!!TV TOME Adventures

* From season 3, Nailock's unappreciated badass dramatic entrance:

-->'''Nailock''': *Lands on a chunk of ice being ridden like a surfboard* Aloha. *{{Beat}}* ...Nobody's ever around to give a shit...

* From the Flux movie: Alpha's ImagineSpot, followed by Zetto's BigNo reaction, and finally Gamecrazed's deadpan reaction, to [[FusionDance Alphazet]].
-->'''Gamecrazed''': "[[DeadpanSnarker Oh Christ.]] As if Zetto couldn't be any MORE of a [[DragonBall DBZ]] rip-off."


!!Multiple Episode Moments
* Nylocke's Running Gag of jumping into the air and declaring himself "NYLOCKE! Dragon/Master of [insert whatever caused him to declare this here]!"

!!Episode 01
* Rockoon and Doubling.
-->'''Doubling''': Let's get back to business and find this fucking thing. My paypal's in need'o some cash.\\
'''Rockoon''': *Song and dance* Yo paypal's empty and you need cash now! Let's find that thingy and- wait, what are we looking for again?
** Mothascratchers.
-->'''Doubling''': Mother scratchers? Really?\\
'''Rockoon''': Yeah yeah, you wish you thought of it. You mad?\\
'''Doubling''': No, just...freaking ashamed. That I know you.
* Alpha and Flamegirl are having a moment and Kirb ruins the whole thing by being blasted onscreen and his hair catches on fire.
-->(OH, BY THE WAY...)\\
'''Kirb''': Who put this campfire here?! WHO DOES THAT?!
* After Alpha makes his Deal with the Devil, he walks up to Flamegirl.
-->'''Alpha''': I'm in the mood.\\
'''Flamegirl''': Huh? *awkwardly*\\
'''Alpha''': To wipe out some hackers.\\
'''Flamegirl''': Oh. Let's go... do that. Is it hot in here?\\
'''Alpha''': It's just you.\\
'''Flamegirl''': Obviously...
* Nylocke's making a RousingSpeech being interrupted.
-->'''Person in the crowd''': SOMETIME TODAY, JACKASS!
** In the remastered version, we hear Elecscope's voice saying that.

!!Episode 02
* Sniperwheel unveiling a huge cannon that is at least three times as big as he is, and Kirb's [[OhCrap reaction face]] that follows.
-->'''Kirbopher''': WHAT IS THAT?!\\
'''Sniperwheel''': This is my "Head-Cannon". And in my head-canon...YOU DIE!
* Additionally, DANCING.
** And let's not forget Kirb and Nylocke sneaking behind GC on their way to the mansion.
--->'''Creator/LittleKuriboh''' (during the audio commentary): We're so pro, squire!
* Splat's intro.
-->'''Splat''': Simple, effective, disgusting, what's not to like?
-->'''Kirb''': I DON'T LIKE YOU! Whoever you are.
* Oh, and this exchange between Nylocke and Splat.
-->'''Nylocke''':Ye seem to lack the foul mouth of your sibling, wrench.\\
'''Splat''': [[SoundEffectBleep Fuck]] off.\\
'''Nylocke''':(gasps) Uncouth!
* Nylocke watching GC and Splat's fight with...[[FetishFuel some interest...]]
-->'''Nylocke''': Interesting! They are...locked in combat. Twisted even! I am experiencing new feelings, Squire!\\
'''Kirb''': Oh. Is this your fetish?\\
'''Kirb''': Gross...
* And, of course, this bit after Splat seemingly has GC beat.
-->'''Splat''': So there!
-->'''Kirb''': Hi...welcome to the Loser's Club.
* But let's not forget this bit after GC rescues everyone.
-->'''Asterob''': Now...(on his knees)...please, PLEASE, '''PLEASE''' DON'T TELL ANYONE YOU'VE BEEN HERE! (Kirb [[FaceFault facefaults]].)\\
'''GC''': Why did you fall?\\
'''Kirb''': I DON'T KNOW!!

