[[folder:1987 series]]
* The image of people the caliber of Lois Lane, Amanda Waller and half the Squad, including serious heavy hitters such as Vixen, Bronze Tiger and Nemesis, getting the PieInTheFace is simply too much to ignore. Then they kick the prankster, Captain Boomerang, on a desert island. And when Waller congratulates herself for finally getting rid of Boomerang, [[RunningGag another pie hits her face]].
** And of course, they have to return for Boomerang. In the time they've left him in the island he's built a huge boomerang out of materials he's found in the island. Just to prove [[WhatAnIdiot how much of an idiotic idea]] it was, Vixen sets off the launching mechanism for the boomerang. [[CaptainObvious It crashes in a huge rock seconds after being launched]]. The formerly boasting Boomerang returns to his bootlicking persona moments after a priceless scene.
* The entirety of the issue where Doctor Light is sent to Hell, and is resurrected. Only to find himself still in the coffin with no way out. And so again to Hell with him. Or the first Doctor Light reviving and getting out of his grave still halfway decomposed, trying to be a hero, only to get beaten up and destroyed by the fundie family he tried to "save". And again Arthur Light when he gets yet another chance to get out (possessing the female Doctor Light for a while before being kicked out and humiliated yet again), and begs Waller for a job... to find her dismissing him and suggesting he find a job with the Franchise/{{Justice League|OfAmerica}}.
* Captain Boomerang again. In the first issues, he wasn't above trying to spin the Suicide Squad program so he could get a fancy house outside Belle Reve and time at his leisure so he could commit crimes freely with the Mirror Master equipment. Unfortunately, for him, he got caught... as Mirror Master. He thought at the time he was being confused with the original Mirror Master, Sam Scudder, when he got drafted by Waller into the Squad... ''again''. During a graveyard stakeout in which the team was attacked by zombies and steadily zombified, Boomerang made repeated, and miserable, attempts to keep switching between Mirror Master and Boomerang. Until the lights went on, and the whole charade was revealed: it was all a setup to humiliate him - ''and'' inform him he had lost all privileges... including voluntary stay in the Squad.
** And when he got slapped with the explosive wristband of the Squad as Mirror Master, Boomerang had to conceal it, as he technically was assumed to be a loyal agent who didn't need it. He hid it under an arm cast.
* Creator/GrantMorrison's appearance - because he had foolishly written himself into an Comicbook/AnimalMan story to mess with its NoFourthWall, which meant [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou he was officially a DC Universe character]] that Waller could deploy - [[spoiler: wherein he's almost immediately killed because his writing skill was useless in a fight]].

[[folder:2011 series]]
* From Issue 1:
-->'''Harley Quinn''': "Uh, fellas? [[HeroicComedicSociopath Our boy is a blow-up doll]]. [[CrossesTheLineTwice And]] ''[[CrowningMomentOfFunny not]]'' [[SomebodySetUpUsTheBomb the fun kind]]."
* From Issue 2:
-->'''Harley Quinn''': Zombies?!? [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I'm going to squeal! I love zombies!]]
-->'''Deadshot''': [[DeadpanSnarker If they want brains, you're safe, Harley Quinn.]]
* From Issue 4, Yo-yo explaining how he got his name.
-->'''Yo-yo''': Cool, right? It's how I got my name--I can yo-yo my size. [[ShapeshiftingSquick Wanna see me scary thin?]]
-->'''Harley Quinn''': [[CloudCuckooLander Yes!]]
-->'''Deadshot''': No.
* From Issue #22, where the team is snarkily reintroduced in the captions.
-->'''King Shark''': My name is Trixie. I like to party.
-->'''Caption''': KING SHARK: His name is Trixie. He likes to party.

[[folder:The Film]]
* The {{Tagline}} for the movie, playing off of the fact that [[VillainProtagonist the protagonists are mostly bad guys]]:
-->''[[WorstWhateverEver Worst. Heroes. Ever.]]''
* The end of the first trailer: our "heroes" are doing a full on PowerWalk. They look cool. They look intimidating. All of them have serious, do-not-mess-with-us looks on their faces....Except Harley. She blows and pops a bubble from her gum.
* Another Harley moment from the Comic Con trailer, during a montage of scenes playing while the tagline is showing we briefly cut back to see her to a DramaticGunCock... on her baseball bat. [[CuteAndPsycho Pretty much tells you]] [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} everything you need to know]] about Harley.
* In the middle of a rather brooding montage of images, we get someone in a full panda suit and someone with a giant eyeball for a head firing assault rifles.
* In the [[http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMjMzMTM4MzM1OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODAwMzE2NTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg first look poster]], there's something deeply hilarious in seeing Harley Quinn and Enchantress clinging onto [[TokenGoodTeammate Rick Flag]] (who looks like he's trying his best to ignore them) instead of the other bad boys around them. Katana (the other good guy on the team), is similarly squatting in front of Flag.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmRih_VtVAs&sns=tw The second trailer]] has many moments, with the added hilarity of '''"[[Music/{{Queen}} Bohemian Rhapsody]]"''' as SuspiciouslyAproposMusic:
** At the very start of the trailer, Captain Boomerang screaming at the guard stationed outside his cell to be let out through his window, which she then slowly and exasperatedly closes back up. She's clearly gotten pretty tired of his antics.
