[[caption-width-right:350:''[[BigNo NO!]]'']]


When you have a fighting game series with a dysfunctional demon family, a bear as the big bad's bodyguard, Robots with mohawks, Jpop Idols and the likes there's bound to be a lot of these moments.
* In Kazuya's ending, he tosses Heihachi off a cliff, like his father did. Turns out Heihachi survived, and sends Kazuya a letter.
--> "[[BadassBoast You should have found a steeper cliff]]."
* Nina's ending has her sister Anna confront her over a missing high heel shoe. Just as she gets in close and starts chewing her out with presumed accusations, Nina then promptly delivers an ArmorPiercingSlap that causes her sister to back off and cry into her hands. [[{{Troll}} Then Nina reveals she had the shoe after all behind Anna's back.]]

[[folder:Tekken 2]]
* Marshall's ending: He is practicing with Paul and perform a spectacular backflip. Paul smugly believes he can do the same thing and falls on his face.
** As a bonus, Paul's botched somersault is now actually part of his movelist, starting in ''4''!

[[folder:Tekken 3]]
* Forrest's Ending: Similar to Marshall's ending in 2. Forrest, Marshall and Paul are at a dojo. The camera focuses on Forrest who does a flip and recovers standing up. Pan to Marshall and Paul who are knocked down, failing to emulate the move. Forrest just shrugs at the camera.
* Mokujin's ending : Right off the bat, his wife (At least, a female Mokujin who we can assume to be his wife) beats him up, throws a bucket on his head, and tells him to fetch water from the river. On his way back, he sees two "Mokujin kids" playing Tekken 3 on a ''wooden arcade machine''. Mokujin watches them at first, then starts playing himself and kicking ass. He claps his hands while laughing, then realizes that his wife is standing [[OhCrap right behind him]], and he gets uppercuted again.
* Xiaoyu's ending. It starts off with her imagining herself and Panda having fun in "Xiaoyu Land", her very own amusement park, in a very cute chibi art style. Then the scene [[ArtShift shifts to a slightly more serious anime style]], and Heihachi reveals the amusement park that he actually built : Instead of the castle, cute animals and overall Xiaoyu-themed rides of the dream, this park has a giant pagoda, Heihachi-themed rides, and a huge-ass statue of himself. The board at the entrance that said "Xiaoyu Land" falls and reveals another one that says [[{{Egopolis}} "Heihachi Land"]], while Heihachi had a hilarious EvilLaugh usually done by some foppish villain, unlike his much more sinister one. Cue Xiaoyu beating the shit out of him as the letters "J" "E" "R" "K" "!" flash on the screen.
* Tekken Force: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEGymfKWXt0 *GULP* Chicken!]]
* Heihachi has had his fair share of OhCrap moments when things don't go his way, but Jin's ending takes the cake; just as Heihachi is walking away from his seeming execution of Jin after the Ogre was defeated, Devil Jin awakens and pretty much pulps a Tekken Force soldier with a throw into a wall right past Heihachi. ''[[BringMyBrownPants The great and mighty Heihachi promptly has a look of abject terror and confusion on his face,]]'' and practically seems to be thinking whether turning around was even remotely a good idea at that moment before LaserGuidedKarma hands him his ass on a platter within [[CurbstompBattle five seconds flat.]]

[[folder:Tekken 4]]
* Marshall Law's ending, in which he opens a restaurant, but a couple of customers start complaining about the food and cue a no holds barred beatdown. This causes his restaurant to go out of business, but Law soon gets it back up by turning it into a ''dojo''.
* Kuma's ending has him cheerfully "signing" papers stating that Heihachi's properties and money will be transferred over to Kuma. However, the last paper states that Kuma will hand over everything ''back'' to Heihachi. Kuma dances in excitement, unaware of Heihachi's plan... and slaps Heihachi in the face, leaving him with a big red-inked paw mark on his face. What sells it are Heihachi's face and one of the guards turning away and having a FacePalm/hiding his laughter.
* Combot's ending has Lee congratulate his creation for his victory in the tournament. Just as they close in towards each other, Combot's eyes start to shine, then he grabs Lee and ''spanks him away'', before celebrating with a pose.
* In Lei's ending, he slides down a drainpipe in pursuit of Nina; the noises he makes whilst descending are hilarious!
* In Marduk's ending, Jeff Slater (the current Vale Tudo champion) appears and challenges him to a fight. After a few seconds of Jeff acting like an asshole to him, Craig simply and swiftly KO's him with a single headbutt. "Don't bother getting up" indeed!

[[folder:Tekken 5]]
* Heihachi's ending, in which he [[StrappedToARocket ties Jinpachi, Kazuya and Jin to a rocket and launches said rocket into outer space.]]
* Asuka's ending in ''Tekken 5'': She beats Jinpachi and and runs over to Devil Jin, and her touch causes the devil part to recede, causing the player to think this is gonna be a touching scene between the Kazamas. Then Jin (unconscious) falls over, face first, [[AccidentalPervert into her chest]]. [[HilarityEnsues Cue the]] [[PervertRevengeMode typical anime girl reaction.]] [[{{Beat}} After a very long, very awkward pause.]] And Jin's complete obliviousness to Asuka's curbstomping of him is just the icing on the cake.
** What probably sells it at this point is that neither Asuka or Jin seem to realize that they're cousins, or at that point they're too busy to not care about it.
