Funny / Southland

  • In the Season 2 premiere, Cooper and Sherman walk into a warehouse. They look up at the ceiling, and Cooper lampshades the fact that people will break into a warehouse from the roof, bring all these fancy tools, make all these plans, and then their rope is too short. Cut to the foiled thief hanging from the ceiling.
    Cooper: Did you pee your pants?
  • Once per Episode the cops are called for something frivolous, and Cooper shows his wrath on exactly how stupid they are. They range from a child who was skipping school calling child abuse on his mother for spanking him, to someone calling the police for a fast food restaurant getting their order wrong.
  • "Hey, shithead! Yeah, you got my partner's cuffs!"
  • In season 5, "Heroes", Sammy and Ben bond over their mutual love of old school action films starring Chuck Norris:
    Sherman: Chuck Norris likes his meat so rare... he eats unicorns.
    Bryant: A bulletproof vest... wears Chuck Norris for protection.