[[folder:The Movie]]
* Anakin and Ahsoka infiltrating the Separatist lines... By hiding in a [[Franchise/MetalGear cardboard box]].
* Most of Anakin's and Ahsoka's one-liner exchanges:
--> '''Anakin''': ''[referring to Rotta]'' How do you like your little pal now? Still [[UglyCute cute]]?\\
'''Ahsoka''': No, he's actually starting to remind me of you. ''[holds Rotta up]'' See? You're two of a kind.
* This silent [[SelfDeprecation jab]] at Anakin's speech from ''Film/AttackOfTheClones'', as he and Ahsoka are crossing the desert on Tatooine:
--> '''Anakin''':...I don't want to talk about my [[DarkAndTroubledPast past]].\\
'''Ahsoka''': Okay, fine. [[SarcasmMode There's so much more we can talk about here]], like... '''the sand'''.
* A deleted scene has a rancor accidentally sitting on Ventress. As Anakin and Ahsoka escape, the Rancor looks confusedly to right, then to left, then jumping up and grabbing on to the ceiling with a painful yelp, as we hear Ventress' lightsaber activate.
* In another deleted scene Ahsoka tries to empty the cargo hold of the Twilight, so they can gain some speed, by opening the hatch manually. After she almost fell out, she goes back to the cockpit, cockily remarking that it wasn't easy but she found a way, only for Anakin to point out, the hatch controller was right under her nose, on the console board.
* The droid commander at the monastery and his sergeant provide one every time they speak:
-->'''Commander:''' ''[pointing]'' Concentrate fire on sector 11374265!\\
'''Sergeant:''' 1137... What was that again?\\
''[the commander forces the sergeant to look where he was pointing]''\\
'''Commander:''' ''Just fire right there!''

[[folder:Season 1]]
* In "Ambush," during Yoda's curb-stomping of the whole droid army, he goes inside a tank. All the droids try to run away with this dialogue:
-->'''Droid:''' Run for it! ''[two droids get pulled back into the tank]''\\
'''Commander:''' But I just got promoted!
** From the same episode, the Droid Commander has trouble getting his men to stop, and tells them the tanks won't fit. The green one ignores him, only to immediately crash. The Droid Commander [[FacePalm face palms.]]
** At the start of the episode, a battledroid manning a starship cannon [[LampshadeHanging admits he's been]] ''[[InvokedTrope programmed]]'' [[ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy to be a terrible shot]].
** Yoda just generally [[{{Troll}} trolling]] his own troops.
--> '''Yoda''': Smaller in number are we, but larger in mind. (''chuckles and walks off'')
--> '''Jek''': ...Do you have any idea what the general is talking about?
--> '''Rys''': How should I know? There's no figuring a Jedi Master.
* In "Destroy Malevolence", the droid who tried to tell two other droids to not shoot Anakin and Obi Wan... And ends commenting [[IWarnedYou he had warned them]] after they shoot and the obvious happens.
** Later, Obi Wan is using the Force to recover [=3PO=] on the internal trains of the ''Malevolence'' when a different train hits the droid and takes him away. It's Ben's reaction that sells it.
** Still on the front of the train, [=3PO=] shouts "Stop this contraption!". By sheer coincidence, R2 does just in that very moment, sending him flying into some crates, to his bemusement.
* In "Rookies", Rex's plan to take back the Rishi outpost from a squad of [[EliteMooks Commando Droids]]? Just walking up to the door dressed in his own armor and saying [[CatchPhrase "Roger, roger."]] What does he do when the droids ask him to take off his helmet? Hold the severed head of a Commando right in front of the camera. And Cody's [[FacePalm reaction]] to this plan (even more hilarious considering that Commandos' [[GlowingEyesOfDoom eyes glow]] when they're active).
-->'''Commander Cody''': This is not going to work.
** However, [[RefugeInAudacity it actually works in the end]]. And Rex's response to the droids once they answer the door?
--->'''Captain Rex''': [[IronicEcho Roger...]] [[PreMortemOneLiner roger...]] ''[[[BoomHeadshot Rex then shoots the Commando in the head]]]''
* In "Bombad Jedi" after successfully escaping from her prison, Padmé rescues C-3PO, and tells him to go back to the ship and send out a distress signal. 3PO then informs her that the ship's been destroyed:
-->'''Padmé''': Battle droids?\\
'''C-3PO''': No.\\
'''Padmé''': [[YouShouldKnowThisAlready Jar Jar?]]\\
'''C-3PO''': Jar Jar.
* "Dooku Captured" is full of these:
** When Dooku meets Hondo for the first time, Hondo offers the Count to take him to Florrum:
--->'''Dooku''': Is it civilized? \\
'''Hondo''': Eh, That depends upon your definition of 'civilized'.
** After Anakin gets out from under the debris Dooku collapsed on top of him, he realises that he had lost his lightsaber. Obi-Wan chides him for letting a rock knock it out of his hand. Anakin cuts-in asking him to give some light with his own lightsaber instead. Obi-Wan tries to activate it, but after a few flickers it goes out.
--->'''Obi-Wan''': Silly thing. It was working a moment ago.\\
'''Anakin''': You don't suppose it was hit by a rock?
** After Ahsoka and Rex save them, Obi-Wan and Anakin deny that they had had any trouble at all. Then Anakin tells them they have to capture Dooku. Ahsoka exasperatedly asks how they let him get away, a fact which Anakin tries to deny rather badly.
--->'''Anakin''': No we didn't ''exactly'' let him... ''[aside to Obi-Wan]'' Chime in any time.\\
'''Obi-Wan''' ''[very smugly]'' Oh no, I'm enjoying this far too much.