* Lee's ending, with a lot of FanDisservice from Heihachi. [[spoiler:To elaborate: after Lee wins the tournament, he makes Heihachi his ''butler'', wearing nothing but ''a speedo''. While he's attending to him (and his girls) by his estate pool, he mutters threats under his breath... just as Lee reminds him that there is a bomb in the bowtie he's wearing, and Lee has the detonator with him. Heihachi resumes his duties quickly and frantically, while Lee utters his trademark "[[CatchPhrase Excellent!]]"]]
** "Two Fingers!"
** To drive the point home for Heihachi, he gets an ImagineSpot which is [[spoiler:the exact same explosion from the ''Tekken 5'' intro, showing that he ''really'' doesn't want to go through that again]].
* Law's ending. Finally paying the debts for Forrest's accident, Marshall [[StatusQuoIsGod is back to square one:]] "[[PerpetualPoverty Broke again...]]" Cue Paul arriving in a broken bicycle with his motorcycle ruins and sending the debt to Marshall again. Marshall gets a hilarious OhCrap expression, and the screen goes to mock the usual fighting screen of ''Tekken 5'' (with Life Bar HUD), in which Marshall one-shots Paul with an uppercut, and then switches back to CGI where he's running away. The [[{{Retreaux}} old-timey]] {{Slapstick}} music is just the icing on the cake.
* Panda's ending, in which Kuma gets rejected (again) and Xiaoyu gets a little ''too'' [[WhatDoesThisButtonDo curious]]. Just... [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbFGBCcpf-E here]].
* A cutscene which involves Roger (Mrs) confronting Mokujin and pointing out just how ridiculous the TranslationConvention is, being that a block of wood understands kangaroo language and vice versa. And if either one beats the other, they parody another character's defeat scene (Mrs. Roger copies Jin's victory against Hwoarang while Mokujin mimics Wang beating Xiaoyu).
--> '''Roger Mama/Mokujin:''' Excuse me, I'm looking for my husband/family? Do you know where he is/they are?
--> '''Mokujin/Roger Mama:''' No, [[DefeatEqualsFriendship but if you defeat me, I'll help]].
--> '''Roger Mama/Mokujin:''' How can you help?! [[HypocriticalHumor You can't even talk!]]
--> '''Mokujin:''' [[HypocrisyNod Well LOOK who's talking, Mrs. Kangaroo!]]
--> '''Roger Mama:''' [[MamaBear I wear the pants in MY family!]]
* Paul's ending: He opens up a dingy dojo with threats written outside, in preparation of a big battle. That battle is beginning to show up as he issues his challenge.
** It gets funnier once it is revealed that the dojo is inside a space station. And the aliens are already coming.
-->Anytime! Anyplace!!! '''BRING IT ON YA ALIENS!!!!!'''
** Prior to that, his cutscenes. Kuma begs him to save the Zaibatsu only for to be ignored by Paul celebrating his victory, and he blatantly ignores Jinpachi's rants while picking his ear, only caring about the fact that he can become the WorldsStrongestMan by beating him.
*** Paul's deadpan reaction to Jinpachi's VillainousRant seems to be channeling [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony's]] exasperation at [[BigBad Heihachi's]] [[MemeticMutation infamously long-winded and baffling]] MotiveRant at the climax of ''Anime/TekkenTheMotionPicture'':
--> '''Jinpachi:''' [[OmnicidalManiac My objective is to destroy all]]. (Paul picks at his ear) While you mortals enjoyed your peaceful, prosperous existence, [[AndIMustScream I sat imprisoned, waiting...]] [[SealedEvilInACan waiting for the day I would be freed.]] For what felt like an eternity, I endured... (Paul squats down on the ground, and grabs at it like he lost a contact lens or something) ''I endured all this time, letting my hatred for humanity fester inside, '''growing stronger each day-!!'''''
--> '''Paul:''' '''[[ShutUpHannibal I GOT your freaking point!!!]]''' Either way, Ill be the toughest on Earth after I kick ''your'' ass, right?
--> ([[TheComicallySerious Jinpachi turns around, as if now just realizing Paul was there, and gives a single "Yes" nod]])
--> '''Paul:''' '''TEN SECONDS!!!''' ''Ten seconds,'' and I'll be '''''Number 1!!'''''
* Ganryu's ending: He finally wins his first tournament after 42 years and waits at a harbor to give Julia her data disc and propose to her. She accepts the disc, but as he's about to give her the ring... [[spoiler: she had already left! After a long pause, Ganryu raises his head, [[HilarityEnsues and gives the best jaw drop ever]] [[CallBack (Again)]]!]]
* Lei's ending; he fights a criminal on top of a moving bus and handcuffs him. As he's reporting back to HQ, a sign hits him in the back of the head, knocking him off the bus. He's left mumbling that it'll leave a mark...
[[folder:Tekken 6]]
* In Bob's ending from ''6'', he loses all of his weight, prompting him to FreakOut and bang his head against the wall of his house until he passes out (pictured above).
* Lee's ending in 6. He plays golf, using exploding golf balls, aiming for Heihachi Kazuya and Jin strapped to rockets.
