Think it's hard to laugh at terrorists forcing teenagers to kill each other? [[BlackComedy Think again.]]
* [[ Carson Baye's death.]] He stops to take a bathroom break... in a danger zone. This leads to him attempting to run like hell with his pants around his ankles, quoting ''{{Pokemon}}''.
* Also from v3, look in [[ The Pretender]], in which local looney tune Wade Wilson ([[{{Deadpool}} Not THAT Wade Wilson.]]) [[NoFourthWall has a conversation with the narrator]] before slaughtering five students. Hell, the said slaughtering is pretty funny [[BlackComedy in its own way,]] whether or not the handler intended it.

* The entirety of [[ClusterFBomb Jimmy Brennan's]] [[ rapid descent into madness]]. It's an exercise in [[CrossesTheLineTwice crossing the line multiple times]].
* [[ Punch the fucking horse]].
* Richard Han's death starts out with him [[ attempting to climb down a mountain]] after losing the rest of his group. He slips and falls, screaming. He then enters a [[ different thread]], apparently still screaming until he hits the ground. It really must be seen to be believed.

* The death of Tessa Blackridge, who challenges the GrimReaper to a game of Go Fish. Said Grim Reaper bears more than a passing resemblance to the one from Discworld.
* From V5 endgame: [[spoiler: Amaranta Montalvo is the last surviving student. When terrorists Sonia Nguyen and Cecily Lacoste come to pick her up, Cecily insults Mara. How does Mara respond? By planting a big kiss on Cecily's face.]]

* From "Big Mike" Gibraltar's death in Virtua v1. One of his last actions is attacking Brian Larke [[ImprobableWeaponUser with a]] [[CrazyAwesome cake]]. His last thought before expiring?
--->When I get to Heaven, I am so telling Anton that I threw a cake at Brian.
* A good portion of the mentors in SOTF-TV can provide these, mostly of the [[CrossesTheLineTwice disturbingly hilarious]] MoodWhiplash variety. Examples include Wilson Howard asking his team to advertise Verizon, Susan Crawford being an ill-spoken anti-SOTF protester and reacting accordingly, and an comedian who uses AlterEgoActing (similar to Creator/StephenColbert) who spends it entirely in-character. Another good example:
---> '''Shannon Gant [[labelnote:*]]who owns the resort and is the Rainbow Parrots mentor[[/labelnote]]:''' (upon seeing that Taylor [=DeVasher=] [[ is knocking down postcard racks]]) "Wait-wait-wait, did that kid just- Holy shit he actually did! STOP TRASHING MY RESORT YOU FUCK. KICK HIS ASS VINCENT!"