** This exchange from a bit later:
---> '''Dooku''': ''[about Hondo's gang]'' They are devious and deceitful, and most importantly... stupid.\\
'''Obi-Wan''': It's a wonder you don't get along with them. You have so much in common.
** When Anakin and Obiwan walk through a small market in the base, a FunnyBackgroundEvent can be seen; a Jawa bumps into a pirate, who punches the Jawa and sends him flying into another guy. He then jumps on the pirate and starts punching him in the face, and the Jawa leaps through the air to hit the pirate as well.
** After the business is concluded, the pirates invite Obi-Wan and Anakin to join them for a party. They have the drinks drugged, but while toasting the Jedi wordlessly and seamlessly use the Force to switch their drinks with their neighbors'. The two enjoy themselves while two of the pirates are collapsed over the table.
* In the next episode, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Dooku are chained together by the same pirates. HilarityEnsues. Probably the best, after too many old man cracks aimed against Dooku.
-->'''Dooku:''' I would kill you both if I didn't have to drag your bodies.
** Anakin and Hondo's conversation after Hondo says the Republic brought an army.
-->'''Anakin:''' That can't be right.
-->'''Hondo:''' Are you calling me a ''liar''?
-->'''Anakin:''' Uh, isn't that kind of what you do for a living?
-->'''Hondo:''' You reject my hospitality, refuse to wait in your cell, and now, you're going to ''insult me''?!
-->'''Anakin:''' I'm just saying-
-->'''Obi-Wan:''' ''Anakin''!
-->'''Anakin:''' What? He ''is'' a pirate!
-->'''Hondo:''' [Pulls out pad to activate the torture electricity]
-->'''Obi-Wan:''' Yes, but this may not be the best time for you to speak-
-->'''Anakin:''' But you-
-->'''Obi-Wan:''' ''At all'', Anakin!
** Jar Jar taking out the pirate tanks by himself is one half hilarious and one half awesome.
*** Made funnier when one of the tanks shuts down the electricity Hondo was using to torture the Jedi.
--->'''Hondo:''' What happened to the power? I was having fun!
* In "Jedi Crash", Anakin waking up to the sight of a bunch of Lurmen staring down at him:
--> '''Anakin''': Um, Snips??
* From the next episode "Defenders of Peace" Lok Durd seeing an armed defoliator shell rolling towards him. The fact that it's Creator/GeorgeTakei only makes it funnier.
-->'''Lok Durd:''' Help! I'll be ''defoliated!''
* In "Mystery of the Thousand Moons", Anakin and Obi-Wan land on Iego, only to be greeted by dozens of Battle Droids. Anakin rushes forward and cuts a swathe through them before realizing they're not attacking.
--> '''Obi-Wan''': Very impressive. You just destroyed seventeen defenseless battle droids without suffering a scratch!\\
'''Anakin''': ''[as one more droid falls in two]'' Eighteen, actually.
** At the end, Captain Rex's deadpan reaction - while lying on a stretcher and recovering from a lethal virus - to the idea of training [[LethalKlutz Jar Jar Binks]] to use a blaster.
---> '''Captain Rex''': I am ''not'' training him.
* A droid patrol in "Liberty On Ryloth".
--> '''Droid''': Hey look! It's (Insert number here)! No wonder he got blasted, he was one of those older models, controlled by a central computer. Not us, we're independent thinkers!\\
'''All the other B1's in the patrol''' "Roger Roger."
** Waxer and Boil meet a young Twilek girl in "Innocents Of Ryloth", who promptly bites Boil when they try to take her along. When she starts to warm up to them, Boil is still unenthusiastic.
--> '''Boil''': Ah you made a friend, mission accomplished. Can we go now?
** Later, after chasing after the girl and catching up to her. Waxer greets her happily, Boil, not so much.
--> '''Boil''': Good, you caught her. You know I got binders if we need em.
--> '''Waxer''': (''jerks head to look at Boil in silent shock and disapproval'')
--> '''Boil''': What?
* In "Hostage Crisis," when Ziro begins his departure from the prison, he starts whining as usual, complaining about the sun. But the real funny but is that the clone guard on his right lets out an exasperated and disbelieving "Oh my god!" As if he was thinking "How the hell did I get assigned to this?!"

[[folder:Season 2]]
* Todo 360 realising that he doesn't have any ''memories'' of ''memory crashes'' from "Holocron Heist".
* Sidious asks Cad Bane to kidnap some Force-sensitive children for him. Bane initially reacts in mild surprise, suggesting he may be pulling an EvenEvilHasStandards, but instead, he feels that kidnapping children is a small time crime for the likes of Sidious. The Sith Lord goes into a little rant about how no Jedi are innocent, and Bane rolls his eyes.
** At Mustafar, Sidious' hologram examines a Rodian baby, which begins crying, no doubt from the discomfort of the presence of the Sith Lord. Sidious responds by mockingly trying to comfort the poor baby.
* In "Cargo of Doom", Anakin goes PapaWolf on three droids after Ahsoka is captured by Cad Bane.