* Heihachi and Kuma all share a similar ending in ''6''. Heihachi takes Jin and Kazuya into high orbit, then throws them off of the shuttle...[[HoistByHisOwnPetard only for this to bite him in the ass]]. In Kuma's case, he was lucky that he threw Kazuya off the shuttle without reply...until [[spoiler: Kuma, Jin, and Kazuya all wind up descending back to earth like shooting stars. As they blast off like Team Rocket in ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'', Ganryu is seen pining for Julia]].
* The text used in the Scenario Campaign in ''6'' has its moments. A few of them:
** Using Kazuya against Xiaoyu:
-->'''Xiaoyu:''' Father, please stop!
-->'''Kazuya:''' Who is this insolent girl?
-->'''Alisa:''' Ling Xiaoyu. She appears to be a student here.
-->'''Xiaoyu:''' If you don't stop quarrelling with Jin, I'll have to kill you so the two of us can elope.
-->'''Kazuya:''' You're becoming annoying. Out of my sight.
** Using Julia against Ganryu:
-->'''Ganryu''': Ohhhh! My dearest Julia came to visit me? This is the happiest day of my life! Finally, I can give you this engagement ring that I've held onto for so long!
-->'''Julia''': Sorry to interrupt. Um, I can come back another time.
-->'''Ganryu''': You're leaving? Wait! You no doubt refuse the ring because you recognize the poor state of my finances! Ohh, how modest! How refined! I should have expected nothing less of my dear Julia!
-->'''Julia''': What? I don't know what twisted fantasy world you live in, but--
-->'''Ganryu''': Oh! Worry not, this ring is already paid for! Take it! I insist! You needn't refrain from showing me your true feelings any longer, my love! ''(Fight begins--Julia's showing her true feelings, all right...)''
** Using [[TheVoiceless Dragunov]] against Lili:
-->'''Dragunov''': ...
-->'''Alisa''': My research finds that such tankers are not permitted in close proximity to piers.
-->'''Dragunov''': ...
-->'''Alisa''': Are you missing a speech module? Is that it?

-->'''Lili''': Welcome aboard my ship. Are you going to be my new toy?
-->'''Dragunov''': ...
-->'''Lili''': Ooh, I wonder how you'll sing when I hurt you. I can't wait to find out!
-->'''Alisa''': I'd like to hear his voice, too.
** Then we have Asuka, declaring she will [[CutHisHeartOutWithASpoon fry Jin's bottom]] if she ever gets her hands on him.
* Asuka's/Lili's ending. She is riding her bike at full speed, because she is almost late. Only to crash into Lili's limo, drooping her bento in the process. She angrily asks her why she did that for. Only for Lili to declare that, her first school day is ruined. Asuka predictably explodes and attacks her. Lili's driver wisely runs away. In Lili's version the driver is replaced with Sebastian who happily notes tha's Lili's [[ComicallyMissingthePoint making friends]].
** Which transitions into Pandas' ending, where a late Xiaoyu is riding Panda at full speed to get to school on time, knocking the limo aside, while Lili and Asuka are lucky to dodge a speeding Panda. They exchange a glance, and then chase down Xiaoyu.
* Marshall's ending: He celebrates with his buddies Paul and Steve. He then, covers the pizza in laxative and while Paul and Steve are stuck dealing with the laxatives, Marshall runs off with the prize money.
* Paul's ending: He and Marshall [[CrossCounter drop each other]] simultaneously. Marshall kicks Paul in the face and gets a GroinAttack from Paul's extended fist.
** And to cap it off, [[OnlySaneMan Steve]] is in the audience, and when Paul and Marshall suffer a DoubleKO, [[BreakingTheFourthWall he looks at the camera and shrugs in exasperation]].
* Ganryu's ending: He defeats Azazel [[spoiler: and absorbs the power from his core, gaining horns and wings similar to Devil Jin... [[RealityEnsues Except he's too heavy to fly.]]]]
* Lei's ending; a purse snatcher runs past as the Supercop is eating noodles. Lei stops him by kicking his chair into him. ..........then he goes to sit back down, forgetting he has no chair anymore and drops a bowl of scolding hot noodles all over him. We don't see that last part, but we definitely hear his scream...

[[folder:Tekken Tag Tournament]]
* Tekken Tag has a mode called ''Tekken Bowl,'' where a fighter and his\her partner go bowling. The game uses a power meter, and it's tricky to do but if you get it just over max your fighter ''will slide down the lane.''
** Also in Tekken Bowl, your character can aim right out of the lane then throw the ball, which results in hitting a spectator. Like the manual says in imitating the fighting moves, both of these moments results in the game [[CaptainObvious helpfully pointing out]] DontTryThisAtHome.
** It's also an EasterEgg: one spectator in particular is Dr. Boskonovitch, who can even be KO'd!
** When you overcharge your ball, your character is pulled along the lane by it and smashes into the pins. And to really rub it in, they replay it about 12 times with the announcer yelling "GREAT!" every. Single. Time.
** The little bit of music that plays when you foul.
* This [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcI6SoVggPc commercial]].
* Ganryu's ending has him propose to his beloved Michelle, prompting an ''epic'' JawDrop when she refuses. It's so epic that it returned for [[spoiler:his ending from ''5'']].
* Forest Law's ending has him and Paul train together, performing the same moves... and accidentally hitting each other in the crotch at the same time. What sells it is the negative shots on their pained expressions as they collapse.
* Roger and Alex's ending has them playing rock-paper-scissors with Yoshimitsu, without taking off their boxing gloves. As a result, Yoshi wins every time by constantly playing paper.
