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!!From the [[VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006 game proper]]
* ''Every time'' someone has died in Wave Ocean's Mach Speed section... and realizes that the "auto"save is ''very'' sporadic and requires beating a stage (not a sidequest, a ''full stage'') to activate[[note]] or you can save in the hub world via the pause menu before entering Wave Ocean, but the game doesn't tell you you can do that[[/note]], thus booting them back to ''the opening cutscene at the very beginning of the game''. It has famously happened to [[LetsPlay/SonicTheHedgehog2006 pokecapn]], VideoGame/GameGrumps, LetsPlay/ClementJ642, Creator/JamesRolfe, WebVideo/{{Retsupurae}}, LetsPlay/NerdCubed, and LetsPlay/{{slowbeef}}.
* When Amy jumps Silver assuming he's Sonic, Silver's reaction is priceless. He looks like he's going to wet himself.
* Sonic tossing the holographic device with Eggman's message in it back to Knuckles, with the device just kind of floating over there instead of looking like it was thrown. Knuckles then fumbles to catch it with his large mitten hands and drops it on the ground. He proceeds to stomp on it angrily while glaring at Sonic.
** Sonic declares that he's going to where Eggman told him to go. Tails, who previously pointed out that it probably will be a trap, doesn't seem to have a problem with that plan... but Knuckles throws his arms as if he was saying "I can't believe these guys". ''Knuckles'' was being the OnlySaneMan.
* Sonicman. Just [[LoonyFan Sonicman]].
* Shadow stopping time via Chaos Control, before casually walking behind Silver, mid-dramatic punch, and roundhouse kicking him in the back of the head.
* In the last story, during the [[spoiler:scene of Elise resurrecting Sonic]], look at Silver's face right before [[spoiler:the kiss]]. It's almost as if the guy '''saw the moment coming.'''
** Similarly, as [[spoiler:the kiss]] is happening, Knuckles is in the background, and the "Uh.. WTF?" expression on his face is priceless.
** In the previous cutscene, when the gang splits up to collect the Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles begins to go in the wrong direction before turning around.
* After Shadow enters Eggman's base by bursting through the ceiling:
-->'''Eggman''': ...[[ThereWasADoor Wouldn't the door have been easier?]] So, what do you want ''now''?
* Until the four or five-hundredth time it happens to you, watching Sonic start breakdancing during the [[ScrappyMechanic Mach Speed]] sections makes it all worth it.
* [[ Mephiles exiting the scene by twirling off screen]] like a ballerina. Okay, possibly not originally intended by the programmers, as it appears the character model sets back to the default pose, but his ears and hand clearly show that Mephiles spun at least 360 degrees before the scene cuts back to Silver and Blaze, who never acknowledge it. Now watch the scene while anticipating the action, and you may get a giggle or two.
* Mephiles tripping over his own feet(?) once he picks himself up off the ground after being bounced like a ball after "Mephiles Phase 1" is finished. Even while trying to open a portal to escape, he's still having trouble standing upright after that hit. Almighty Super Being, indeed!
* Shadow's reaction to an entirely unremarkable bit at the end of Flame Core. The subtitle renders it as "Ack!", but the sound he makes is something more like "[=RRRRRRRAGGAHHHaaaa=]...!"
* The cutscene after you defeat the Egg Wyvern. The mech explodes in pieces, Eggman's seat is ejected... and on the way down it ''hits a piece of debris and starts spinning sideways''. It's hilarious to watch.
* When Shadow reverses while driving a buggy, he puts a hand on the seat next to him and looks over his shoulder – standard safety protocol for backing up a car. It's amusing to consider that of all the things this game ''should'' have gotten right, someone instead put their time into making sure Shadow was practicing safe driving.
* For some reason, every time a character makes a motion with their hand, there's a sound effect like a glove being shaken. It's kind of funny that the programmers thought that was important to put that effect in there, and funnier still when there's a dramatic/sad/important moment, and it gets botched by the stupid sound effect.

!!From the [[LetsPlay/SonicTheHedgehog2006 Let's Play by pokecapn's posse]]
::See [[Funny/{{Pokecapn}} here]] for Funny Moments from this group's other Let's Plays.
