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Funny: The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
  • Lavagirl blasts Mr. Electric with fire, and it appears as though it works, but he reveals he's Playing Possum with an Eye Awaken and says, "Not for reals."
  • Max and Sharkboy's reaction when Lavagirl wakes up on the ice bridge.
  • George Lopez gives his usual comedic style as Mr. Electricidad.
  • Max tries to make something for them to float down a river in, and Sharkboy stands behind him, eyes closed and chanting "Shark boat with turbo boosters". His face when he opens his eyes and looks expectantly is hilarious.
  • Sharkboy tells Max they should ask the Ice Princess for help, and adds that Max will like her because she's the prettiest girl in the world. Lavagirl angrily blasts him.
  • Sharkboy's reaction to Lavagirl's fiery kiss.
    SB: [blissfully] Ouch...

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