* Nina has a move where kicks the opponent in the crotch. Everyone grunts in pain when it's performed on them. Bryan Fury *laughs*.

[[folder:Tekken Tag Tournament 2]]
* Music/SnoopDogg, of all people, getting a cameo in ''Tag 2'', in the form of a stage featuring him (the BGM being a special single he's written just for the game). The stage is a massive golden arena surrounded by lowriders rotating around it on giant mechanical arms, and Snoop himself on a throne surrounded by ladies. It is exactly as fantastically absurd as it sounds.
* [[TheVamp Anna Williams]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AswxMu3-aSw breaks the fourth wall]] [[ThirdPersonSeductress by calling Gamestop customers who have pre-ordered the game]]. Hearing Creator/TaraPlatt in her sexy voice saying "[[DoubleEntendre Let's try two-on-one]]." is gut-busting.
* Lars's ending. A family dinner with Jun, Asuka, [[BigScrewedUpFamily Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin]] (which makes one think that this was Jin's idea). It's[[DysfunctionJunction actually better than you might think.]] Except for [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROVp-WX6n0s Lars.]] Also counts as a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming, mainly for the Mishima and Kazama just sitting down for a family dinner and ''not'' trying to kill each other, although fighting over Jun's cooking... is a totally different matter. [[FridgeBrilliance Which could even be why they all agreed to it.]] There's gotta be ''something'' they can compete against each other for.
** Made more funny with this in mind: Lars's moveset is mostly composed of unnaturally-acrobatic and fast and hard-hitting moves, yet he can't eat anything for being too slow. He ''does'' manage to get the consolation prize of the konbu strip...[[spoiler:for all of one second due to Heihachi leaning in and slurping it right off of his chopsticks]].
*** Alas it's AllJustADream, but that makes it even funnier when the SuspiciouslySimilarSong to ''VideoGame/BattlefieldBadCompany'' kicks in. Perhaps due to it being a dream/nightmare (or a disaster as Lars puts it via literally translating his dialogue), the odds were intentionally stacked against him.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6aQ_JE6tD4 Wang's Tag 2 ending.]] BreakingTheFourthWall in a way {{Deadpool}} would be proud of.
--> '''Jinpachi:''' By the way, old friend, didn't you die after beating Azazel last time?\\
'''Wang:''' That's right, I did die. My awesome existence allowed me to cheat death and stand before you now.\\
'''Jinpachi:''' They were this close to killing off a no-name character like you. The only reason you're still here is [[LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt because those wussy game developers didn't have the heart to go through with it]]. You'll never figure anything out until you start facing reality.\\
'''Wang:''' Hmph! [[HypocrisyNod That's a lot to say coming from a guy who turned into sand in my very hands that one time]].
** Even funnier, it's basically a convention of Tekken's [[BadassGrandpa Badass Grandpas]], [[WereStillRelevantDammit who are trying to figure out how to compete with the younger, more popular characters]]. Their solution? [[spoiler: Become [[{{Cyborg}} CYBORG]] [[NinjaPirateRobotZombie Badass Grandpas]]!]]
** When the group are busy talking about their [[spoiler:robotic upgrades]] like a bunch of [[https://youtu.be/r6aQ_JE6tD4?t=3m32s excited school children]]. The screen shows that Jinpanchi wants the spikes in his BadassBeard [[spoiler:to be replaced with ''chainsaws!!!'']]
** Topped off by the fact that it's [[BilingualDialogue Quadrilingual Dialogue]], with everyone speaking in their native language: Wang speaks Mandarin, Jinpachi speaks Japanese, Dr. B speaks Russian, and Sebastian speaks French. The FourthWall never stood a chance.
** And the whole gag is capped off when Ganryu and Baek Doo San walk in, seeing the other geezers babbling like little children over [[spoiler: their future cyborg enhancements]], causing Baek to FacePalm and Ganryu vlearly being excited and overjoyed with their idea..
* Both of Bob's endings are both this and [[CrowningMomentofAwesome CMOAs]] for him. While walking down the street at night, he comes across a gang of mugglers harassing some kids. He promptly puts on a superhero costume and shows up before them. The muggers mock him by calling him a "traffic sign", and attack him, but Bob easily beats the shit out of them. Bob then hears a scream, and turns around to see a young woman about to fall to her death. With the help of the kids, Bob manages to save her in time, and the whole street cheers for him. Cue the next day, Bob takes a look in the newspapers headlines and sees a photo of him taking off his superhero costume with the caption "Traffic Sign Hero Revealed to be Tekken Champion!".
** His Slim ending, has him finding a few muggers bullying an old man. He puts on the same suit which is naturally too big and his pants fall ruining his entrance. He gets called a Mexican wrestler and Sci-fi Santa. While wiping the floor with the thugs, he complains that he's weak and gets Mr. Clown by the old man. After rescuing a girl in the subway, she winds up with his mask much to his horror.
* Roger Jr.'s ending is both this and CrossesTheLineTwice for Roger Sr. Let's see, Roger Sr. tried to make amends with his wife again and found out that the family have been taking in his buddy back in ''2'', Alex. Roger Sr. has a FreakOut and recalled his son's endings in 5 & 6 where he made his family mad and laments on how stupid he was... and before he could do anything else, the door opens and slams him flat to the wall when Roger Jr. and Alex go out to play. Roger Mama found the rose bouquet and the loving message from Roger Sr... but didn't know where he was because he's flattened to the wall.