* In "Autosave? That's so 2000!", pokecap'n gets his first game over and [[TemptingFate hopes he doesn't have to restart the level]].
-->'''pokecapn:''' I have to start the whole game from the start!\\
'''medibot:''' Amazing.\\
'''pokecapn:''' No!
* As they order some General Tso's, pokecapn dubs over the audio with some ''Videogame/SonicAdventure'' music. Right as the music cuts off...
-->'''medibot:''' Ideas!
* Their reaction to [[ the sound-effect of Silver hovering]] when he first encounters Sonic, and started doing a rendition of the themesong of WesternAnimation/TheJetsons. "Dau-ghter Shadowwwwwww!" "[[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 CROWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!]]"
* [[ Solving the "Find the Captain" puzzle.]]
** In Silver's playthrough, they pull the [[ same thing during one of Silver's puzzles involving sneaking past guards.]]
-->'''pokecapn:''' Fuck this. ''[Completes the puzzle without even trying; the Goons erupt in laughter.]''\\
'''Medibot:''' ...They didn't see you!\\
'''[=IlluminatusVespucci=]''': What the ''fuck''?
** And later on, during Silver's runthrough of Radical Train:
-->'''Guide:''' If you fail at adjusting the scales, use the switch nearby.
-->'''pokecapn:''' [[AtomicFBomb Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff--]]
-->'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' You have got to be kidding me.
-->'''pokecapn:''' [[AtomicFBomb -fffffffffffffffffffffffff--]]
-->'''Medibot + [=IlluminatusVespucci=]:''' (in unison) [[OhCrap Physics puzzle...]]
* "[[TemptingFate Gotta be careful not to]] [[ fall off here.]]"
* "I cannot reliably move in... straight lines... or in left or right lines!"
* Oh, [[ThatOneLevel Radical Train]]...
** [[ "UH OH, I'M A TARD-ASS!"]]
** Another great bit is when Sonic hits a wall and [[ falls SIDEWAYS to his death.]]
*** The reaction from the goons is hysterical right after. "Cha— FUCK! ''FUCK!'' '''''FUCK!'''''" "Zip zop zoom!" "[[WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog The train, is late.]]" "[[WebAnimation/YouTubePoop The train... is late.]]"
** In-between attempts, when pokecapn is traversing back to the train station:
-->'''Tails''': Press the Square button in the air to do a Bound Jump.\\
'''Goon''': Press the Square butto- the ''[[ClusterFBomb swear]]'' button to use the ''[[PrecisionFStrike fuck]]'' attack!
** The discussion from around [[ this point]]:
---> '''Kung-Fu Jesus''': yeah, it is amazing, but not in the right way.\\
'''medibot''': It's kinda like on those nature shows on PBS.\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus''': No, it's not.\\
'''medibot''': Well except, y'know, more trains and less animals.\\
'''[=IlluminatusVespucci=]''': [[Series/MutualOfOmahasWildKingdom Mutual of Omaha presents]] ''Oh Fuck, A Bomb!''
** LetsPlay/PokeCapn's {{angrish}} [[ rant:]] "[[BigNo NO]]! This is uncontrollable! [[PunctuatedForEmphasis The game! Cannot be! Controlled! By human reflexes alone]]! ''(loses a life)'' I need a program to slow down the movements of the joystick, so it does not go more than one sensitivity level in either direction! ''(loses last life)'' [[OhCrap MOTHER OF SHIT!]] [[AtomicFBomb FU-HU-HUUUUCK]]!"
** LetsPlay/{{medibot}}'s [[ ill-fated attempt]]: "OH GOD I'M SO NOT READY, I'VE NEVER DONE A MACH SPEED, HELP, HOW DO ... [[Franchise/{{Kirby}} HOW DO I INHALE!? HOW ... WHAT ...]] [[WrongGenreSavvy Do I just press down to copy their power?]]" [[note]]Medibot usually plays ''Kirby'' games, hence the confusion.[[/note]]
*** "I was pressing right, and he was just humping the wall! Why are you humping the wall, Sonic?"
* "In so many other games I can just sort of suspend my disbelief, and be like 'okay, something wacky is happening.' Well, okay, that's fine, I'm playing a video game, this isn't real life. But what do you say to a game that... breaks the rules of video games?" - Medibot
* Sonic's in-game "reaction" to Kung-Fu Jesus's comment after [[ this line]]:
-->'''Elise:''' I owe you a lot, Sonic...\\
'''KFJ:''' [[NoYay Like a blowjob.]]\\
'''Sonic:''' *small agreeing chuckle*\\
'''The Goons:''' WHOA!!
