Funny / Singles

  • "Steve, don't come yet."
  • "Debbie, do you remember how you told me to tell you when you were being plastic? Well, you're being plastic."
  • Pretty much any scene with the Pearl Jam boys in it.
  • Debbie's dating video is full of Le Film Artistique visuals that humorously clash with her mundane monologue describing herself and her ideal mate, but none more so than when she proclaims "...And no druggies!" while flying above the Seattle cityscape.
  • Steve's recollection of The Talk - since his parents divorced, his mother took him to a doctor to teach Steve about the adult male body. However, the doctor was from Boston and had an incredibly stereotypical accent. As such, Steve thinks (and teaches the other boys at his school during recess) that, when a man reaches climax, he releases Spam.