-->'''Droid 1''': [[OhCrap You said we'd be safe here!]] \\
'''Droid 2''': [[TooDumbToLive Come on! There's three of us and only one of him!]]\\
'''Droid 3''': It won't matter.\\
'''Droid 1''': ''[to Cad Bane]'' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Sir, a-a Jedi is coming! He looks very unhappy!]] ''[screams in terror as Anakin cuts him apart]''
* Before the Second Battle of Geonosis, it's revealed that Anakin and Ashoka have a competition going on between them, counting their kills. Obi-Wan, of course, views this with distaste. At the very end, following a very difficult battle, Ashoka keeps pushing Anakin to reveal his total, which he finally does: 55. Ashoka is jubilant, as she totalled 60. Anakin then throws back that he called in an airstrike, so it's a tie, which Ashoka reluctantly gives. As Obi-Wan once again voices his disbelief at their turning war into a game, Ki-Adi Mundi, the calm, noble Jedi Master, announces his own total: 65. The look on Anakin's face is priceless.
-->'''Ki-Adi Mundi:''' So what do I win?\\
'''Anakin:''' My eternal respect.\\
'''Ki-Adi Mundi:''' ''[disappointed]'' Oh.
* Obi-Wan's somewhat [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant morbid]] [[BlackComedy interest]] in the Geonosian brain worms in "Legacy of Terror", even as Queen Karina has one ready to be implanted in Luminara.
-->'''Obi-Wan Kenobi''': No, wait, I want to see how it works!\\
'''Anakin Skywalker''': I don't think Luminara wants to see how it works.\\
'''Luminara Unduli''': No, I don't.\\
'''Obi-Wan Kenobi''': I'm curious. The more we know, the better!\\
'''Luminara Unduli''': ''[recoiling as the worm is brought to her]'' I disagree!\\
'''Anakin Skywalker''': So do I.\\
'''Obi-Wan Kenobi''': Come now, the ear or the nose? Which will it enter?\\
'''Anakin Skywalker''': ''[in slight disgust]'' I'd say the nose.
** Then when Anakin kills the worm while Obi-Wan was holding onto it for further study.
--->'''Obi-Wan Kenobi''': What are you doing, I was going to study that!\\
'''Anakin Skywalker''': Study the bottom of my boot!
* "Grievous Intrigue." Tactical Droid TV-94 is holding Master Eeth Koth hostage and threatening to electrocute him to death and has Anakin and Adi Gallia surrounded, [[SmugSnake very sure he's holding all the cards.]] Then Anakin Force pulls him over and cuts off the arm with the shock remote on it. While the Jedi deal with the Commando Droids, TV-94 hobbles along the command bridge floor trying to get his severed arm, but it keeps getting knocked around in the skirmish. Once he does retrieve the arm and boasts at the Jedi, he tries to press the remote only to realize [[EpicFail he's holding the very same arm he's trying to use]], and then gets cut down.
** And just before that, TV-94 gives off an [[EvilLaugh Evil Laugh]]... in [[RoboSpeak Robo Speak]].
* Then there's the episode where Grievous and a group of Battle Droids are stranded on a planet with Rex and some clones. At one point Grievous and the droids find a herd of horse-like animals. Naturally they use them for transport... except Grievous dosen't let any of the Battle Droids ride the animals. He then expresses confusion as to why the droids have to keep stopping to rest.
-->'''Random Battle Droid''': You wouldn't let us ride on one those creatures with you, sir. If you would allow us, maybe we wou- OH MY GOD!\\
'''Grievous''': [[{{Angrish}} RRAAARRRHHH]]!!! ''[slices the droid's head off with a lightsaber]'' Any more complaints?!
** In the same episode, Rex being licked by some of Cut's farm animals can earn a chuckle or two
* Obi-Wan's [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend reaction]] to Anakin calling Duchess Satine his girlfriend.
** The [[spoiler: death of Tal Merrik]] is [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu3BvWpvSFU pretty funny]] in a [[BlackComedy dark way]], especially considering that, in a fraught standoff between him, Obi-Wan and Satine, [[spoiler: it's ''Anakin'' that kills him]].
*** In particular, [[spoiler: the innocent, satisfied look on Anakin's face as the background music plays a bar from the ''Imperial March''. And Obi-Wan's disapproving ''"Anakin!"'']]
--> "''What?'' He was gonna blow up the ship!"
* In "Cat and Mouse" Obi-Wan arrives with his cruiser to Christophsis and finds Anakin has already attacked the Separatist blockade.
-->'''Obi-Wan''': That's nothing out of the ordinary, especially since I gave him a direct order not to.
* In "Senate Murders" Lietunant Tan Divo explains to a room full with Senators that Onaconda Farr was murdered, and he believes that he must had been hiding something, because all politicians do. Then he looks around expecting confirmation, before realising that he's talking to a room full of politicians. Just to add to it, they really do have things they hide: Palpatine is a Sith Lord, Padmé is secretly married to a Jedi, [[spoiler: Lolo]] is the killer. The only exception is Bail, and he'll be hiding Padmé's daughter in just a few years and taking part in the Rebellion in a couple more.
* In "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back" the Zillo caught Palpatine's escape ship. Anakin decides to cut the hulk in half with his lightsaber. Rex notices and this exchange occurs:
--> '''Obi-Wan''': Seems like one of Anakin's [[IndyPloy improvised plans]].\\
'''Windu''': How can it be a plan if it's improvised?\\
'''Obi-Wan''': Don't worry, just catch them when they fall.\\
'''Rex''': ''[speaking from experience]'' A lot of the General's plans involve falling.
** Indeed Rex does speak from experience. Back in ''Landing at Point Rain'', after taking out the wall of gun emplacements, Ahsoka flings him off the wall with the Force as the two jump after them. Rex is screaming all the way down until Anakin and Ahsoka catch him at the bottom.
---> '''Rex''': Next time, just tell me to jump.\\
'''Anakin''': Now where's the fun in that?