!!Episode 03
* "Sir Alpha! Thou wishes to become Lady Flamegirl's knight in shining...baggy...blue clothes. DON'T YE?!"
* Whyti imitating Nylocke's "WHOOSH!".
* NYLOCKE! MASTER OF- (Demonking runs into his sword head first and gets knocked out) Unintentional... finishing blows?
* Granda the Stegosaurus's tantrum directed at Nylocke for beating her 10 times in a row and the reactions from T-Bones, Nylocke and Alpha.
-->'''Granda''': Role-players are dumb! You're dumb! When I see you tomorrow I'm gonna bite your nails down to the cuticles and SPIT THEM IN YOUR EYES! Then I'll scraggle your greasy haircut and kick you in the face!
-->'''T-Bones''': Augh, Granda don't go, come back!\\
'''Nylocke''': I...I am...Nylocke...dumbfounded dragon...?\\
'''Alpha''': Well, it was the most colorfully spoken temper-tantrum I've ever seen somebody throw.

!!Episode 04
* Pick a moment with Rockoon...ANY moment.
* Nylocke's [[EpicFail epic]] and [[PlayedForLaughs comedic]] CurbStompBattle at the hands of Granda. Flamegirl, while all of this is happening off-screen, is seen casually trying to solve a puzzle. The exchange with Gamecrazed afterwards is also noteworthy.
-->'''Gamecrazed''': What happened to you?\\
'''Nylocke''': I was violated by a dinosaur...In the form of a scruffy little Vietnamese girl.\\
'''Gamecrazed''': [[TheStoic I see]].
* Gamecrazed's [[ThingOMeter "awkward-o-meter"]]
* Kirb sneaking up on the head fragment [[CallBack like he did on GC in Episode 2]].
-->'''Kirb''': [[AsideGlance I'm so pro]].
* Alpha and Kirb trying to put the idol fragments together probably gave people flashbacks to the [[Series/LegendsOfTheHiddenTemple Shrine of the Silver Monkey]]
* Flamegirl tries convincing the others to meet up in real life, and reveals that Nylocke's from 'jolly old England' (much to his rage and betrayal), while Kirb sarcastically remarks not to give his address to potential internet criminals.
-->'''Alpha:''' '''[Annoyed]''' Hey.
-->'''Kirbopher:''' Uh-huh.
-->'''Alpha:''' '''Hey!'''
-->'''Kirbopher:''' Yyyuppp.
** Flamegirl ends up revealing where she lives, which Kirb wastes no time in snarking at.
-->'''Flamegirl''': Okay, look; I'm from California. There, I said it.\\
'''Kirbopher''': ([[AsideGlance whispering to the audience]]) And she was never heard from again...
** Flamegirl explaining how she found out Nylocke's from England.
-->'''Flamegirl:''' He was drunk one night and muttering somethin' about Knutsford and needed to wash his troubles away with cups of Earl Grey.
-->'''Nylocke:''' Those were dark ages...a time of sorrow and regret...for at that time I was...'''[Nylocke gets emotional]''' Nylocke! Dragon of the Broken Heart! '''Nylocke begins crying'''
* Alpha giving a speech about how the five of them have put so many hours into the game and how he's never had such amazing friends like them. Kirbopher ruins it.
-->'''Alpha:''' I don't think I've even had as many friends as close as you guys in real life.
-->'''Kirbopher:''' '''[Shocked]''' R-Really?
-->'''Alpha:''' Mmhmm.
-->'''Kirbopher:''' Well, that's 'cuz you're a loser.
-->'''Flamegirl:''' Shut the hell up Kirb.
-->'''Kirbopher:''' See, we're such GOOD friends!
* Alpha getting sent flying by Rockoon's bomb and by the time he realizes, it's too late for him to do anything.
-->'''Alpha:''' '''[is sent flying]''' OH WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!
* In trying to fight the [[OneWingedAngel new Rockoon]], Flamegirl is working out the ElementalRockPaperScissors needed.
-->'''Flamegirl''': Anyone got a [[LightEmUp Light?]]\\
'''Nylock''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Smoking is bad for you.]]

