* Meta: This is a ''web''comic.
* From Issue One:
-->The Black Widow doesn't take kindly to rapists!\\
What? No! We're not rapists, we're merely douchebags!
* Or when Heather goes for medical treatment in Issue Two:
-->'''Sahira:''' I can't believe you, Hea-Spinnerette! Running out like that and getting in a fight after our agreement!\\
'''Spinnerette:''' I didn't mean to... It's like a new bicycle on Christmas! Even though it's snowing, you can't help but want to take it for a ride.\\
'''Sahira:''' ... A ride that '''kicks your ass!!!'''
* Also, battle strategies against [[spoiler:driders produced by the magic contained in the original Dungeons and Dragons books]].
-->'''Spinerette:''' Reverse Cowgirl for the Win!
* Greta Gravity cracks wise about Heather's deodorant costs. [[http://www.spinnyverse.com/comic/01-14-2011 Heather responds.]]
* From Issue Four, Sahira trying to hint to Heather that Mecha Maid [[HoYay may be into her]], and Heather utterly failing to get the point.
--> Facepalm! I think Mecha Maid is a lesbian who wants to have sexual intercourse with you.
* [[BilingualBonus Kat is saying]] [[http://www.spinnyverse.com/comic/06-29-2011 in this strip]] [[UsefulNotes/MarieAntoinette "Let them eat cake."]]
* Green Gable's hammy invitation to [[MistakenForGay Mecha Maid and Spinnerette]] to visit Canada.
-->You'd be more than welcome in Canada. We're a tolerant people.
* A BrickJoke to the above, when Mecha Maid chews out Spinnerette for hiding their relationship, neither of them noticing that Gable could hear them:
-->'''[=Gable=]''': That was a secret?
* The moment when Heather figures out [[HowDoIShotWeb how to shot web]]. She does the classic "Spideman hand gesture"...only to have the web come shooting out her backside, just like a real spider! Sahira almost dies laughing at this.
* The introduction given by the League of Canadian Superheroes...[[http://www.spinnyverse.com/comic/01-26-2011 complete with Katt giving the obligatory French translation]].
* As serious as his ideals are, and as true as Universe is to his objectivism, it's hard not to find this funny.
-->'''Spinnerette:''' Why would you turn into a supervillain? Why!?!
-->'''Dr. Universe:''' I read an ''Ayn Rand'' novel.
* The Werewolf of London, Ontario and the furry enthusiasts:
--> '''{{Fanboy}}''': We'll ''sacrifice a skinling'' to your ''fur god''!\\
'''[=WoLO=]''': What ''fur god''? I am Anglican!
* As Dr. Universe explains to the Nazis that he doesn't have enough foreskins to create their clone of Hitler on time, Greta suggests they should recruit a mohel for help. Cue DeathGlare from the Nazis.
* [[http://www.spinnyverse.com/comic/07-13-2012 Spinerette being hidden by Greeta Gravity]] GagBoobs.
* Spinnerette getting all star-struck at Super MILF's GagBoobs. Hard to believe that she was going a period of {{Gayngst}} not too long ago.
* [[SeinfeldianConversation Green Gable and Werewolf have a conversation]] about how their closest counterparts are in the ComicBook/XMen, [[SeinfeldianConversation which annoys Katt]]. They then turn their discussion over to ''Series/DowntonAbbey'' after Katt ties them together with her tails.
* This line from Greta Gravity:
-->[[ItMakesSenseInContext Her atomic boobies melted my ice cream!]]
* After Spinnerette fruitlessly tries to warn Mecha Maid and the League of Canadian Superheroes that [[HatePlague they've been struck by some sort of conflict-causing effect]], she asks herself [[WhatWouldXDo what Tiger would do.]]
-->'''[[http://www.spinnyverse.com/comic/11-07-2012 Spinnerette's Mental Image of Tiger:]]''' Spinnerette, you're talking to a room full of ''crazy people.'' ''Logic doesn't work'' on ''crazy people.''
* The revelation that Colonel Glass is OneOfUs.
-->'''[[http://www.spinnyverse.com/comic/01-06-2014 Colonel Glass:]]''' Giving your troops uniforms that conceal their faces is a tremendous security risk. You should read the TV Tropes entry for 'FacelessGoons', sir.
* Minerva mistakenly assumes that Guinness, her dad's secretary, is the final challenge she must overcome. Guinness responds by beating the crap out of her while screaming for help.
* HighSchoolAU!Mecha Maid's explanation for why she and all the other girls are attracted to Delta.
-->'''Spinnerette''': Why is every girl head over heels for Delta? I don't get it!\\
'''Mecha Maid''': Delta's got a lot going for him. He's scrawny, he's clumsy, and there's a good chance he'll fail to get into college.
* Spinnerette [[http://www.spinnyverse.com/comic/12-17-2014 hijacking]] [[spoiler:Delta's dream control powers and [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic ponifying]] everyone, to his horror]].
* [[ArmorPiercingSlap The Triple-Slap]] when [[http://www.spinnyverse.com/comic/12-24-2014 Spinny wakes up from Delta's dreamworld]] and he tries to justify his creepiness.
--> *SMAKSMAKSMAK!* A costume isn't consent, jerk!
* 90's Spinnerette is tough, gruff, grim... but when Spinnerette!Prime brings up the series finale of ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'':
-->'''90's Spinnerette:''' Lalalala! I can't hear you! No Spoilers!
* The Editor storyline ending with 90's Spinny apparently stuck in the Golden Age by accident.
* While [[http://www.spinnyverse.com/comic/10-28-15 this page]] might count as NightmareFuel or a TearJerker for most people, it's hard not to laugh at the FunnyBackgroundEvent of [[OrganAutonomy Bottom Lefty]] looking particularly excited in the first panel as Heather does her YawnAndReach, and [[ButtMonkey looking sad]] after Marilyn pulls away from the kiss.
* Spinnerette [[http://www.spinnyverse.com/comic/issue-24-pumpkin-princess-01 is a former pumpkin queen]]
* When Mecha Maid is under the control of a fruit pie laced with a mind control drug from Spinnerette's childhood nemesis Sarah Nicole, Spinny is forced to fight Mecha, which devolves into ''[[MudWrestling oil wrestling]]''. Since Sarah [[spoiler: initially used the drug to [[CureYourGays curb her lesbianism]], she has to ''force herself'' not to get turned on]].
-->'''Sarah:''' [[spoiler:''[shoveling fruit pies into her mouth]'' [[MadnessMantra You don't like girls. You don't like girls. You don't like girls...]]]]