Funny: Solatorobo

  • Red squicking every time he's got to take a job for Alman.
  • Red finding out that Elh is a girl by walking in on her in the shower.
    • And for the kicker, he actually giggles and tries to pull off her towel. Slapness ensues shortly.
  • The first quest with Cocona. As Chocolat is squeeing her heart out and fangirling over Cocona, Red keeps the exact same poker face throughout their entire conversation, clearly out of his depth.
  • The entirety of the Kurvaz Quiz Contest DLC quest. The quest starts off as a quiz contest which also serves as a recruitment scheme for the Kuvasz. Red joins just for the prize money, which Opera is not happy with. When Red is getting close to becoming the winner, Opera resorts to using a story she got from an interview she had with an anonymous person as the basis of the quiz questions. It turns out to be Chocolat, who recognizing the interview she gave, begins to panic and run away. As the quiz continues, Red suddenly realizes that the story the questions are based on are about an extremely embarrassing event in his childhood. After Opera tries to blackmail Red into giving up the contest, Red refuses and, in the final question, reveals to the audience that the story is about a certain little boy's first use of his robot by hiding the fact that he wet his bed by throwing the bed into a pool. Cue the cheers of the audience at Red winning the quiz, a disgruntled Opera, and Red crying "tears of joy".