** Also in "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back" and a bit of BlackComedy, this exchange between [[RedShirt two clone troopers]] just before the [[TheJuggernaut Zillo Beast]] breaks out of the research facility and they get crushed by the doors.
---> '''Kosmos''': If that creature is as powerful as they say, [[GunsAreUseless what good are these rifles gonna be?]]\\
'''Unnamed clone trooper''': Ah, shut up, Kosmos.
* [[TheSnarkKnight Obi-Wan]] and [[ActualPacifist Satine]] going at each other in ''Voyage of Temptation''.
--> '''Obi-Wan''': A republic military presence is the only sure defense against the Separatists\\
'''Satine''': Even extremists can be reasoned with!\\
'''Obi-Wan''': If one can be heard over the [[MillionMookMarch clanking of their]] [[MechaMook battle droids!]]\\
'''Satine''': The sarcasm of a soldier!\\
'''Obi-Wan''': The delusion of a dreamer!
** What sells the moment is Anakin's PassThePopcorn face during the above exchange.
* Anakin and Mace's banter back-and-forth near the beginning of "Death Trap". Also oddly [[HeartwarmingMoments heartwarming]], since it's one of the few times in the franchise as a whole when they're relatively relaxed towards each other.
--> '''Mace''': You seem more disappointed than our cadets.\\
'''Anakin''': It's our job to instruct and inspire.\\
'''Mace''': You just wanted to show off.\\
'''Anakin''': [[BadassBoast Hey, when I show off it]] ''[[BadassBoast is]]'' [[BadassBoast instructive. And inspiring.]]\\
'''Mace''': [[DeadpanSnarker For you maybe.]]
* In "Artoo Come Home" Artoo races to the Jedi Temple to inform the Jedi Mace Windu and Anakin are trapped in a crumbling ship. He needs to use the holoprojector and push another astromech out of the way but the droid doesn't take well to that and fights back, they go at each other like a pair of 4-year olds and Ahsoka has to break them up.

[[folder:Season 3]]
* In "ARC Troopers" Grievous and Ventress finally meet during the siege of Tipoca City. They decide that Ventress will take care of the DNA-store and steal Jango Fett's sample, while Grievous and his troops destroy the barracks. Before splitting up, Grievous grabs Ventress by the wrist, and asks her if she'd like him to provide her droid escort. Ventress' reply? Holds Grievous's plate-chin and tells him in a very suggestive tone that he has nothing she could want.
** At the end of the assault on Kamino, there's a minor blink-and-you'll-miss-it FunnyBackgroundEvent. At the end of their battle, Ventress tries to Force Pull the DNA capsule from Anakin, but a random trooper catches it midair. That's the awesome. Then when it's zoomed out to show all the clones surrounding Ventress, you can see that trooper [[OhCrap suddenly look back]] to make sure his squad is there to back him up. ''Only then'' does he dare point his gun at Ventress.
* The part in "Supply Lines" when Jar Jar was distracting the Trade Federation delegates with... art with table-ware. And when Lott Dod found out about the supply ships to Ryloth? He just looked at Jar Jar, and he waved back at him.
** Making it funnier, Dod was the only one at the dining table not amused by Jar Jar's art and gives his own aide an angry face for appraising it before the aide frowns with disappointment.
* The general premise of "Sphere of Influence" can be one in context. It's essentially Creator/GeorgeLucas (or rather, a Pantoran George Lucas look-a-like) vs. Greedo, especially when George himself has been seen wearing a "[[TheDogShotFirst Han Shot First]]" t-shirt. And guess what, Greedo ''doesn't'' get to shoot at all when confronted with Papanoida.
* "Evil Plans":
** The fruit vendor telling a spectacularly bad joke to C-3PO and R2......and then laughing obnoxiously at his own joke.
** After C-3P0 finally delivers the fruits he was sent to retrieve, there is a short shot of a rabbit droid placing the fruits on top of a large dessert, numbering them off with each one. A butler droid comes over and takes the dessert away, leaving a number of rabbit droids standing around. They cheer. [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment End scene.]]
** R2-D2's whole scene in droid spa is both funny and cute! Not to mention the scene is sometimes changed back and forth with 3-PO's torture scene. What a hell of MoodWhiplash.
* Vos breaking in Mama's hut.
-->'''Obi-Wan''':(After Vos has just slashed down Mama's door) Vos! Somebody lives here.\\
'''Quinlan Vos''': Ugh! Smells like somebody died here.\\
'''Obi-Wan''': ''[apologizing to Mama]'' Thousand pardons, Madame. He hasn't mastered the concept of knocking.
* In "Heroes on Both Sides", when Lux Bonteri proves that AllMenArePerverts.
-->'''Ahsoka''': Look at me. I'm not so bad, am I?\\
'''Lux''': ''(long Pause for a MaleGaze)'' No, not bad at all.\\
'''Ahsoka''': ''(sighs in frustration and rolls her eyes)'' Well, it seems boys are the same whether they're Republic ''or'' Separatist.
** In the same episode, General Grievous's RousingSpeech to a squad of infiltrator droids designed specifically [[GoYeHeroesGoAndDie for]] [[BlackComedy suicide]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice bombing]].
-->'''Grievous''': Some of you may not return. Actually, [[SuicideMission none of you will return!]] But don't let that get in your way.
* Anakin's growing frustration with the aloofness of the Daughter in "Overlords".
--> '''Obi-Wan''': Anakin, are you alright?
--> '''Anakin''': (''speaking to Obi-Wan'') Yeah, but our friend here has (''shouts after the Daughter as she continues forward, ignoring him'') run off!