* Lee's ending where he's speaking to his secretary about his business plans for the day and the entire time Lee attacks every soldier that tries to attack him in a rather casual and non-chalant matter like it happens everyday and it ends with him giving a soldier a GroinAttack and saying "Excellent!".
* The Fight Lab is filled with various hilarious dialogues between zany Violet and sane secretary, but the crowning moment goes to the ending where Combot DX initially trashes Heihachi ''with a combo of his own attacks'', leaving him with a dumbfounded K.O. face. However, the Combot soon dominates Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin alone, and Violet just ordered Combot DX to unleash its super move... but then Combot DX is [[BoomHeadshot headshotted]] by Devil Jin's laser. Violet laments that he didn't put a countermeasure against the Devil Gene, but then resorts to the way that fixes all three together: [[StuffBlowingUp Detonate Combot DX]]. It's made even better by the fact that although Kazuya and Heihachi understandably go OhCrap, Devil Jin has a much calmer expression, as if he's thinking "Oh boy, ThisIsGonnaSuck."
* Brace yourselves: the Wii U version has Mario mushrooms and Nintendo costumes. It's as ridiculous and hilarious as it sounds.
* Dragunov's ending involves him getting a boxed package from Bosconovitch Labs. After closing a curtain, he opens it to find a disassembled Alisa inside. What follows next looks like a scene from a Christmas comedy as Dragunov [[HopelessWithTech tries and fails miserably to follow the packaged instructions]], which includes accidentally jetting himself across the room with Alisa's jetpack. Giving one more read-over the instructions, he ends up opening a panel with a BigRedButton in it. [[WhatDoesThisButtonDo He presses it]]. [[StuffBlowingUp Cut to the exterior of the building and a huge explosion blasting out of the side]]. What makes this ending arguably even funnier is the fact that [[TheComicallySerious he never changes his facial expression throughout the whole thing]].
** Related to Dragunov's ending: his and Alisa's unique win pose if using them as a team. Alisa jets over to Dragunov and tilts her head... causing it to fall off. Cue a rather startled and confused Dragunov.
* Feng Wei's ending. Feng Wei is doing his exercises with full tea cups while [[UnknownRival Asuka]] [[TheDeterminator is trying to kick his ass]] [[FelonyMisdemeanor to reclaim her gym sign]]. After [[EpicFail unsuccessfully missing every attack]] (and at one point [[DestinationDefenestration getting tossed through a wall]] from what's basically an OffhandBackHand), Asuka stomps on the ground, breaking Feng's tea cups simultaneously. A while later, as Asuka is about to leave with her sign, she bumps into Feng and falls to the ground as he gives her the DeathGlare to end all {{Death Glare}}s. The ending has Asuka [[OhCrap looking horrified]] before it [[SmashToBlack Smashes To Black]] [[ScreamDiscretionShot as she screams for her life]].
* Paul's ending. As Paul and the Law family are enjoying a guys' day out, Forest notices Kuma sleeping out in the wilderness. As Marshall tells his son it's not Kuma and it's just some grizzly bear, Forest is already found getting closer to said bear and [[{{BullyingADragon}} tosses a rock at it.]] The bear is revealed to not be Kuma as the Law family and Paul run for their lives. Paul then stops in his tracks and decides to use his [[MegatonPunch signature punch]] and sends the bear flying. It appears as though Paul has saved the day, until [[MamaBear the bear's mother]] appears [[ScreamDiscretionShot and the 3 are screaming in terror]].
* Mokujin's ending, where he gets invited to a tour of Namco's main offices upon winning the tournament. While there, he meets a female Mokujin, and then it goes into a montage of them doing cliched romantic things. As they bid farewell to each other, the female Mokujin notices the male one giving his affections towards some female visitors, which pisses her off and makes her uppercut the male Mokujin out of the building. Oh yes, and throughout the ending it just looks like the two Mokujins are ''photoshopped onto various pictures of the Namco headquarters''.
* Kuma's ending starts off with him making poses for a group of schoolgirls who are taking pictures of him, thinking he's a guy in a costume. After a moment, he sees Panda, and starts to look menacing in order to scare the schoolgirls away, then immediately afterwards rushes towards Panda due to being in his [[LampshadedDoubleEntendre "heat-mode"]]. She uppercuts him hard, then walks away nonchalantly as Kuma crashes to the ground. The scene ends with a guy in a panda costume asking Kuma if he's OK. Sadly, sex prevails as Kuma starts to "attack" the poor guy.
** What had this troper in fits was the split second shot of Kuma's drool smacking one of the girl's in face.
* Sebastian's ending. He drives a depressed Lili home from the tournament and turns the radio on in an attempt to lighten the mood. All the stations are talking about how [[DarkHorseVictory Sebastian won the tournament]] (with the implication ''[[CrackDefeat Lili lost to him]]'') and he freaks out trying to find another station, then when that fails, trying to ''break the radio'' by kicking it.
* Lili's ending. With just a single word (and a LOT of money), she gets a group of mobsters[[note]]that are actually people she hired[[/note]] who were about to start a gang war to dance the Can Can together.
** And the reason she did that [[IShallTauntYou was to piss off]] [[TheRival Asuka]] (who was the "[[BullyHunter gang mediator]]" in her region) [[SchmuckBait in order to get another fight with her.]] [[HilarityEnsues And Asuka falls for it, hook, line and sinker]].
