Funny / Sex Drive

  • Rex taking out his anger on a defenseless garage door.
  • In the climax, when Ian (is wearing a Mexican donut costume) has grabbed the thieves' gun.
    Thief: Anybody can wave a gun around...I doubt you have it in you to fire it.
    [thief rushes forward, Ian fires into the air, thief backs off]
    Thief: Anybody can fire a gun in the'll never shoot me.
    [thief rushes forward, Ian shoots him in the leg]
    Thief: Anybody can shoot someone in the leg...
  • This exchange between Rick (the redneck who tried beating on Lance) and Bobby Jo (Ms. Tasty's boyfriend) after Rick slams into The Judge.
    Bobby Jo: You wrecked my ride. Afraid I'm gonna have to take yours.
    Rick: [laughs] Fuck that shit...
    [Bobby Jo points his gun at him]
    Rick: [gives him the keys] Here you go. Pulls to the left.
  • In the unrated version when the trio gets bailed out of jail, Lance sees the Amish girl and cries out in a goofy way "MARY!!" and you can hear laughter in the background as Clark Duke laughs to himself.
  • The catfight at the end. The witnesses (all male) watch eagerly, with the redneck putting his arm around Lance's shoulders (who a few minutes before he had punched in the face).