Funny / SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos
Dan Hibiki making the legions of Hell learn Saikyo Style.
  • In most matchups against Athena, one of the two True Final Bosses, Athena comments on how the character should not be in Heaven and needs to be defeated. However, if her opponent is Mai, the conversation topic becomes completely different.
    Mai: "What's with the bikini? Are you really that desperate for attention?"
    Athena: "...You're one to talk...just who's showing more?"
    Mai: "You'll be, sister, when I'm through with you!"
    • it's very likely Mai is confusing Goddess Athena with the Athena she knows from The King of Fighters.
    • And speaking of which, what if the opponent is Kim instead?
    Kim: "Put on some clothes! Have you no shame?!"
    Athena: (Comically Missing the Point) "Do you object to my fashion sense? Doesn't it suit me?"
    Kim: "That's not what I'm talking about! Cover yourself!"
    Athena: I'm rather fond of this outfit...
  • Both of Dan's endings, where he whips out his Saikyo dojo sign and forces the defeated and their comrades to train with him. Mind you, said defeated is either an agent of Heaven (Athena) or Hell (Red Arremer).
  • Do a Mirror Match and both instances of the character will lampshade this.
  • Akuma just wants you to know he has standards.
    Akuma: Defeating you takes less effort than smacking a baby! Not that I'd ever do that!
  • Ryo is one of the few characters who is unfazed by M. Bison... But for a completely different reason than usual:
    Ryo: Hey, how did you attach those big old knee and shoulder pads in there?
    Bison: That's enough chatter.
    Ryo: Those babies in-sewn?
    Bison: You prattling cretin... Put a sock in it!
  • In Akuma's endings, Lord kicks him out of either heaven or the netherworld with his usual "Hee-yah!" but Akuma immediately hops back in, either interrupting God's tea time to pick a fight with him or doing some sick no damage runs on the world of Ghouls'n Ghosts.
    • Similarly, defeating Athena as Demitri has him staying in heaven to challenge Lord, who's just sitting there having tea and watching tv.
  • Ryo and Mr. Karate's endings having them showing off after their victory while Robert and Yuri compliment them. "Oodely dodely cool!", says Yuri. Afterwards, the losing man appears looking dejected in the foreground.