!!Episode 05
* The Twinblades and their intro before trying to fight Alpha. Alpha's response is priceless.
-->'''Alpha''': That's cute, so which one of you tops?
* Nylocke [[CallingYourAttacks calling out what he's doing]] when he's parrying Gamecrazed's attack when he's practicing, all being a deliberate ShoutOut to [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Robin Hood Daffy]].
* Alpha shows up late to meeting his friends because of the Twinblades, calling them traffic. Nylocke winds up confused because of the choice of words and being LiteralMinded.
* Nylocke's speech about the Gemini Tournament. He just ends up confusing everyone. It will rock Alpha like a hurricane.
* Kirbopher's trying to get Alpha to [[CallingYourAttacks call his attacks.]] It gets called lame by Flamegirl when Kirb does it, but it's better when Alpha does it.
** Kirbopher and Flamegirl's argument, despite being a little disturbing, mostly due to Flamegirl's comment about Kirb always trying to ''jump on Alpha's balls whenever he logs on.''
*** This is referenced just before the battle, and noted by Nylocke.
--->'''Nylocke''': Might I inquire which one of thee has the supposed "thing" for Sir Alpha?\\
'''Alpha''': What?\\
'''Flamegirl''': What?!\\
'''Kirbopher''': [[BigWhat WHAT.]] SHUT UP. SOMEBODY, FIGHT ME. TODAY.\\
'''Nylocke''': [[LargeHam NNNNYLOCKE!]] [[RunningGag MASTER OF]] [[LampshadeHanging AWKWARD MOMENTS!]]

!!Episode 06
* Nylocke's narrating throughout the first scene of the episode with Hyprelynx trying to ask him for help. Followed by her scaring him later in the episode.
* Nylocke's song.

!! Episode 07
* Alpha's face post-paralysis on a chatbox is just plain hilarious to look at.
* Archy [[CantSpitItOut having trouble asking Kirb his question]], and his general cuteness and obliviousness while following Kirb around in Lavendera trying to get him to answer it. But this particular quote deserves a mention:
-->'''Kirb:''' ''"Look Kid!? Have you ever heard of the word Espionage?"''\\
'''Archy:''' ''"[[ShoutOut What?]] [[VideoGame/KnucklesChaotix you mean like]] [[Videogame/SonicHeroes a chameleon?]]"''
* The Hellbenders guesting as players in TOME, and their riffing of the characters actions.
* HilariousInHindsight:[[spoiler: Big, scary, Demon Alpha is [[WeaksauceWeakness weak to]] [[PowerOfLove hugs]] [[KissingDiscretionShot and kisses]] [[GirlsHaveCooties from his girlfriend]].]]

