!!''Stuart Little''
* "We do ''not'' eat family members."
* Monty's reaction about Stuart being part of the family.
-->'''Monty:''' Aren't you gonna run?
-->'''Stuart:''' Why?
--> '''Monty:''' Because you're a mouse.
-->'''Stuart:''' I'm not just a mouse. I'm also a member of this family.
-->'''Snowbell:''' Oh, no.
-->'''Monty:''' A mouse with a pet cat.
-->'''Monty:''' (''rolls over laughing'') A mouse with a pet cat!
-->'''Stuart:''' I guess that is pretty funny.
--> '''Monty:''' Pretty funny?! I'm gonna wet my fur! A mouse with a pet cat!
-->''(Stuart begins laughing as well)''
--> '''Monty:''' (''to Snowbell'') Your new little master! Wait till the boys hear about this.
-->'''Snowbell:''' Oh, the humiliation!
-->''(Both Monty and Stuart are in hysterics)''
-->'''Snowbell:''' (''to Stuart'') I'm gonna kill you!
* When Stuart begs Snowbell to turn off the washing machine he's trapped in, Snowbell's response?
-->'''Snowbell''': Why would I turn it off? It's my favorite show.
* Detective Phil talking with the Little about Stuart
-->'''Detective Phil:''' Ya want it straight?
-->'''Mrs. Little:''' Absolutely not.
--> '''Detective Phil:''' (''surprised'') Oh um...in that case...(''smiling'') Stuart's probably home right now waiting for you!
--> ''Mr. and Mrs. Little exchange looks and turn back to Detective Phil.''
-->'''Mrs. Little:''' Okay, I think maybe we need to hear it...straighter than that.

!!''Stuart Little 2''
* Snowbell, after Stuart's car overheats.
-->'''Snowbell:''' I'm telling you, Stuart, it's a sign. This is just like the Burning Bush... except it's a carburetor, and... I'm not Moses.
* Snowbell and Margalo's [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar miscommunication]] when the falcon has trapped her under a can.
-->'''Margalo:''' Snowbell? Is that you? Is that really you?
-->'''Snowbell:''' Margalo? Where are you?
-->'''Margalo:''' In the can.
-->'''Snowbell:''' Oh, okay. I'll wait.
-->'''Margalo:''' No! In the paint can!
* When Margalo first meets Snowbell.
-->'''Margalo''': Hi, there!\\
'''Snowbell''': [''screams, startled''] AAAAAAAH!\\
'''Margalo''': Sorry, didn't mean to...''scare'' you.\\
'''Snowbell''': Scare me? That's a laugh! Haha. Hear that? That was a laugh. ''[starts hissing at Margalo, then coughs]'' Hairball! Major hairball! And yet, we continue to lick ourselves. Unbelievable.
* When the Littles discover that Mrs. Little's ring is missing, they think it's fallen down the drain. While Mrs. Little calls a plumber, Stuart suggests to go after it and George and Mr. Little lower him in just as Mrs. Little arives at the scene.
-->'''Eleanor Little''': What's going on here? (''George and Mr. Little stare innocently at her and whistle.'')What's on the end of that string?\\
'''Frederick Little''' (nervously): Don't panic, but someone you love has decided to go down the sink drain to retrieve your ring. \\
'''Eleanor Little''': Stuart?!\\
'''George Little''': Good guess, Mom.\\
'''Frederick Little''': Now, now, Eleanor, [[ThisIsNoTimeToPanic don't get upset]]. If there's a problem, I simply pull this string...\\
''(The string breaks, Mrs. Little gasps)''\\
'''Frederick Little''': [[OhCrap Well, now you can be upset.]]
* Stuart after a newspaper falls on top of him.
-->'''Stuart''': Oof! Hey, look! The Yankees won!