Funny / Season of the Witch

  • (After fighting several battles during the crusades)
    Felson: You ever get the feeling God has too many enemies?
  • While locked up, Felson laughs at how Behmen responded to the cardinal's offer ("I serve the Church no more.") and how the priest looked like his holy water had been pissed in. Felson's grin makes it all the more funny.
  • Hagamar's first line (while he's in a pillory, no less):
    "Ah, visitors. What can I do for you gentlemen? Perhaps you'd like to pelt me with fruit or kick me in the groin?"
  • Behmen and Felson's discussion about the witch's abnormal strength gets an interesting turn:
    Behmen: I've seen girls destroy men without lifting a finger.
    Felson: How many times do we need to go over this? We were in France, for God's sake! (Behmen laughs) And the things she did in the bedchamber.
    Behmen: She robbed you of the year's wages!
    Felson: Yes but... She gave me so much in return. (Behmen grins)
  • An In-Universe example comes when Behmen tells the group about how Felson was enlisted to the crusaders. He asked the priest if he would receive remission from adultery. The answer was yes, for two years of service. For theft, three years of service. After pondering it, Felson decided to make that ten years of service. Everyone except Debelzeq laughs.