* Marshall Law's ending. After impressing his son Forest with his nunchaku skills, Forest wants a go. [[WhatTheFuAreYouDoing As soon as he grabs them, they go flying out the window,]] [[DisasterDominoes causing a horrific pileup.]] [[StuffBlowingUp There's an explosion in there too.]]
* Bruce's ending. He sprints down a busy street and runs into the road, punching an oncoming car into the air. Bruce has a chick cupped in his hands and tells it that it's safe now, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent as the car falls from the sky behind him and explodes.]]
* The special victory pose that Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu have if paired together. Yoshimitsu [[IShallTauntYou dares Kunimitsu to stab him]]. [[SchmuckBait Predictably]], [[LeeroyJenkins she goes for it]], and then [[FlashStep Yoshimitsu teleports away at the last moment]]. [[{{Troll}} Problem, Kuni?]]
** Some of the DenserAndWackier [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsBzaB1qqoI tag-team]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpisNWtIhbE poses]] in general. Special mention for [[CainAndAbel Nina]] [[TheGloriousWarOfSisterlyRivalry delivering a]] LiteralAssKicking to [[ButtMonkey Anna]], Alisa [[OhCrap scaring the crap out of]] Mokujin with her [[ChainsawGood dual-chainsaws]], anytime a winged fighter pulls a ScrewThisImOuttaHere on their partner, or any time the {{Funny Animal}}s do a HappyDance.
* Alisa's ending involves her and her friends at a photo booth, taking pictures of themselves. Unfortunately, some sensors in Alisa's body cause her to close her eyes as soon as the flash goes off. There is a way to fix it, but it involves removing Alisa's head from the rest of her body, which looks... a little creepy. However, Miharu finds a solution: have Panda hold Alisa's head in place and draw Alisa's body using the booth's touchscreen, making it look like she still has her body. It looks pretty weird, but the girls like it anyway. The icing on the cake is Alisa's headless body waiting outside, creeping everybody out.
* Heihachi's ending: after the effects of the youth serum wear off, Heihachi, now old again, grabs another flask and downs it to return to his prime again. Then, a female scientist hands him a test tube containing what can be assumed to be something to make him more powerful (It's never explained). Heihachi drinks it, and starts to transform: he gets bigger, grows claws, becomes more menacing... [[PowerUpLetdown and turns into a bear]]. The scene ends with him freaking out on the poor young woman who gave him the tube.
* Some of the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7NKyGPgYwA Item Moves]], especially with [[ButtMonkey Mokujin]] being TheChewToy suffering most of them:
** [[LethalChef Marshal Law]] smacking the opponent with a FryingPanOfDoom.
** [[ExtremityExtremist Steve Fox]] [[IAmNotLeftHanded delivering a kick for once]], [[AgonyOfTheFeet only to hop up and down clutching the foot he kicked with]].
** Heihachi headbutting his opponent so hard, his own hair falls out to resemble his T1-2 self.
** [[BigFun Ganryu]] getting Devil horns and wings and attempting to fly, [[HilarityEnsues only to fail and crash into the opponent.]]
** Roger Jr. spinning the opponent around, and throwing them so hard they imbed themselves in the ground.
** Kazuya's [[VisualPun Hammerhead]] has him headbutting the opponent until they're in the ground.
** [[CloudCuckooLander Miharu]] pulls RefugeInAudacity at its finest: she shoves the opponent down, but before the opponent lands on the ground, Miharu pulls out her cellphone, and [[PhotoOpWithTheDog takes a selfie of both her and the opponent]]. It's funny enough with Miharu's cheesy smile and VSign, but what's even better are [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXbicVj3HEs all the potential expressions her opponents come up with]], from [[GracefulLoser last-second smiles of their own]] to [[DeathGlare infuriated scowls]]. Even better are the FunnyAnimal variants, (where they basically look as silly as possible),the [[MechaMooks Jack robots]], (where they play a BunnyEarsPicturePrank on Miharu) and Ganryu, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsuvvH9GmGI who takes it to a whole new level!]]
*** Even ''Heihachi'' can't resist cracking a smile!
* All three times Lei shows up in the Tag 2 endings are hilarious: first in his own ending, having an impromptu fight with Marshall - showing off his bizarre moves at their finest and ending up with them knocking each other out. Second, when Hwoarang and Jin are racing on their motorbikes, Jin disappears out of sight with convenient timing... just as Lei pulls Hwoarang over for speeding. Lastly, arresting Ganryu for voyeurism whilst he spies on Julia in the shower.
* For a FunnyBackgroundEvent in the Odeum of Illusions stage, you can see a magician performing tricks on the theater's stage. If you look closely, you can occasionally see him losing control of his tricks and running around frantically, waving his wand around.
* Michelle's ending. While Julia's in the shower, Michelle finds her Jaycee wrestling mask and decides to try it on. While looking at herself in a mirror, she starts showing off and doing a bunch of cool poses, getting so caught up in it that she doesn't notice when Julia gets out. Michelle gets extremely embarrassed and starts to take the mask off, but instead Julia has a better idea. Thus they form a mother-daughter wrestling team!