* When the Son admits to [[spoiler: attacking his father]] in "Altar of Mortis". The flippant way he describes the situation and twiddles his fingers is very [[BlackComedy darkly humorous]] in an otherwise super serious arc. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4M1QbNLAD4 See it here]].
* In "Pursuit Of Peace," a pair of bounty hunters pursue Padme in a high-speed speeder chase through Coruscant. Eventually, the chase zooms past a pair of parked cops, one of whom drops the coffee he was drinking in a classic "surprised cop" scene... and then it hits when you realize that not only are the cops droids, but they ''don't even have mouths to drink with.''
** Padme, Bail and Onaconda Farr meet after learning of Mina Bonteri's death. With everyone high strung about the Republic ordering more troops and sliding further into debt, Onaconda Farr attempts to break the tension with jokes. He... doesn't succeed.
--> '''Bail''' (about arguing against the clone order): "I'll start lining up support, but I'll need ammunition."
--> '''Onaconda:''' "We can't afford ammunition, remember?" (looks around eagerly)
--> ''{{Beat}}. [[LamePunReaction Bail gives him a disgusted look.]]''
--> '''Onaconda''' (deflating): "I... joke..."
--> '''Padme:''' (smiles)
* "Fine, we'll do it the Wookiee way."
** Oh, Jinx has a couple gems. "That's great, but it might as well be Coruscant as far as I'm concerned. ''[[CaptainObvious We have no ship]].''"
** Jinx attempts to use a Jedi Mind Trick on a Trandoshan; it fails. Chewbacca punches the Trandoshan in the head, Jinx tries the mind trick again and it succeeds.

[[folder:Season 4]]
* Near the end of "Gungan Attack", after Prince Lee-Char gave a RousingSpeech to his imprisoned people, [[TooDumbToLive right in front of their armed guards, who impossibly outnumbered his own body guards]] and was saved only by [[TheCavalry the Gungan Army]]. Upon realizing that reinforcement just arrived, he shouted [[AttackAttackAttack "Attack!"]], and swam into battle totally unarmed. Ahsoka's reaction to that is ''priceless''. Doubles as a FunnyBackgroundEvent.
** A few minutes later, Jar Jar and Senator Tills getting out of the whirlpool, [[SecurityCling holding onto eachother]], while slowly spinning around. [[spoiler: Sadly, it's part of the episode's DownerEnding]].
* "Prisoners" had Tamson damaging Padme's helmet and the water starts to fill, threatening to drown her. Then Jar Jar sealed the hole with his spit.
* In "Shadow Warrior," the over-the-top look of utter horror on Jar Jar's face when he realizes that his meeting with the Separatist forces on Naboo will be with none other than General Grievous himself is hilarious. It isn't until General Tarples very collectedly pushes down one of his upraised arms that his expression changes.
** Jar Jar's escape when things go south, big time. While Grievous begins monolouging about how deep the shit Jar Jar is in is, the clumsy Gungan just books it for the elevator and doesn't look back. Grievous doesn't even notice until he hears Jar Jar furiously mashing the button.
* [[ThisIsGonnaSuck "Great, it's gonna be another one of ''those'' planets."]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TIXTDMp26k]]
** Notice the clone trooper actually does a DoubleTake just before he says that.
* Near the end of "Kidnapped", Darts D'Nar flees the scene and activates a bomb strapped on the back of his tactical droid. The droid's reaction would warrant a TearJerker if it weren't delivered in RoboSpeak:
--> '''Droid''': [[MachineMonotone Sir, how could you. Nooo. Nooo.]] [[WhyAmITicking Get it off. Get it off. Get. It. Off. Getitoff]].
* [[http://werebazs.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps#/d4uii4q This]] and [[http://werebazs.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps#/d4uiiay this]] from "Slaves of the Republic". GettingCrapPastTheRadar much?
* "Friends and Enemies": Rako Hardeen, Cad Bane and Moralo Eval arrive in a settlement on Nal Hutta. They decide to switch out of their prison fatigues and switch to something less conspicuous. What's one of the first things Bane gets? Another NiceHat to replace his old one.
** Later in the same episode, Ahsoka recognizes him because of said hat.
* In the next episode, "The Box", he kills Bulduga, an Ithorian that's blatantly trying to impersonate Cad Bane (who's a Duros), [[EasyImpersonation which might have been convincing if they weren't drastically different species]]. Why does he kill him? [[DisproportionateRetribution Not for impersonating him]], but [[FelonyMisdemeanor for having a nicer hat (which happens to be Bane's original hat) than him]], [[BlackComedy which he then exchanges his current hat for]], all in front of the guy's brother. [[CrossesTheLineTwice The fact that he killed a guy just to take his hat makes it more hilarious.]]
-->'''Cade Bane:''' What are you looking at? It's a nice hat.
*** Doubles as a TearJerker for the less sociopathic viewers, since he not only just murdered the poor guy's brother--and, if you pay attention, the guy's clearly heartbroken--but it's stated they were {{HeterosexualLifePartners}} and that without him he's almost certainly going to die--which he does.
** Later in the same episode, after Derrown saves the group from one of the tests designed by Eval, by taking the electrolite syrum, Bane asks Hardeen how did he know that the parwan could take it. Hardeen replies that he used to kill parwans for a living. Cue Derrown having an indignant OhCrap reaction. Remember this ''is'' a BountyHunter who is known as ''the Exterminator''!
* When the warlord in "Bounty" expects his [[spoiler: bride]], he instead finds that Ventress has [[spoiler: switched her with ''Boba Fett''.]]