** '''''[[ I'M FULL OF OWLS!]]'''''
* In part 14, when a robot kills Sonic with lasers in the Test of Courage. Besides the inevitable AtomicFBomb ... [[ This gem occurs.]]
-->'''medibot:''' All the bacon in the world couldn't save you now!\\
'''All:''' All the bacon in the world couldn't save you now! 'Cause! [[ IT'S A LASER! IT'S A LASER! IT'S A LASER! IT'S A LASER!]]
* The further the Goons get into the game, the more cynical and snarky they become.
-->'''Silver''': This is ''so'' unbelievable...\\
'''Medibot''': Saying what we're all thinkinnggggg...\\
'''[=IlluminatusVespucci=]''': "I can't believe they actually made a game this bad!"\\
'''Silver''': Now... I must fight for the future!\\
'''Pokecapn''': Noooooo--\\
'''[=IlluminatusVespucci=]''': -dismissively laughs- Yeeessss!\\
'''Pokecapn''': Just get to the action stages.
** The Goons begin lifting clusters of rocks using Silver's telekinesis, but they quickly find out the rocks don't separate into individual parts - the clusters are [[ArtisticLicensePhysics just sort of glued together.]]
-->'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' That's... really bad.\\
'''[=IlluminatusVespucci=]''': You've got rock friends.\\
'''Medibot''': Are you just gonna collect as much rock as you can?\\
'''Pokecapn''': -laugh- What do you think?\\
'''Medibot''': I think collecting rock is a good idea.\\
(They run into a family having a picnic while Silver is still holding the rocks. They start swinging the rocks around.)\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' PFFT! "Nice picnic you're having!"\\
'''Medibot:''' This is what I'm talking about!\\
'''Pokecapn:''' If this was implemented better, it would definitely be [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential asshole physics]].
* [[ "It's a Football."]] (clearly a soccer ball)
** "Soccerballlll."
** "Football."
*** "Americaaa."
* "Follow the Egg Carrier."
-->'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' "Follow the Egg Carrier."\\
'''Medibot:''' [[RunningGag Follow the Owl Carrier.]]\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' Have we even seen the Egg Carrier?\\
'''Pokecapn:''' ...We haven't seen it.\\
'''Medibot:''' We just assume there is one.\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' It's like a movie called "Horses! Horses! Horses!", and there's not a single fucking horse in the whole movie!
* [[ This]] moment in the Aquatic Base, when they start playing as Knuckles, and the camera and controls work together to become as unwieldy as possible.
* The beginning of Shadow's story – the audio was deleted and they had to redo their commentary... and the dialogue. With the voices of the characters of ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid''. Keep in mind that this was recorded AFTER the end of the LP. Also, [[ this]]:
-->'''pokecapn:''' Hey, Sonic-2006-ites, this is still pokecapn...\\
'''[=IlluminatusVespucci=]:''' This is still [=IlluminatusVespucci=].\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' This is still... poke... capn... ew.\\
''(They all start laughing.)''\\
'''medibot:''' And this is new and improved, with 50% less fat medibot!
** A bizarre conversation during that video leads to this wonderful statement from a possibly-drunk Kung-Fu Jesus.
-->'''medibot''': We'll have to put [=IlluminatusVespucci=] in a basket made of reeds and float him down the river.\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus''': He'll be found by an Egyptian princess, and her name will be "Rose Red". And she'll found a hospital [[CrossesTheLineTwice for cancer children]]. [[UpToEleven And then it will be haunted.]] And then we'll have to hire a paranormal investigator. And...well, you know the rest of the story.