!! Episode 08
** And immediately afterwards, Whyti's OhCrap face when she's about to be [[FinishingMove finished off]] by Alpha and Flamey's Vulcan Rocket attack.
** Also, earlier in the episode, Saturndiva's mocking of Foreva's commentary.
--> '''Sat''': ''Are we [[PunctuatedForEmphasis DOWN]] [[StealthInsult RIGHT]] [[VisualPun FIERCE]] enough for you?''
* Nylocke's [[MotorMouth fast rambling]], and his sped up themesong because of being on a 48 hour coffee high. Gamecrazed's explanation for it is really funny.
-->'''Gamecrazed''': ''He's been awake for two straight days. Doing some last minute grinding.''\\
'''Alpha''': ''WOW.''\\
'''Nylocke''' ''[[MotorMouth ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FIVE CUPS PER HOUR!!]]''
* The [[InterfaceScrew episode stopping to buffer]], which caught some people by surprise.
* Rockoon's special move involving Skeight, aka the SHINING TORNADO DESTINY HEARTBREAKER Throw. Rockoon then throws Skeight at Kirbopher who dodges easily and is then knocked down by Rockoon.
** Rockoon then attempts a final blow at Kirb and says this line which seems to be a joke directed at the TVTropes article sounding like Kirbopher's InSeriesNickname.
--->'''Rockoon''': ''[[IAlwaysWantedToSayThat I've always wanted to say this.]] [[CurbStompBattle KIIIIIIIRB STOOOOMMMP!]]''
* Zetto and Kizuna's CurbStompBattle on the Twinblades by interrupting their speech by shooting their swords to pieces, then Zetto using his giant Ki blast to finish them off as Tzusuku [[NotSoFinalConfession admits to Shogun that he's really Chinese.]]
-->"...You son of a b-!" [[CurseCutShort FHOOOOM!]]
* During his and GC's match Nylocke divulges the origin story on how he got his character
-->'''Nylocke''': "''[[MotorMouth Yes! I remember that fated day, when I received my prize for registering into this glorious virtual land!!]]''"\\
'''Narrator''': "''[[LemonyNarrator Congratulations!! You are our ]] [[MythologyGag One millionth, one hundred eleven thousandth, one hundred, and eleventh registered player!!]] [[LemonyNarrator YOU get a Dragon Maaaaan!]]''"
** Also, GC decides to take on both Elecscope and Hyperlynx on his own, doubling as his own Awesome moment and turning the fight into a FunnyBackgroundEvent for Nylocke's monologue.
* FreezeFrameBonus: [[TheCameo Red Meat, and Mace]] from ''WebAnimation/SuperFreakinParodyRangers'' appear in the tier list for the quarter finals. The best part is they even move on, and are scheduled to face [[WebVideo/JonTron Sniperwheel]], and [[Creator/MasakoX Asterob]] in the second round.
* * ComicalOverreacting/ ApologisesALot: Sniperwheel and Asterob's exchange before their match:
-->'''Asterob''': "''Augh. How did I let him talk me into this?''"\\
'''Sniperwheel''': "''HEY! You're not complaining are you? [[ComicalOverreacting BECAUSE THAT SOUNDED LIKE COMPLAINING!]]''"\\
'''Asterob''': ''"No! No! [[ApologisesALot I'm sorry! I'm sorry!]]"''

!!Episode 09
* Nylocke [[BreakThemByTalking causing Zetto to snap by acting like he always does.]]
** To clarify, Nylocke and Gamecrazed fight Zetto and Kizuna fairly seriously and once Kizuna and Gamecrazed are at a stalemate, Nylocke places his blade facing downwards and leaves Zetto dumbfounded by Nylocke placing his sword against the floor and asking for stories about his past, deflecting bullets that Zetto shoots at him, declaring himself "NNNNYLOCKE! MASTER OF DEFLECTING BULLETS! DRAGON" and then dancing around going "Tra-la-la-la-la" until Zetto snaps completely.
*** The best part is Kizuna commenting "This is seriously happening." while in a stalemate with Gamecrazed.
* Asterob going through a LetsGetDangerous moment and making a badass speech that he'll win. He shows to be pretty competent in his fight... until he's pushed back by using the shield beam and gives himself a ring out. Sniperwheel is too busy [[ThisCannotBe saying "This did not just happen!"]] to notice GC literally swat him off the ring before it's too late.
** Then as he's falling Sniperwheel gives GC and Nye the middle finger. You might miss it if you're not paying attention.
-->'''Sniperwheel''': "''I DIDN'T LOSE! YOU LOSE!''"
* Nylocke wooshing himself explosively out of the balanstadium at the end of the episode is hilarious.
-->'''Nylocke''': "''NNNNNYLOCKE! Master of giving heartfelt speeches that had DAMN WELL serve their intended purpose or I swear by my blade that I will explode!!!''" *rockets off into the sky*
* Then afterward there's Zetto standing on the balanstadium, holding his tournament trophy with an exaggerated angry pouty face while a smooth jazz version of the theme song is playing.
-->'''Kizuna''': "''I think it's time you stopped beating around the bush.''"
* The connection error with someone watching it voiced by Edwyn Tiong.
-->'''Stream watcher''': Ahh come on! No, not now, no don't come on connection! Connection go, connection is go, connection is not go, go go go go, dammit, go! Urgh, ahh. [Buffering appears on screen] Yay!