*** What's hilarious is how the scene plays out. At first, Boomerang is whining and pleading, like a little kid asking for a lollipop. Then, when the guard shuts his window, [[SuddenlyShouting he starts screaming at the top of his lungs]].
---> '''Boomerang:''' Come on, doll, let me outta here, please! \\
''*she shuts the window*'' \\
'''Boomerang:''' ''(muffled)'' '''''LET ME OUT OF HERE, GODDAMN IT!!'''''
** Harley Quinn sipping a cup of tea while reading a [[VisualPun Harlequin]] RomanceNovel, complete with pink slippers and extended pinky.
** The random scenes of various government {{Mooks}} being [[BlackComedy terrorized by members of the Suicide Squad]], including some poor prison guard getting pulled under water by Killer Croc, while Rick Flag reads the dossiers of the Squad, already sounding so done with it all:
--> '''Rick Flag''': "Deadshot... [[ProfessionalKiller guy shoots people]]. He's (Killer Croc) a crocodile... and [[IAmAHumanitarian he eats people]]. [[KillItWithFire Burns people]] (El Diablo). You're (Enchantress) [[FunctionalMagic possessed by a witch]]... And she's (Harley Quinn) just [[AxCrazy crazy]]."
** Harley's line right after Rick says this in the trailer:
--> '''Harley:''' "What was that? '[[KillEmAll I should kill everyone]] [[CardboardPrison and escape?]]' ({{Beat}}). Sorry... [[HearingVoices It's the voices]]. (Suddenly laughs) [[{{Troll}} I'm KIDDING!]] ''[[FalseReassurance That's not what they said...]]''"
*** At the end of her little spiel, she smiles this impish little smile that says both "I know you want me and can't have me" and "I'm gonna kill ya and make you love it".
** Just in case you didn't realize that the team is made up of people who are just [[AxCrazy frickin' nuts]], we see that the first thing that Captain Boomerang does after being cut free from a duffel bag is to [[UnstoppableRage punch the closest guard he sees]]. Slipknot does the same thing with a [[WouldHitAGirl female FBI agent]].
** After being let out into a city that's been ravaged by some unknown terror, the rest of the squad is understandably nervous...except for Harley, who lets out a child-like "Whoa!".
** There's gotta be [[{{Foreshadowing}} something going on]] with Rick Flag saying "Here's the deal..." just as Queen starts bellowing "NO! WE WILL NOT LET YOU GO!" in the background.
** As the trailer enters its climax and the music reaches its high point (as {{Queen}} is screaming "FOR MEEEEE!"), [[RecordScratch the music screeches to a halt]] on a scene of Captain Boomerang hiding behind a car, [[INeedAFreakingDrink cracking open a beer and taking a swig]].
** Harley Quinn [[EvilIsPetty randomly stopping to bash in a storefront window with her bat and snag a fancy purse]], followed by Rick Flag's reaction:
---> '''Rick Flag:''' Seriously, what the hell's wrong with you people?
---> '''Harley Quinn:''' *rolls eyes* [[CardCarryingVillain We're bad guys, it's what we do!]]
* Harley getting dressed in next to nothing in the middle of a military base, looking up to see every soldier (including a couple of women) staring at her. "What?" They all start walking on as if nothing happened.
* Boomerang's only response to Katana holding Soultaker against his throat is to ask if she has a boyfriend.
** Funnier, in a BlackComedy way, when one considers that the sword contains the soul of her dead husband.
* Deadshot trying to rile up El Diablo:
-->'''Deadshot''' (''petting El Diablo''): What you gonna do?
-->'''El Diablo''': You wanna see something?!
-->'''Deadshot''': Yeah! I wanna see something!
-->'''El Diablo''': YOU WANNA SEE SOMETHING?!!
-->'''Deadshot''': YEAH, I WANNA SEE SOMETHING!!
** And after El Diablo goes all out:
-->'''Deadshot''': I was just trying to get you there. No hard feelings, right? We good?
* Harley is getting everyone drinks at a bar. El Diablo's request? "Water."
-->'''Harley''': That's a good idea, honey.
** While we don't know what Deadshot requests, he points at an empty shot glass and asks "What am I, twelve?"
** And Harley serves herself a cocktail glass filled with something that's bright blue, and with no less than four drink umbrellas.
* Rick Flag's attempt to lay down ground rules for the Squad and intimidate them. Key word here is ''attempt.''
---> '''Rick Flag:''' This is the deal, you disobey me? You die. You try to escape? You die. You irritate or vex me...
---> '''Harley:''' (Interrupting, while holding her hand up as if she's in school) I'm known to be quite vexing. I'm just forewarning you.
---> '''Rick Flag:''' (Looking directly at Harley.) ... you die.
** Harley's childish pout immmediately afterwards is just the icing on the cake.
* In the midst of a battle scene, Boomerang can be seen holding a [[EverythingsBetterWithPlushies plush]] {{unicorn}}.
* Just the fact that the latter half of the third trailer is set to ''[[Music/{{Sweet}} Ballroom Blitz]]'' of all things.