* Prototype Jack's ending is a hilarious CallBack to his ending in ''2''. He is seen boarding, piloting and launching a huge replica of himself (basically a RobotMe of a robot), only to see one of the construction P. Jacks waving at him. He mistakes it as a good-by wave and gives a thumbs-up, but the P. Jack is actually warning him that a screw is missing. Then boom goes the giant P. Jack, as three screws fall to the ground, like his ending in ''2''.
** Kunimitsu's job. No, not a ninja, a refrigerator repair ninja. Whether she actually does it costume and all is anyone's guess, but refrigerator repair ninja is one of those terms that fits right in with the Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles or ''VideoGame/NinjaBaseballBatMan''.
** The custom outfits. Not online where anything goes, Namco made these up and they appear from time to time. As if seeing Jun and Jin dressed like fans of Music/OneDirection isn't strange enough, we have [[{{Acrofatic}} Bob]] dressed as a Franchise/{{Power Ranger|s}} and it only gets better from there. Perhaps the strangest is Kazuya as a muscled gimp with leather shoulder pads, boots and the briefest of briefs. [[SerialEscalation And fairy wings. And a halo, which causes him to float with angels. Not to mention his hammer-shaped hair.]] after a KO. Or if that doesn't grab you how about a expy of Franchise/{{Blade}} except he's dressed as a passenger liner captain? Or Alex, already a {{boxing|Kangaroo}} [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs velociraptor,]] wielding a shotgun sporting a pompadour and wearing an outfit based on Music/ElvisPresley? Or Mokujin, already strange enough, with a giant pen as a weapon and dressed as a university professor? Or... [[RuleOfFunny let's just say the game has a sense of humor.]]
** Some of the items count as well. You have guns, knives an other weapons that are usable and that's fine, then you get ice creams of different flavors, magic wands and other assorted oddities. Nothing quite beats Heihachi ''ramming a mud cake in your face where the plate stays for the rest of the match.''
* Anna's ending. She's posing for pictures on the red carpet, and skilfully stops Nina's assassination attempt. Zafina then tries to stop her, but Anna uses a smoke grenade. Finally, she gets a giant rocket launcher and just goes from there.
* Some of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9T3VX8bmSc the]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8NhSnCg3FM Tag]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eyp0791DzE4 Throws]] can be this.

* One of Marshall Law and Paul's special win poses includes a call back to Law's Tekken 2 ending, except Paul instead actually succeeds to complete his back-flip. Both are surprised and overjoyed by this, and excitedly celebrate.

[[folder:Tekken Revolution]]
* This series gives us Eliza the narcoleptic vampire. Her intro pose has her falling asleep mid sentence. Also her Bloody Claw has her falling asleep after hitting it.

[[folder:Tekken 7]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuZgNlr4j38 Miguel's Reveal Trailer]], which has him [[CinemaSins/RunningGags taking a bite out of an apple, just to make him look like even more of an asshole]].
** In TheStinger of the trailer, we cut to Miguel going "WOOHOO!", which is considerable MoodWhiplash to the no-nonesense badass he was in the rest of the trailer.
* Eliza can now fall asleep on the ground and in the trailer she use it to dodge an attack.
** When she encounters Lili at the end of her trailer. She falls asleep much to the latter's annoyance.
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aci21hdepDI <-- This is an official Recap trailer done in a 16 bit style. It cuts the first 3 games into 5 minutes. Highlights include:
** Mishima Zaibatsu being noted for animal smuggling... as Kazuya stands in the middle of rare animals crawling around his evil looking office
** Jun revealing she's pregnant, Kazuya responds "[[INeedToGoIronMyDog Gotta go]]" [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere then leaves]].
** Jin happily introducing himself as Heihachi's grandson when looking for training
** Heihachi repeatedly attacking people
** "Betrayal" being [[UnsoundEffect a sound effect]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcndFaF6zzg Part two!]] Featuring Lars' exchange with Azazel:
-->'''Azazel''': Fear my wrath for [[AGodAmI I am God!]] RAWR!!
-->'''Lars''': [[BigStupidDoodooHead Your face is dumb!]]
* In Story Mode, during the cutscene fight between Heihachi and Akuma, the two throw each other around the room before Akuma unleashes a Houdoken. When Heihachi sees it, all he can say is "[[OhCrap What the hell?]]".
* When Akuma moves against Kazuya in the G. Corp Tower, he is greeted by several G. Corp {{Mook}}s pointing their guns at him. Considering what happened with Heihachi earlier, you'd expect this to result in Akuma inflicting a MookHorrorShow on the poor soldier... [[MoodWhiplash only for Kazuya to chime in over the speakers]], telling his men that Akuma is way beyond their capabilities, [[LeaveHimToMe and to just send him up on the elevator so he can basically just get the fight over with]].
* Paul's story fight. He's excited that for once he's not fighting Kuma again and looks forward to actually fighting a human opponent... only to find out he's fighting Panda. And when he wins and starts with his normal showboating, the crowd starts booing and shouting that they like Panda better than him, [[ProducePelting then start throwing things at him]], including a broadsword that [[GroinAttack nearly hits him in a sensitive place]].
* Asuka's story fight with Lili. She's happy she won and perhaps finally ended the stupid rivalry. Then Lili announces that she's just purchased Asuka's dojo and house ''[[LesYay and will be living with her from now on]]''. Poor Asuka doesn't have the slightest idea what to make of it.