!!Episode 10
* Once [[spoiler: The Forbidden Power is finally sealed away again]] Nylocke decides to take the most logical course of action to rid the virtual world of this evil "forever". ''[[OutOfSightOutOfMind He chucks it all the way into the Sanctuary Region]]''. There's even ATwinkleInTheSky as it flies off into the distance.
** HilariousInHindsight / {{Irony}}: Even more hilariously the top comment on the episode is a commenter posting the page quote for OutOfSightOutOfMind, and [[Creator/LittleKuriboh Nylocke's voice actor]] is the source of the quote.
* IncomingHam: Kindarspirit's use of her role as the system voice to announce her presence to Webmaster is pretty funny.
-->'''Kindarspirit''': "''Welcome HOME Webmaster to the [[FunWithAcronyms Heavens Of Magical Expertise]]! Kindarspirit, now entering!''"

!!Episode 11
** Also, [=OdBoll's=] entrance scene.
-->'''[=OdBoll=]''': ''OOOOOOOOOH YEAAAAAAAAAAH. FUK THE POL-LESE Cuz I just made this joint my [=BeeYOTCH!=] Nya-ha-ha-ha-ha!''
-->'''Justin''': ''"Oh COME ON MAN, I had a good thing going!"''
* Kirb's BigWhat when Gamecrazed was announced as the winner.
* Nylocke [[MomentKiller interrupting Alpha and Flamey,]] while lampshading it.
-->'''Alpha''': ''SWEET JESUS CHRIST, NYLOCKE!!!''
* Kirbopher running his mouth off at Execk and taunting him continually and getting frozen solid for it.

!!Episode 12
* Rubirules' introduction.
** He tries to stay in character as he mocks Zetto, starting with (In Rubirule's words) Zetto's douchebaggery, his overpowered gun arm that's 100% legal in any fight, his impossibly designed hairstyle and desaturated red pajamas. He ends up breaking character and laughing and then quickly tries to mock his colour scheme and then says he's just messing with them.
** His impression of Execk.
-->'''Rubirules''': ''I figured Captain Monkeysuit was like...'' *Transforms and takes the form of Execk* ''Hey, what's the matter with you? Yeah, I can make my arm into an air conditioner! Yeah!''
* Nylocke's fight with Rubirules and Rubirules claiming that since he made Nylocke's model himself, he is Nylocke's father. It's as hilarious as it sounds and is an endless Star Wars ShoutOut.
* Kirb's response to Flamegirl challenging Kindarspirit.
-->'''Flamegirl''': ''Don't worry, Kirb. I'll "save" you.''
-->'''Kirbopher''': ''HA HA. GOOD JOKE.''
* The interaction between Kindarspirit and Kirb in general is pretty funny. [[spoiler:However, it gets even funnier when you realize that Kindarspirit technically hugged, gushed over, and "kidnapped" her previous co-worker ZETTO.]] It sure explains why Kirb looked so uncomfortable the entire time.
* Kirbopher's rant before fighting Bitshrum.
* Kirbopher right after he wins against Bitshrum.
-->'''Alpha''': ''You, uh... You doin' OK up there, Kirb?''
-->'''Kirbopher''': ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis I! AM! GREAT!]]''
** Nylocke ends up addressing him like he is a King before they enter Webmaster's domain.
** [[spoiler: Also some humorous foreshadowing as well, considering that Kirb[=/=]Zetto is, albeit unofficially, Netking #6.]]
* The rest of the party's wishes for Gamecrazed when he is about to fight Webmaster ends off in a humorous note.
-->'''Alpha''': ''Good luck, GC!''
-->'''Flamegirl''': ''We'll be rooting for you!''
-->'''Nylocke''': ''I believe in you, sir Gamecrazed.''
-->'''Kirbopher''': ''[[BreadEggsMilkSquick GIVE HIM HELL!]]''
* Kirbopher's bad luck at being mocked and used to show off some of the Netkings' movesets throughout the entire Challenge of the Netkings.

