Funny / The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother

  • The entire opening with Holmes and Watson, but especially the first bit:
    Holmes: (via a handwritten sign) "Ugly 6'3" murderer at keyhole."
    Watson: "Holy Jesus Christ!"
    Holmes: (via another sign) "Act normally."
    Watson: "...but it's cold outside!"
  • Sacker has been holding a cup, and seems to be proffering it to Sigurson, who takes it and sips.
    Sigurson: You call this tea?
    Sacker: No sir. I call it hot water. I was merely rinsing out the cup when you grabbed it.
  • The entore opera sequence.
    Henchman: Why don't we all drink some-
    Gambetti: (throws prop at him) SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
  • The entire auction scene, especially when the otherwise dimwitted minion Finney (Roy Kinnear) has to help Math Professor Moriarty (Leo Mc Kern) use long division with decimals:
    Moriarty: Oh Christ, how do you do this?
    Finney: Well, you put down 11.18...
    Moriarty: Oh sure, I wouldn't know even to put down 11.18.., What I'm askin' ya idiot, is whether you multiply or divide?
    Finney: Divide.
    Moriarty: Are you sure?
    Finney: Yeah.
    Moriarty: I'll kill you if you screw this up.