Think it's hard to laugh at terrorists forcing teenagers to kill each other? [[BlackComedy Think again.]]
* Gabrielle Minase's death post being a simple "And then Gabrielle died of AIDS." This however was retconned by him being accidentally shot by Daisuke. This was also parodied in future versions.
* The terrorists Kaige, [=McLocke=], and Rice read a FanFic of contestants Jacob Starr and Uriel out loud. While the mic to the island was turned on.

* Mitch Gunther's naïvety while on the island. It's... [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} memorable.]] Not to mention he has a CloudcuckoolandersMinder in Cathalie Meguro, who gets exasperated with it.
--->'''Mitch:''' "Dog eat dog. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Dogs don't eat dogs, they eat birds and cats and Kibblebits if they have a family.]] Those words are silly. But I would have gotten that right if that silly glasses boy hadn't answered before me. Yes, I would have gotten it right."
* [[ A troll profile of Jim Greynold's pet penguin was submitted.]] The concept of Greynolds, a member of [[CoDragons The Big Four]], having a pet penguin is ridiculous enough on its own, but then you sit down and read it.
--> '''Hobbies and Interests:''' He is a penguin so he naturally enjoys penguin hobbies such as eating fish and of course swimming in cold water. He also has a natural affinity to cold things, so he'll hover about the refrigerator or freezer at times as well.

* [[ Carson Baye's death.]] He stops to take a bathroom break... in a danger zone. This leads to him attempting to run like hell with his pants around his ankles, quoting ''{{Pokemon}}''.
* Also from v3, look in [[ The Pretender]], in which local looney tune Wade Wilson ([[{{Deadpool}} Not THAT Wade Wilson.]]) [[NoFourthWall has a conversation with the narrator]] before slaughtering five students. Hell, the said slaughtering is pretty funny [[BlackComedy in its own way,]] whether or not the handler intended it.

* The entirety of [[ClusterFBomb Jimmy Brennan's]] [[ rapid descent into madness]]. It's an exercise in [[CrossesTheLineTwice crossing the line multiple times]].
* [[ Punch the fucking horse]].
* Richard Han's death starts out with him [[ attempting to climb down a mountain]] after losing the rest of his group. He slips and falls, screaming. He then enters a [[ different thread]], apparently still screaming until he hits the ground. It really must be seen to be believed.

* The death of Tessa Blackridge, who challenges the GrimReaper to a game of Go Fish. Said Grim Reaper bears more than a passing resemblance to the one from Discworld.
* From V5 endgame: [[spoiler: Amaranta Montalvo is the last surviving student. When terrorists Sonia Nguyen and Cecily Lacoste come to pick her up, Cecily insults Mara. How does Mara respond? By planting a big kiss on Cecily's face.]]

* In a very BlackHumor sort of way, Astrid Tate attempting to shoot Penelope Fitzgerald after the latter gives her a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech for planning to kill. Penelope demands that Astrid kill her if she's so determined to play, and Astrid ''attempts'' to do so, complete with a one-liner about how WeUsedToBeFriends... [[spoiler:only for the both of them to discover that the gun is fake when Astrid pulls the trigger. Penelope is understandably not pleased.]]
* The death of Jerry Fury, who initiates a confrontation with one of his allies and then [[spoiler:unceremoniously gets run over by another student driving a salvaged Jeep, in an almost literal ShockingSwerve.]]
* Noah Whitley's entire story both before the game and during the game could be said to be one of these, with a constant drip feed of good humor even during more serious moments. [[spoiler:Even his death manages to get one last good joke in, with his drag queen persona mentioning being "out of a job".]] The aftermath of his story, however, [[TearJerker is definitely not one of these]].
* The [[DevelopingDoomedCharacters pregame]] thread [[ My Friends Are Assholes]], just on premise alone. It starts with Darius Van Dyke gathering a group of students to find out who stole his Nintendo 3DS at a party. Said group includes [[SadClown Fiyori Senay]], [[DeadpanSnarker Jeremy Frasier]], [[TheGadfly Bradley Floyd]], and [[AttentionWhore Caedyn Miller]]. With Darius' [[SmallNameBigEgo own mentality]], this goes about as well as you'd expect. The entire thing is so absurd and humorous. In case you're wondering, [[spoiler:Fiyori took it. It's even referenced later [[ when she finds Darius' corpse]].]]

* From "Big Mike" Gibraltar's death in Virtua. One of his last actions is attacking Brian Larke [[ImprobableWeaponUser with a]] [[CrazyAwesome cake]]. His last thought before expiring?
--->When I get to Heaven, I am so telling Anton that I threw a cake at Brian.
* The first version of SOTF-TV brings us Jonas Jeffries' first thread. Immediately upon stumbling upon a group of people, he starts waving around his assigned gun and screaming "I'm from Detroit, I know how to use this!" It should be mentioned that Jonas ''did not'' know how to use said gun and was about as far from intimidating as possible.
* A good portion of the mentors in SOTF-TV can provide these, mostly of the [[CrossesTheLineTwice disturbingly hilarious]] MoodWhiplash variety. Examples include Wilson Howard asking his team to advertise Verizon, Susan Crawford being an ill-spoken anti-SOTF protester (with everything that implies), and an comedian who uses AlterEgoActing (similar to Creator/StephenColbert) who spends it entirely in-character. Another good example:
---> '''Shannon Gant [[labelnote:*]]who owns the resort and is the Rainbow Parrots mentor[[/labelnote]]:''' (upon seeing that Taylor [=DeVasher=] [[ is knocking down postcard racks]]) "Wait-wait-wait, did that kid just- Holy shit he actually did! STOP TRASHING MY RESORT YOU FUCK. KICK HIS ASS VINCENT!"
** Caeser Knight in [=TV2=] is one of the less helpful mentors but he certainly makes an impression. In his one and only message to each of his team members, he offers nothing useful and no moral support besides telling each individual that they're his favorite, including two teammates who are currently in the same room and telling them not to tell each other, and not checking in with one guy until ''just after he's died''.
* The original death post of Jerry Aarons in Program V1, a CallBack to the moment mentioned in the V1 section of the page: "And then Jerry died of blades." It has since been edited into a full, more serious post, but the original is fondly remembered.