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Funny: Smoke Signals
  • John Wayne's teeth.
    Are they false? Are they real?
    Are they plastic? Are they steel?
  • This exchange:
    Victor: You gotta look mean or people won't respect you. White people will run all over you if you don't look mean. You gotta look like a warrior! You gotta look like you just came back from killing a buffalo!
    Thomas: But our tribe never hunted buffalo - we were fishermen.
    Victor: What! You want to look like you just came back from catching a fish? This ain't "Dances With Salmon" you know!
  • Thomas and Victor use the warrior face, only to realize that it doesn't work (well sometimes anyway).
  • "The only thing more pathetic than Indians on TV... are Indians watching Indians on TV."
  • The two girls with the busted transmission when they pick Victor and Thomas up, driving backwards the whole way.
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