* There's something strangely funny (and equally depressing) in how [[spoiler: Savage, who is normally portrayed as a brute with only a low cunning, plays the OnlySaneMan to Maul, who ends up showing himself to be a deeply intelligent mastermind whose greatest fault was in daring to face [[MagnificentBastard Palpatine]]]], even if it doesn't last long.
* When Obi-Wan and Ventress [[EnemyMine are forced to team up]] against [[spoiler:Savage and Maul]], they find themselves outmatched and have to flee. Obi-Wan uses this opportunity to lampshade Ventress' tendencies to flee when outmatched:
-->'''Obi-Wan''': We're outmatched.\\
'''Ventress''': You want to run?\\
'''Obi-Wan''': I learned from watching you!\\
'''Ventress''': [[SarcasmMode Funny...]]
** Heck, all of their dialogue together was quite entertaining.
--->''[Ventress tosses one of her lightsabers to Obi-Wan after he's disarmed]''\\
'''Ventress:''' I want that back.\\
'''Obi-Wan:''' Don't worry. Red's not my color.

[[folder:Season 5]]
* Hondo's reaction to his men betraying him; you have to hear the delivery to really appreciate it.
--> '''Hondo:''' [[ArsonMurderAndAdmiration TRAITORS! SCUM!... I'm so proud.]]
** Don't forget his later interaction with Kenobi.
---> '''Hondo''': And leave you alone with the two crazies!? ''[{{Beat}}]'' ...Well, okay.
** And when he gets called out for his insolence.
---> '''Hondo''': Insolence?! [laughs] We are pirates! We don't even know what that means!
** Really, anything Hondo says usually subverts normal cliche Hammy-ness. And it's ''glorious''.
* In "War on Two Fronts" Ahsoka and Lux reminisced of their adventure on Carlac, which made Steela suspicious, or curious at the least. When she asked them what happened there, Lux gave her a very misunderstandable reply. Ahsoka's expression when she realized what Lux's answer implied was quite funny:
--> '''Steela''': What happened on Carlac?\\
'''Lux''': Ahsoka's the reason I'm here and not with the Death Watch.
** Anakin's smirking in the background whenever Ahsoka and Lux interact with each other is both hilarious and heartwarming.
* Anakin telling Ahsoka to push her feelings aside and focus on the main objective is rather hilarious once you realize that he [[{{Irony}} should take that advice himself]].
* Hondo delivers some weapons to the Onderon rebels. This draws the attention of a small group of commando droids, who attack.
-->'''Hondo:''' Oh, my, look at the time. ''[leaves]''
** It's made funnier by the fact that he's casually walking away as ''commando droids'' are shooting.
** The battle droids used for comic relief were divisive in the earlier episodes, but it was actually funny when one droid gets blinded and end up shooting one of its comrades.
* Yet more Hondo in "Bound for Rescue", now drunk for your amusement.
** [after being launched into the air] "I'M FLYING!"
** "I may not be as young as I once was, but...I'm older!"
** Ahsoka trying to threaten him:
---> '''Ahsoka''': If you don't let me go, you're gonna ''wish'' you were born a protocol droid!\\
'''Hondo''': Haha, sometimes I do anyway.
** Ahsoka's reaction when she recognizes right away that the "Animal Instincts" are actually the younglings in disguise who came to rescue her is also priceless.
---> '''Ahsoka''': [[YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe Oh no...]]
* Hondo's just the gift that keeps on giving, really.
-->'''Katooni:''' ''[leaps onto Hondo's speeder bike with him]'' I've got your back.\\
'''Hondo:''' [[SarcasmMode Great... I feel... so safe]].
** The guy gives backtalk to Grievous!
---> '''Grievous''': This planet is now under Separatist control! ''[[[NeckLift grabs Hondo by the neck]]]''\\
'''Hondo''': Uh huh... and... what do you suppose that means? ''[gets thrown to the floor]''
** Hondo's explanation for helping Ahsoka and the younglings when he was willing to kill them the previous episode? "Today is a new day! And lucky for you today, I ''like'' children!"
** When Dooku accuses Hondo of trying to auction him off to the highest bidder back when he was Hondo's prisoner, Hondo simply asks if Dooku can blame him, since [[MoneyDearBoy a Sith Lord would fetch a great price]].
*** It's especially funny because he says as if he meant to ''compliment'' Dooku for being such a valuable hostage. Dooku's [[SilenceYouFool reaction]] is priceless.
* In ''A Necessary Bond'', another good droid moment is when one calls Grievous to tell him they're under attack, and is so busy giving the message that both Zatt and Petro just run up and slice him to bits in the middle of it.
* R2 in "A Sunny Day in the Void". He doesn't take sass from a wannabe officer. What seals the deal is how he takes the Separatist code module and waves it at Gascon, practically mocking him. In fact, much of the humor in that episode comes from R2 totally ignoring Gascon and WAC's fighting over leadership and constantly proving himself the most competent person in the squad - all while neither of the main characters notice.
** WAC-47 asserting authority in the end of the episode. Creator/BenDiskin must've had a blast recording it.
** The other three Astromechs of the squad immediately defer to R2's command, instead of WAC or Gascon, showing how little respect they have for the commanding officer too, despite that one of them was brought along for the sole purpose of carting Gascon around.
* In ''Eminence'', the surprised moan Embo gives off when Savage knocks him off his feet.
** "So the only thing you can tell me is that I will find Jabba... [[CaptainObvious at Jabba's palace?]]" It's the expression on [[spoiler:Maul's]] face which really sells it.
