Funny / Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

  • Angelica challenges the boys to a race, and transforms into Firestar. Bobby then quickly transforms into Iceman. The two of them notice Peter has only gotten as far as shedding his civilian shirt to reveal the top half of his Spider-Man costume, so he reminds them that he has to change into Spidey "the hard way".
  • Bobby needs to interview a celebrity for school, so he gets Captain America to answer some questions for him. Afterward, Bobby accidentally freezes the audio tape of the interview, so he then records himself doing a Q&A with his alter ego, Iceman. Spider-Man and Firestar walk in on him asking the questions in his normal voice, then answering them in a Badass Baritone.
  • In "A Firestar is Born", Spider-Man got out of the rubble he was trapped in and jumped on the side of a subway train. A surprised passenger looks at him, which Spider-Man waves to.
  • In "The Crime of All Centuries", Kraven the Hunter is caught by the Spider Friends in a tar pit and will likely be eaten by a nearby dinosaur. He begs for them to save his life and will give anything in return. Bobby asks for $50 to pay for the rent. Spidey appropriately facepalms.