* A Super Hexagon NoodleIncident [[https://twitter.com/terrycavanagh/status/273544535525695488 discovered by Terry Cavanagh:]]
-->There's one person last on the [UsefulNotes/{{Steam}}] leaderboards with a highest time of 0:05, how is that even possible it takes at least a second to die[[note]]It is easy to do if you haven't played the stage before; just hit ESC to force-quit.[[/note]]
* LetsPlay/NerdCubed's [[http://youtu.be/A3677Kkr6hQ Permadeath - Super Hexagon]].
* The three hardest difficulty levels are called Hardest''er'', Hardest''est'', and Hardest''est'''est'''''.
* Watching a new player experience the pentagon pattern from Hexagon for the first time. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=S3eoKBXDbN0#t=142 For example:]]
-->'''LetsPlay/{{Markiplier}}:''' Oh, good God! How is anyone ... how is any normal human supposed to bea--''[side disappears]''AAHHHH
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