** Bo Katan's line after [[spoiler:Maul]] and the Death Watch's plan to negotiate with the Hutts ends in a battle with the Hutts' bounty hunters.
--->'''Bo Katan''': ''[laughs]'' [[SarcasmMode I see negotiations have gone as planned]].\\
'''Pre Vizla''': Secure this platform!
** Savage hitting his head on the lamp is also worthy of a few laughs. Especially because of the fact that the dramatic music that was playing as he got up immediately halted, replaced by the awkward sound of the lamp swaying.
** [[spoiler: Darth Maul]] [[BlackComedy recruiting Black Sun after Savage Opress beheads their leaders.]] Ziton Moj's [[OhCrap reaction]] is what sells it.
--->'''[[spoiler: Darth Maul]]''': It would seem the decision to join us is now yours.\\
'''[[spoiler:DragonAscendant Ziton Moj]]''': [[KnowWhenToFoldEm After careful consideration, we will join you.]]
* "The Lawless" may have been a pretty dark episode overall, but it had some laugh worthy moments early on.
** [[TheBusCameBack The return of the Twilight]], which had been absent from the series since Season 2's "Children of the Force" arc (since that aired in 2009, that counts to about 4 years of no screentime). By the time it reappears, its literally falling apart. [[spoiler: [[TearJerker Sadly, it's also its last appearance.]] ]]
** The fact that he borrowed it from ''Anakin'' is hilarious in itself. Knowing his former apprentice's track record, he really should have known better.
--->'''Obi-Wan''': Anakin, that's the last time I borrow a ship from you.
** Obi-Wan, disguised in the same outfit he used to [[spoiler: impersonate Rako Hardeen]], leads a Death Watch trooper up the now-decrepit Twilight's loading ramp, [[CallForward to perform a scene]] [[Film/ANewHope one of his future allies would repeat about two decades later]]. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCt-At_k6bY It can all be seen here as well as the above scene.]]
** The "[[UncomfortableElevatorMoment prisoner transfer]]". [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvsHE_W0RBs That is all that needs to be said.]]
* Ahsoka bringing Anakin up to speed after he finds himself lacking a starfighter in "Sabotage":
-->'''Ahsoka:''' Fighter crashed. I saved the day. You're welcome.
** Also, Anakin trying to deal with buzz droids while acting like it's just a minor inconvenience to Ahsoka.
* Ventress being her snarky self in "To Catch a Jedi"
** Her non-lethal beatdown of Commander Wolffe and the Coruscant Guard is both this and a CrowningMomentOfAwesome, especially with the clones' groggy reactions are after the beatdown.

[[folder:The Lost Missions]]
* [[http://www.superherohype.com/news/293875-star-wars-the-clone-wars-reveals-a-clip-from-the-lost-missions In this new clip]], Yoda asks Anakin to help him escape, but Anakin protests that the council won't like it. Yoda's response?
-->'''Yoda''': Disobeying the council, your expertise is.
** And when he escapes, and Mace demands an explanation from Anakin, he responds with, "Hey, for once, none of this was ''my'' idea."
* In an otherwise dark and super serious story arc, AZI-3 and Fives earlier interaction were pretty funny.
** Then there's AZI-3's [[TransformingMecha survival mode]] when he and Fives are out on Kamino's sea: [[HugeRiderTinyMount a miniature speeder bike]].
* Even if they're being jerks to a cabbie, it's inherently amusing to see ''drunk clone troopers''.
* In "An Old Friend", Marrok retrieving Embo's hat for him like a Frisbee is both this and a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming for Embo, especially [[PetTheDog when he pats Marrok on the head and compliments him]] in his own alien language.
** Doubling as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome, Embo using his own hat as a snowboard. This becomes funnier when you realize that this arc was originally part of Season 5, but was officially released after the 2014 Winter Olympics.
* Then there was Mace and Jar Jar's interactions during The Disappeared two parter, with [[TheComicallySerious Mace]] playing the straight man to Jar Jar's wackiness.
** A Frangawl cult member (During the first part) was about to attack, but Mace just looked at him and the guy ran away screaming.
** Jar Jar's claimed justification to the Bahk-Tov council for bringing Mace to Bardotta in the first place is [[CrossesTheLineTwice so wrong but so hilarious at the same time]]. He claims Mace to be his servant - which would normally reek UnfortunateImplications since Mace is black - and this claim is coming from a character who has already been accused of being a [[EthnicScrappy similar]] [[SpaceJews stereotype]] long before he was [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap made more tolerable]]. Mace's annoyed reaction to the claim makes it even funnier.
** The mere idea that ''[[TheFriendNobodyLikes Jar Jar Binks]]'' has a girlfriend and that there is an entire planet that reveres him.
** Not to mention when Jar Jar got snarky with Mace.
--->'''Mace''': ''[using the Force]'' I see... people, streets, market.\\
'''Jar Jar''': Yep, meesa see that too.
** Also, the idea of Mace Windu being a ButtMonkey during the first half of Part 1. This can also feel [[LaserGuidedKarma cathartic]] for those were still mad at him [[spoiler: for throwing Ahsoka under the bus in the Season 5 finale.]]
* There is something about Yoda being caught flatfooted when he isn't listening during a meeting of the Jedi Council that is quite humorous. A being so old, so powerful, so revered... acting like a ''Padawan'' would in the same situation.
* Jedi starfighters in general look like a cross-breed of a normal SpacePlane and a TIE fighter, meant to bridge the gap between the Prequels and the originals in terms of design. Then the production team decided to take it UpToEleven by basically shoving an astromech droid into a TIE Interceptor. [[https://lumiere-a.akamaihd.net/v1/images/image_2780d5ff.jpeg?region=0%2C144%2C1560%2C877&width=768 The result]] is so adorable that only Yoda could pull this off without looking ridiculous.