** Mephiles' voice near the end of video 19 is nothing short of hilarious, especially when combined with his zombie-like behavior and the sound-effects courtesy of the other goons.
*** "I'm Mephiles, Mephiles the Dark. And I cut myself, sometimes..."
*** "I owe much to you, Shadow... NNNNGGGGHHHHH..."
* When Rouge is describing Soleanna to Shadow: "And they [[Film/{{Borat}} export potassium]]. Also exporting {{lolicon|AndShotacon}}."
* There's also [[ this gem]].
-->'''E-123 Omega''': What is Eggman up to? Who is Mephiles?\\
'''[=Kung-fu Jesus=]''': He's Satan, you bitch!
** Later:
--> '''GUN Agent:''' Agent Shadow, we've lost contact with Agent Rouge. Head to the warehouse district immediately.\\
'''Pokecapn''': We've lost contact?! She's only like one mile away from where I am!\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' Call her on her cell phone!
** Shadow's duel with Silver is as... well-designed as one would expect.
--> '''Pokecapn:''' [[{{Angrish}} ASSWANK!]]
*** "Okay, this is... crap!"
-->'''Silver:''' HOW 'BOUT THIS?!\\
'''Pokecapn:''' Shit on it! ''(defeats Silver and proceeds to use Chaos Spear repeatedly)''\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' Take shits all over his face!\\
'''Shadow:''' ''(upon receiving a B Rank)'' Guess that was alright.\\
'''Medibot:''' Yeah, it... [[DespairEventHorizon doesn't even fuckin' matter.]]
* The [=LPers'=] [[ hysterical laughter]] when Shadow kicks [[TheScrappy Silver]] in the back of the head.
* [[ Sanford Kong]]'s [[ parade of]] [[ barrels]].
* LetsPlay/{{pokecapn}} completely freaks out upon having to go through one particular room. After being reassured it's only one room, he rebuts, "IT'S A STUPID ROOM!"
** Their [[ reactions to completing]] the [[ThatOnePuzzle aggravating billiard ball puzzle]].
* Speaking of said level, it takes them almost an hour to complete Silver's Dusty Desert, after all of the deaths and the time it takes to complete the puzzles in the level.
-->'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' ''(during one of the easiest puzzles)'' [[TemptingFate This is the stupidest puzzle I've ever seen.]]\\
'''Pokecapn:''' ''(on the billiard ball puzzle)'' FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
** [[OhCrap "...We didn't save. We have one life, and we didn't save."]]
* After spending 5 minutes defeating Silver's first boss.
-->'''Silver''': That took too long.\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus''': No ''shit''!\\
'''medibot''': You're a ''master''... of the obvious!
* After playing through a town mission as Amy, [[ this happens]].
** To get to Silver's Radical Train stage, the player is expected to sneak through a gauntlet of patrolling policemen. Faced with this challenge, pokecapn decides "[[ fuck this]]."
* Silver's version of Kingdom Valley is absolutely rife with astounding physics. [[ Such examples are at 13:01 and 15:38.]]
--> '''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' [[TemptingFate ...Great.]] ''(right as he says this, the physics in the game proceed to collapse. [[SarcasmFailure Description of the scene is impossible.]])''\\
'''Goons:''' ''(uncontrollable laughter)''\\
'''Medibot:''' What was ''that'', son?!
* The Goons discussing the logistics of Eggman being an inter-dimensional being while completely ignoring the scene where Amy and Elise discuss love is highly amusing.
** Earlier in the playthrough, during the confrontation between Mephiles and Shadow, rather than feel ensnared by the drama and suspense of the scene, [[ they munch on chips.]]
* "[[ I'm on a roll!]]"
** The advent of the [[ Thriller Lizards]]. From [[ later on]]:
-->'''pokecapn:''' It's [[Music/MichaelJackson Thriller Night]] in the Aquatic Base.\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' Yeah, I know. Robotnik gets all his dudes together-\\
'''medibot:''' It's so marginally excellent!\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' Marginally.\\
'''medibot:''' Well it's just, y'know, it's the little things, I guess, in this train wreck of a game, the little things make us happy.\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' And I'm pretty sure most of this was unintentional. \\
'''medibot:''' I don't care!\\
'''pokecapn:''' They probably genuinely thought this was someone crying out in pain, and not a worm dancing.
