Funny: Spider-Man (1967)

  • Betty Brant: Spider-Man! How did you get trapped?
    Spider-Man: That's what I keep asking myself.
    • From the same episode:
      Dr. Octopus: My plan is deceptively simple...
      Spider-Man: Just like you.
  • "The Witching Hour" has a moment where Green Goblin leaves an unconscious Spider-Man in Jonah's office and Jonah calls the police to arrest the webslinger. The cop, however, asks what exactly to charge Spidey with.
    Jonah: Well... he's Spider-Man!
    Cop: I can see that he's Spider-Man.
    • Later when the Green Goblin tells the Demon Ghosts to destroy Spider-Man they leave and after commanding them to come back he begs with "Please!"
  • Spidey's battle against the Green Goblin, Electro, Vulture, and Dr. Boddy has some great moments, such as the Goblin's reaction to a pumpkin bomb being knocked back at him.
  • The infamous adage:
    Villain: Spider-man!
    Spider-Man: You were expecting Count Dracula?
  • The memes that spawned from the show are nothing short of hilarious.
  • Jameson's attempt to get into a military base wearing a disguise in "Horn of the Rhino".