[[folder:Post-Series Stories]]
* Near the end of the second issue, as the Shadow Collective forces on Ord Mantell are about to be executed by General Grievous' droid army, [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Gar Saxon]] (a Mandalorian) gives the rest of his forces an ItHasBeenAnHonor speech. Ziton Moj gives him a less than enthusiastic look. Thankfully, Maul forced Grievous to shut down the army before they could gun his men down.
* In Issue 4, Darth Sidious's response to [[spoiler: Mother Talzin restoring her body.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Mother Talzin''']]: [[LargeHam I am whole! I am returned!]]\\
'''Darth Sidious:''' [[DeadpanSnarker You are about to die.]]

[[AC:"Crystal Crisis on Utapau" Story Reels]]
* The banters between Obi-Wan and Anakin had always been easily the best source of comedy in the series. Now imagine four episodes, with basically just the two of them having a weird adventure. The voice work James Arnold Taylor and Matt Lanter did ''must'' be heard to fully appreciate it!
** Anakin and Obi-Wan pursue two [=MagnaGuards=] they suspected with the murder of a Jedi. When they finally catch up, Obi-Wan warns Anakin that they need them intact to get information. Anakin initially tried to disable the droid without harming it, but after it had managed to hit him with its electrostaff one too many times, he got fed up, and Force-pushed it into a DeadlyRotaryFan.
--->'''Anakin''': Oops, I broke it!
** Anakin volunteers to take the first shift standing guard at night. He fells asleep, and they're waken by a bunch of Sugi's pointing blasters at them
--->'''Obi-Wan''': You were supposed to wake me.\\
'''Anakin''': Yeah, but... well, at least you look rested.\\
'''Obi-Wan''': Wonderful! I'll make a very pleasant prisoner!
* In Part 2, "In Search of the Crystal", a Sugi warrior is inspecting Anakin's lightsaber, [[TooDumbToLive even pointing the emitter towards his face]]. After Anakin warns him to be careful, [[BlackComedy he uses the Force to activate it and make his point]], [[IJustShotMarvinInTheFace with expected results]].
-->'''Anakin:''' Well, I did warn him.
* For some more BlackComedy in Part 4, "The Big Bang", we are given a shot of [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe bisected battle droid]] crawling after his own still-active severed legs which are walking away from him, [[CrossesTheLineTwice even begging them to come back]].
* While the Jedi are fighting the battle droids after the Pauan governor ordered them to stand down, one of the battle droids asks another what they are supposed to do:
-->'''Battle Droid 1''': What should we do?\\
'''Battle Droid 2''': I don't know! Ask him!\\
''[Camera pans to show the battle droid in question missing its head]''

[[AC: "Bad Batch" Story Reels]]
* In "A Distant Echo" Anakin and Rex accompany the titular Bad Batch to a covert mission, and they're using the squad's gunship the "Havoc Maraduer". As they prepare to board, Anakin notices the NoseArt depicting Padmé in a slitskirt, showing her entire leg. Anakin(being her husband) is understandably not amused, especially when Wrecker's comment adds the insult to the injury:
-->'''Wrecker''': [[DoubleEntendre She can negotiate with me any time!]]\\
'''Anakin to Rex under his nose''': ''That'' is not staying there!
* Wrecker getting all teary and sobbing at the prospect of him getting to blow-up a Separatist dreadnought, declaring it to be the happiest day of his life.
** Wrecker in general, given that he takes being a BoisterousBruiser UpToEleven.
* The entrance of the Bad Batch's shuttle at the start of the arc, where other clones have to run out of the way because of their reckless landing.
* Mace Windu's [[BadassBoast attempt at negotiation]] to the droid army in "Unfinished Business", only for them to completely ignore surrendering and decide to open fire.
* Jesse's remark on how the Bad Batch manage to successfully take on a massive group of droids on their own. Doubles as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
-->'''Jesse:''' Are these guys even real?
* After said battle, Wrecker is shown "playing" with a wrecked battle droid.
-->'''Wrecker''': Hey Crosshair! This little clanker likes you!\\
'''Crosshair''': Ah, grow up Wrecker!
* Windu informs Obi-Wan that according to Anakin there's a lot more droids heading towards them, and that it's part of his plan. Obi-Wan's reponse:
-->'''Obi-Wan''': Yes that sounds like Anakin.
* For a RealLife example, the fact that writer Matt Michnovetz was so obsessed with the Bad Batch that he would always try to find excuses to put them in episodes during story meetings even when it would make no sense, much to Dave Filoni's amusement. It actually got to the point where Filoni thought he was the writer of this arc when it was actually Brent Friedman, though Michnovetz wrote a follow up arc with the Batch on Kashyyyk and the two writers would work together to flesh out the characters.

[[AC: Literature/DarkDisciple]]
* Quinlan instructs a protocol droid named Blue to list ''every'' synonym for his name in every language he knows. ''[[{{Troll}} Just for the heck of it.]]''
* Quinlan's and Ventress' first meeting. Ventress has just successfully cornered her target, Moregi, when Vos tackles him out of nowhere. Then when Ventress exasperatedly asks him what's he doing, he tells her that "It's called a tackle!" The crowning moment comes moments later when Vos attempts to flirt with Ventress while trying to restrain their quarry:
-->'''Vos''': Relax, I got this, honey!\\
'''Ventress''': Honey?! ''[knocks Vos flat on his ass]''