* A side conversation while running through Kingdom Valley for the ''third'' time.
-->'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' [[OneWomanWail This is like the music from]] ''Film/{{Gladiator}}'' when he's dying, y'know? That's how we feel right now.\\
'''medibot:''' We're ''dying''.\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' We're dying, and we're at the end.\\
'''medibot:''' We're dying for Sonic Team's sins.\\
'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' ...Well, I ''am'' Kung-Fu Jesus.
* The tragic cutscene that kicks off the final chapter.
-->'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' Is this supposed to be touching?\\
'''medibot:''' Well, Sonic's dead, but to many of us [[PolygonCeiling he's been that way for a while]].
* The Iblis fight defies the laws Sonic '06 set for itself.
--> '''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' Medibot... for a game so interested in hardcore difficulty... why is it giving me information that I can see with my face?\\
'''Medibot:''' Um... in case you're blind.
* Kung-Fu Jesus, [[ in three words]], breaks down what may possibly be the dumbest thing that Shadow the Hedgehog has ''ever'' said.
-->'''Shadow:''' The instability of time caused this time-space rift.\\
'''pokecapn:''' ''*starts laughing*''\\
'''KFJ:''' ''*deadpan*'' Oh. That's all?\\
'''pokecapn:''' ''*loses it*''
** [[ A few minutes after]], there's their reaction to [[SoBadItsGood Eggman's Scouter Glasses]]
* [[ This little gem]]:
-->'''Kung-Fu Jesus:''' Get hit by a box.\\
'''[[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor *Shadow gets hit by a box*]]'''
* Upon beating [[ThatOneLevel End of the World]], after Kung-Fu Jesus spends the level [[SanitySlippage reciting song lyrics in monotone]]:
* As the LP nears the end, the fact that only medibot has gotten a full eight hours sleep at all this whole time starts to catch up with them, and the LP starts to mesh into one long [=CMoF=] as they get progressively less coherent.
* Sonic [[TheVonTropeFamily Von]] [[ Hedgehog]]!
* If it exists, it is an Iblis Trigger. No exceptions.
* Their attempts to identify whose fault the game was during the credits.
* [[ A scripted sequence launches Shadow a bit too high their first time through]], which provided such a big reaction that the video is titled "That was scripted."
* One of the contests has viewers [[WildMassGuessing coming up with explanations]] for how Eggman could outrun Sonic before the final boss fight in ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2''. Explanations ranged from Eggman possessing speed bladders with excess fast to being shaped like an ostrich (because ostriches run fast as fuck) to just finally being face-to-face with Sonic for the first time with no death machines between them and running on pure adrenaline.
* pokecapn's commentary during a scene in part 7, featuring the [[UncannyValley newly-redesigned Dr. Eggman]].
-->'''pokecapn''': His ''mouth''! Jesus!\\
'''[[MeaningfulName Kung-Fu Jesus]]''': [[AnswersToTheNameOfGod Yes?]]\\
'''pokecapn''': I-it's bad. Make it go away.\\
'''Eggman''': Now, allow me to introduce to you my latest creation.\\
'''pokecapn''': ''Teeth!''
* Thanks to pokecapn getting an Series/XPlay reviewer's name wrong[[note]] (it's Adam Sessler, for the record)[[/note]], the crew go off on a brief Creator/AdamSandler tangent. They eventually let pokecapn finish what he was originally going to say – and then they start on the Adam Sandler tangent again, with impersonations.
--> "Moshi moshi!"
* "We're not going to post this, are we?"
** "No."
** "Oh. Good."
* During the Egg Wyvern boss fight:
--> ''(Eggman charges Sonic)''
--> '''Pokecapn:''' [[VideoGame/SonicAdventure GET A LOAD OF THIS!]]
--> ''(gets hit)''
--> '''Pokecapn:''' ...I got a load.

!!Other Let's Plays
* [[ This person]] used a combination of glitches to speedrun Sonic's story in 15 minutes, resulting in the Captain saving the day while Sonic took the day off to relax.