** It should be noted that while Lili's explaining all this (and casually mentioning her rivals familial ties to the Mishima clan), she is ballet dancing at the speed of sound while [[StunnedSilence Asuka simply stands there, dumbstruck]].
*** And in Lili's story ([[TeamRocketWins where she FINALLY beats Asuka in a fight]]), when Asuka hastily admits Lili has defeated her, [[ArmorPiercingSlap Lili slaps Asuka so hard]] [[PunchedAcrossTheRoom she flies across the arena]]. When [[AskAStupidQuestion Asuka angrily demands what Lili did that for]], Lili says it was for "[[{{Troll}} No reason]]", except that "[[ForTheLulz It was fun]], [[SitcomArchNemesis and you deserved it for being so... YOU.]]" As Lili struts out of the ring, Asuka yells [[CaptainObvious that wasn't a reason]], [[ChasedOffIntoTheSunset and chases after Lili]], [[BloodKnight telling her to come back so she could kick her ass]].
* Lucky Chloe's story fight against Eddy. After she beats him, she press-gangs him into being her backup dancer, kicking him whenever he gets a move wrong. Then she informs him that when they're actually performing, he'll have to wear a girly costume. Cue the BigNo!
** Eddy's story fight against Lucky Chloe has him angrily demand where Kazuya is. Chloe gives him a note - and when he opens it, he sees [[{{Troll}} it's a childish cartoon drawing of Chloe and the world]], [[MathematiciansAnswer with the words "Here" pointing at the world]]. Eddy blurts out YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe, but when he looks at where Chloe was, she's gone - and when he looks up, he sees her [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere running away in]] {{Undercrank}} speed, [[EyelidPullTaunt before turning around to mock Eddy]] and then running away again. Eddy, [[AngryFistShake crushing the note in his fist]] screams "[[PrecisionFStrike Damnit!]]", before tossing the note away.
* In Leo's ending, after defeating Yoshimitsu, she inspects him, before resuming her mission and calls him "Weird Octopus Guy".
** In Yoshitmitsu's ending however, after defeating Leo, he notices her androgynous appearance until he he notices she stopped beating and resuscitates her. When she wakes up, she freaks out and gives him a GroinAttack, and starts running, shouting "Help! A weird Octopus guy is after me!". The next scene shows the Mishima statue glaring at him.
* Jack 7's ending, which plays out like an ode to Creator/ChuckJones. Having beaten King in the King of the Iron Fist tournament, Jack is standing on top of the G Corporation building. He reads over a typed letter from Kazuya, which states that he's now the "Chief Humanoid Weapon" (with a monthly allowance of $25.00 for personal expenses). Jack quakes in excitement, before breaking out into a few of his signature flexes to celebrate. While he's doing this, Lucky Chloe comes along and bumps into him, causing the paper to fly out of Jack's hands. The combat android then starts trying to catch it as it flutters through the air, with Chloe watching in confusion. Finally, he leaps out and snatches it between his hands. Then we look back through Chloe's perspective, [[GravityIsAHarshMistress as Jack hangs in the air over the edge of the building, before dropping like a stone]]. Chloe dismisses it all with a "whatever" and walks off, just as a pillar of smoke rises from the edge of the building.
* Eliza's ending, where she was revealed to be Lili's elder sister. Eliza tries to deny this, even calling Lili "millennia too young to be a sister", only to fall asleep mid-sentence. Lili constantly tries to wake her up, and Eliza continued denying the claim...only to fall asleep again. Lili finally comes up with a solution to her sleepiness: Less blood, more coffee.
** What makes it hilarious is when the music starts to get intense during Eliza's speech, it deepens and stops dramatically every time Eliza falls asleep, and goes back to normal when she wakes up, and stops again when she falls asleep again.
* While it veers straight into BlackComedy, the lead up to Heihachi and Kazuya's climactic showdown unexpectedly revolves around ''mutual mainstream media PR disasters''. This includes Heihachi setting up Kazuya to be attacked by Akuma [[spoiler: so he record Kazuya activating his devil powers, broadcasting the footage worldwide to ruin the public's trust in him, and blowing up Millennium Tower with a satellite laser cannon.]] Kazuya counters this by [[spoiler: blowing up the satellite with his devil laser, resulting with the falling debris destroying a city, and the media blaming the Zaibatsu for downing their own satellite.]] Not only does trigger mass anti-Mishima protests, but also [[spoiler: ''[[ViolationOfCommonSense makes people forget about Kazuya transforming into a devil]]''.]]
* Two Words: ''Bowling minigame.'' Yes, it's back from ''Tekken Tag Tournament'' and ''Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection''.
** [[ARareSentence Akuma smiling over a spare.]]
* [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV NOCTIS]] being a DLC fighter is funny enough just for how bizarre it is (on top of the FFXV/Assassin's Creed crossover) But how is Noctis added to the fight? He just runs away from Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio by claiming he has to do a favor. They just look confused.
** The end of the trailer has Noctis fishing with a Tekken character. Yep. Apparently Tekken and 15 share a universe... because of fishing.
* There was a crossover event with ''VideoGame/TheIdolmaster'' featuring their costumes for female characters to wear. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0myyXmzfg2I The trailer]] first showed [[WholesomeCrossdresser Paul Phoenix]] with the outfit... and then later said it wasn't included in the event.
** Which makes it funnier that some fans are a bit disappointed they don't get to see Paul in an [=iDOLM@STER=] costume.