed because ''you were unconscious while he beat you for an hour.'' "
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/27p51/ AND SO THEY DID]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/27p84/ WE GOT ON A PLANE]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/28p05/ "Im unimpressed with the level of commitment to this hoax."]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/28p34/ "No. No more Chucks."]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/30p07/ "NEW MAYOR INCREDIBLE."]]
** Not to mention the RealityEnsues nature of dealing with the Radical Land escapees.
* The AltText saying that out of all the crazy things that happen in the world of Dr [=McNinja=], the least believable one is that the mayor of a small town would have his own limo driver.
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/14p22/ After]] [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/14p30/ getting]] [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/14p71/ caught]] [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/30p35/ spying on the doctor in his office]], Victor "the plumber" [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/30p41/ still expects to be paid for the plumbing work.]] [[AltText THE CHEEK OF IT]]
* [=McNinja=], [[LongStory pretending to be part of Radical's forces so they'll bomb the prison he's trapped in]], sends morse code to Best Antarctica to "Gimmie dem nukes! Ha ha ha ha ha ha."
* The fate of the world rests on McNinja finally revealing his name. [[spoiler: It's Patrick.]]
* "I said run, real Paul [=McCartney=]! Run!"
* Dracula summons some ghost wizards to [[spoiler: rebuild the White House]]. They have a variety of wizard-looking hats on, some more serious-looking than others. The green one just has a cone-shaped hat with the word 'MAGIC' on it.
* Dan [=McNinja=] is [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/33p38/ faced with some pirates for the last time.]] [[spoiler: [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere His reaction is just to throw a grenade at them and close the door, because he doesn't care anymore]]. He then [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/33p39/ throws a second one "just to make sure"]]. And right as they finish passing through the room, with the dead pirates' burnt skeletons lying around, [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/33p40/ he takes the time to throw a third one]].]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/33p56/ "Yeah there's no way to catch this guy.]] [[AscendedMeme He's on fire."]]
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/33p104/ Another delightful comic AltText combo!]]
-->'''Doc:''' What do you keep in all those boxes anyway? Extra crowns and hose?\\
'''Radical:''' Yes, actually. But also...\\
AltText: He walks out with two flashlights, "Flashlights!"
* [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/33p108/ Hey there, Pope-boy]].
--> '''Pope Francis:''' Oop! I am free!
--> '''[=DrMcninja=]:''' Pope '''''Francis'''''? What are you doing with Pope Francis?!
--> '''Radical:''' Man, I got Dracula in my crew now! I know you [=McNinjas=] hit up the Pope for holy weapons when you're prepping to fight undead! Had to lock that dude up!
** And again, the Alt-text delivers:
** [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/33p109/ Well, time to Pope out of here]]!
* King Radical [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/33p113/ tries to use his mecha]] to [[KillItWithFire kill Doc with fire]]. We get this on the screen:
---->- DANG DUDE -
* After [=McNinja=] [[spoiler:kills Radical by using the Pope as a blunt instrument]], literally everyone in the world is standing there looking shocked and/or appalled. Except Dan. He's just so ''pleased''.
** The Alt-text for the explosion scene.
-->[[spoiler:Good bye, King Radical]]. You were a character I came up with while playing Mario Kart.
* Frans' unamused reaction when [[spoiler:the man he unmasked is not Dr. McNinja.]]
* The death of[[spoiler: Frans]]. Or more accurately, how[[spoiler: Dan]] does it.