!!Episode 13
* Rockoon's attempts to be a "THE END IS NEAR!" type preacher and not doing so well most of the time. Then it goes downhill.
* The fact that Kirbopher has never been able to beat Alpha and comments on how Alpha'll never let him win.
* Nylocke interrupting Alpha and Flamegirl's romantic moment as a CallBack and causing Alpha to freak out silently since Nylocke just appears out of nowhere right behind him.
-->'''Flamegirl:''' Jesus Nye!
-->'''Nylocke:''' I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Oh dear, I'm turning into [[ApologizesALot Lord Asterob]]. Sorry.
-->'''Alpha:''' Are you ok?
-->'''Nylocke:''' FINE! D-D-Doing fine! '''[Nylocke has a big awkward grin]'''
* Nylocke trying to do his catchphrase but being told to lower the volume since mods are around logging players out left and right.
-->'''Nylocke:''' '''[whispering]''' Nylocke! Master of fighting with the power of three warriors while remaining ever so quiet!

!! T.O.M.E shorts

!!Minigame Madness
* The Minigame [[FreezeFrameBonus fine print]]
-->'''Fine Print''' We at Pawneeko Games INC. are NOT responsible (for) possibly stolen credit card information.\\
'''Fine Print''' You are totally being ripped off but you'll never know because this is too small to read.

!!Rockoon's Modern Strife
* Bubb's expression while saying he wants to ''"see [Rockoon's] rodent body torn apart into little pieces"'' and that he wants to ''"taste his blood"'' is hysterical.
* This exchange between Rockoon and Dijiri.
-->'''Dijiri''': ''Any last words before I make me a Racoon hat?''\\
'''Rockoon''': ''Yeah punk. Just a few.'' *deep breath* ''[[MotorMouth Well crikey mate! Gotta toss another shrimp on the barbie! I think there's dingo eating your baby! Gotta play a Didgeridoo! Oi! Oi! Oi! Ozzy! Ozzy! Ozzy!]]''\\
'''Dijiri''': ''Shut up! [[BerserkButton I don't sound like that!]]''
* All of Rockoon and Skeight's moment's are funny, but this one in particular is great.
-->'''Skeight''': ''[[TotallyRadical A'ight. Lemme break it down Fo'ya I just-]]''\\
'''Rockoon''': ''*speaks in gibberish mocking him* You just what?''\\
'''Skeight''': ''Like to GET DOWN, man! N'you always do whachu do! And' That's what I like Abou'chu. Know what I'm Sayin'!?''\\
'''Rockoon''': ''[[IronicEcho You Talk Funny]]...TOO FUNNY''.\\
'''Skeight''': ''[[IronicEcho Wubba?]]''\\
'''Rockoon''': ''DON'T. PUSH. IT.''
* Rockoon's SelfServingMemory of why Doubling left.
-->'''Rockoon:''': ''"We ran into some trouble. Real, freaky stuff. And of course... he did what anyone else would do. Looked out for himself... he ditched me."''\\
'''Doubling:''' ''"Duuuuuh, I'm a big freaking meat head!"''\\
'''Alpha:''' ''"I agree!"''\\
'''Doubling:''' ''"Time to go watch my sports! Go team!"''\\
'''Rockoon:''' ''"And I never heard from him again."'''

!!The April Fool's Episode
* Just the entire thing itself is pretty funny.

* [[https://soundcloud.com/bobombdom/battle-on-30s-version 30's Battle On.]] Everything about this is ''hysterical''.
* The blooper reels. Where to begin with these? For starters, there's ShadyVox's (Alpha) slight obsession with hot pockets, Creator/LittleKuriboh's (Nylocke) cursing problem (or "Nylocursing" as Chris Niosi dubbed it), and pretty much all of Mike Hecht and Jessi Nowack's (Elescope and Hyprelynx respectively) bloopers from Episode 6. Any others, fellow tropers?