* In the video game, when you start the Gall Spaceport level, you can screw around on in the inside of the ''Outrider'' for a minute. Trying to press the R button to open any doors will annoy Leebo, who will soon tell you "Go away, Sir." If you keep it up.
* The exchange between the pilot of a transport, Luke and Dash;
-->'''Suprosa Captain:''' This is captain of the Suprosa. Are you crazy? We're hauling fertilizer here! What kind of pirates are you?! \\
'''Luke:''' We are not pirates. Like I said, we are with the Alliance.\\
'''Dash:''' And maybe we have a big garden.
** This exact sequence is in X-Wing Alliance as well.
* Lando's [[LethalChef attempt at cooking]].
--> '''Lando:''' Come on, I spent an hour in the galley fixing this. Everybody dig in!\\
'''Chewie:''' (''Growls something that doesn't sound complimentary.'')\\
'''Lando:''' Hey pal, you don't like it, you cook next time.\\
'''Luke:''' Giju stew? It looks like old boot plastic and fertilizer drenched in pond scum. Smells like it too--\\
'''Leia:''' (''Chuckles; [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike she had just thought exactly the same thing about it]].'')\\
'''Lando:''' Fine, fine! Don't eat it, that'll just mean more for me. (''Eats a spoonful of it.'') See? It tastes great, it - (''His expression went from irritated to amazed, slid to horror, then right into disgust.'')
* C-3PO and R2-D2 trying to fly the Millennium Falcon towards Xizor's Palace.
-->'''C-3PO:''' I'm ''trying'' to turn it right side up! Be quiet, Artoo!
* This brilliant use of the [[NarrativeProfanityFilter Narrative Profanity Filter]]: "Lando stated, in a colorful fashion, that Han's ancestry was in question and his personal habits left much to be desired."
** Along with this:
-->"Lando swore at the ship, a string of colorful phrases, including several graphic-if highly unlikely-descriptions of things he wished it would do to itself."
* The scene where Luke and Dash Rendar are trying to get past a droid.
--> '''Dash:''' *Grins and pulls out his blaster* Okay, Goldie. My name is Man with a Blaster About to Cook You. Either you open the door or your busy Bothan is going to have to get himself a new receptionist.\\
'''The droid:''' Oh, dear.\\
'''Dash:''' And no security alarms, either. I'm watching you real carefully. Up, and do the door manually.\\
'''The droid:''' Very well, [[LiteralMinded Man with a Blaster About to Cook You]].
* When Luke, Lando, Dash and Chewie are walking through the sewers to Xizor's palace, and Chewie has just nearly fallen into the stuff.
--> '''Lando:''' *Chuckles* Yeah, be careful, you big clumsy - yow! *Skids and sits down in the sludge, getting his backside soaked.*\\
'''Dash:''' You should have worn old clothes.\\
'''Lando:''' Hey, Rendar, I don't ''have'' any old clothes.\\
'''Dash:''' You do now. I don't think you'll ever get 'em clean enough to wear in public. They'd drum you right out of the Elite Stormtroopers smelling like that.\\
'''Lando:''' Shut up.
* During the space battle against Xizor at the end, the Rebels' puzzled reaction when the ''Executor'' and its fighter complement show up and attack Xizor's forces while ignoring the Rebels.