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[[AC:The Book]]
* [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Thirty Second Bomb]]. In a fighting force that routinely uses [[KillItWithFire Flame Throwers]] and [[NuclearOption atomic weapons]] in combat, ''this'' is the weapon that Rico feels bad about using. It is designed to loudly announce in the target's native language that it is a bomb, and then issue a loud verbal countdown to induce [[MassOhCrap an appropriate response.]] Rico causes a stampede by tossing it into a Skinny command center.
* Rico's UnPaused moment late in the book. He is protesting his commander's decision to use a post-hypnotic suggestion to make Rico take a nap. His commander doesn't seem to know what Rico's going on about, and Rico soon realizes that he was put to sleep halfway through a sentence, waking up hours later and continuing without missing a beat. Nevermind the humorous situation of a SpaceMarine refusing (futilely) to take a nap.

!!! ''Starship Troopers''
* This line would be even more funny if it didn't lead to tragic consequences for Zander later on.
--> '''Carmen''':(after giving her location to Rico) The situation is... (takes a look around to see that they're surrounded by bugs) Situation is extremely hostile!
* Carl and his pet ferret Cyrano, "Go bug Mom!".
--> '''Carl''': I gave him the impression that there's a grub crawling up my mothers leg, he's on a mission to go eat it.
--> '''Carl's Mom''': (banging noises can be heard upstairs) What are you doing?! GET OFF MY LEG!! AWWWW! ...Carl!
* Ace, the living ButtMonkey!
** [[HiddenDepths But he plays the violin beautifully]]... Go figure.
* "Have fun! That's an order!"
* Ace and Dizzy showing the still-alive Johnny his death certificate.
* "The enemy cannot push a button... if you disable his hand. [[RunningGag Medic!]]"
* [[DumbMuscle Breckinridge's]] self-diagnosis after his sparring match with Sergeant Zim: "My arm... I reckon it's broke, Sir." While holding onto his arm at the ''new joint'' that he now has.
** Zim agrees with his assessment. "[[RunningGag Medic!]]"
* When General Owen gets crushed by one of the flying bugs, Ace turns to Rico and grins stupidly, clearly trying not to laugh.
* Rico trying to record a video-mail to send to Carmen, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent while the other troopers do everything they can to be a distraction behind him.]]
--> '''Rico''': (''as the lights go out and sappy music starts to play'') Uh oh.
* The Tanker Bug's AsideGlance to the camera before getting blown up by the grenade it swallowed.
* After Carl's reading of the Brain Bug's mind, Rico and Carmen catch up to him.
--> '''Rico''': It was you wasn't it. You told me how to find Carmen?
--> '''Carl''': (''gives a smirk'') ''Well'', that's classified.
* The last we see of the Brain Bug is getting probed by human scientists, and evidently ''inflated''.

!!! ''VideoGame/StarshipTroopers'':

* In Compound there's that one guy who talks to the player when the bugs counterattack:
-->'''Grunt''': Marauder, you're needed up top, now! I'll stay here and hide-- uh I mean, secure the bunker. Yeah, that's it!
* Hauser demanding the player to rescue him in Plasma Mountain.
-->'''Hauser''': Good of you to turn up, Marauder, now, if you wouldn't mind dealing with those bugs. Watch out for that Plasma Bug... I don't think she likes me.
-->''after saving an injured Hauser''
-->'''Hauser''': I'm still alive - [[DeadpanSnarker but no thanks to you, Marauder]].
* This exchange after the player kills the [[spoiler:X-Bug]].
-->'''Hauser''': I see you've killed my little friend. And won this for the species. Looks like I underestimated you, Marauder. That is not a mistake I make twice.
-->'''Harris''': Did I hear that correctly? Was that General Hauser giving you ''a compliment''?
* The Mech-Trooper's constant stuttering.
-->'''Mech-Trooper''': Just a li-li-li-little lo-lo-lo-longer.
-->'''Mech-Trooper''': This one's fine. On to the ne-ne-ne-ne the next one.
* In Bug Hives, when an MI squad meets the player:
-->'''Sergeant''': A Marauder!?! [[OneManArmy You must be crazier than us coming down here alone]]!
-->'''Grunt''': We're staying here, right Sarge? I'm not going back in there. No way! Let the Marauder go!