[[folder:Season 1]]
* Shannel monologuing non-stop for 10 minutes in what was supposed to be a 30 second commercial for Mac Viva-Glam to the visible irritation of the Pit Crew.
* When the girls try on each other's outfits, Ongina wears Bebe's wig and it's almost as big as she is!

[[folder:Season 2]]
* Jujubee reading the other queens.
** Her reaction to her win was pretty priceless too:
--> I WIN! '''FINALLY.'''
* Jessica Wild drinking Absolut Vodka nonstop in her interview. "Oh I love that Absolut Ahhhsayyyeee, oh my God!"
* During Season 2's wedding dress challenge, the queens were having a serious discussion about the importance of same-sex marriage as they worked on their dresses...except Tyra Sanchez, who was obliviously singing to her [=iPod=]--loudly and off-key--the whole time while the other queens shot her {{death glare}}s..
* Pandora Boxx gets an excellent bit of revenge on Santino Rice during the reunion by describing his outfit as "homeless chic."

[[folder:Season 3]]
* This exchange from the Space Challenge:
-->Mariah: Go fuck yourself!
-->[[LargeHam Mimi]]: I DID! That's why I'm your father. AND YOUR MOTHER!
* In "Ru Ha Ha", the queens are challenged to do a stand-up comedy routine.
** Shangela invents a pimp-ho character and wins the challenge.
--->She came screaming at me, talking like, ‘Laquifa!’ I said, ‘[[RunningGag What]]?!’
** Alexis makes great use of GagBoobs.
** Yara Sofia's barely understandable, hyperactive little person character, which CrossesTheLineTwice.
** Raja comes out in an outfit inspired by ''Literature/{{Carrie}}'', complete with a fake bucket pouring "blood" over her head, and her very first line is "Did anyone else just get their period?"
* During the Rupaulapalooza "Untucked" session, all the queens are asked who should leave. There is a long, awkward silence backstage... broken by Manila.
-->"What a ''fun'' challenge! I mean, who knew it'd be so hard to lipsynch my own goddamn song? ({{Beat}}. No one responds.) All right, werk."
* Manila's drag sister jock cheering on the backstage after knowing he won two tickets to a cruise... America's #1 Gay Cruise.
* Frustrated by Alexis Mateo's boob plate not looking like the real thing, Michelle Visage whips out her own boobs and flashes the camera. Ru is in hysterics afterwards.
* During a runway [=LaToya=] Jackson actually critiques Manila Luzon's hair on being ''too big'', Manila's reaction is just priceless!
-->(laughing)"How dare you?! I'm a drag queen!"

[[folder:Season 4]]
* In Untucked, one fight between Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O'Hara was so heated they fought through Ru[==]Paul's message to head to the Gold Bar. The editing even made it look like they unknowingly missed out on an opportunity to meet Dita von Teese, who waited patiently as Muzak played in the background and Sharon and Phi Phi can be heard bitching on the other side of the door leading into the Interior Illusions Lounge. (In reality, they did meet Dita and had a great time with her.)
* One of the best burns being delivered by, of all people, former NBA star Rick Fox.
--> (Of a "Carrie Bradshaw" inspired outfit) ''She was trying for '''Series/SexAndTheCity''', but all she got was Sex In The Alley.''
* After Kenya Michaels was eliminated, she wrote the queens an open letter where she reads all of them to filth.
* During the Untucked of Season 4's Snatch Game, Latrice, Dida, and Jiggly all pick names from the big pink box and impersonate their fellow queens. HilarityEnsues.
* Shangela's big reveal in the season 4 opener, which involves her getting locked in a box, set on fire, attacked by a rabid [[MemeticMutation honey badger]], and finally eaten by zombies, all for calling [=RuPaul=] OLD.
* Jiggly Caliente's reaction to watching Latrice Royale de-drag for the first time:
-->"She went from Music/ArethaFranklin to [[Music/TheNotoriousBIG Biggie Smalls]]!"
* Untucked even recreated one of Sharon and Phi Phi's fights, using [[http://www.logotv.com/video/misc/757732/rupauls-drag-race-untucked-311-dogs-fight.jhtml#id=1682732 the dogs]] from the episode.
* During the "frenemies" challenge, Phi Phi and Sharon are paired together (surprise, surprise) and are tasked to sing live. They opt to give Ru a little preview...
* Kenya's drag sister "Li'l Mama" in the makeover challenge doesn't know how to tuck, so she has to help him behind a screen. Latrice overhears him complaining and can't help but grin.
-->'''Li'l Mama:''' My dick's gonna look like a tail!
-->'''Latrice:''' ''[[CutawayGag (filthiest laugh ever)]]''
* The Reunion interview with Willam has its moments:
--> '''Willam:''' I told my husband I was doing a non-union horror movie in Europe which I've done before [[TakeThat and they suck so don't watch them.]][[note]]Made even funnier by the fact that he very likely meant the Uwe Boll movies he had small parts in. Yes, ''the'' Uwe Boll.[[/note]][...]and then the first night he knocked on my door and ''[[PizzaBoySpecialDelivery it was a delivery!]]''
--> '''Rupaul:''' So, in other words, you were receiving conjugal visits from your husband and unfortunately that was a violation of the rules?
--> '''Willam:''' "Visiting" makes it sound like we were visiting and there was no talking...

* During All Stars, Alexis admitting that even though both she and Yara Sofia both speak Spanish and English half the time she doesn't understand her in either language.
* Ongina and Delta Work driving the final four.
* The superheroine runway -- just listening to the serious delivery of each of the queen's campy hero/villain backstories, punctuated by the mood inappropriate catcalls of the judges watching them strut down the runway in their latex/sequined/bondage-play costumes.

[[folder:Season 5]]
* Roxxxy Andrews talking about her "makeup dress", which she likens to ''LittleHouseOnThePrairie''. And Penny Tration then showing off her own African-style makeup dress with "I see your ''Little House on the Prairie'' and raise you Africa!"
* In season 5, [=RuPaul=] criticizes Coco, who is playing a ventriloquist dummy.
--> ''Let's have more [[Literature/TheAdventuresOfPinocchio Pinocchio]]... and less the doll from ''Franchise/{{Saw}}''.''
* Jinkx Monsoon warns the other queens in the competition to take her seriously... only to cut to her asleep on the couch curled up in a fetal position.
* Lineysha pitching ideas in the children's show. "Why don't we get a muffin and he talking like AGHAGHAGHAGH"
* Detox admitting that she's had "some work done" (i.e. plastic surgery) and proceeding to give off a LongList of virtually every body part you could think of while Alaska stares on in disbelief. And then at the very end announcing that she's a member of the Glad product line due to having so much plastic. To put this in perspective, she finishes by saying that the only things she ''hasn't'' had done are her nose, knees, and her big toe.
** Later in the same episode, making her way down the runway in a black dress that looks pretty conventional from the front, only to reveal when she turns around lacing that goes all the way down the back and shows a massive amount of buttcrack. The judges' reactions are hysterical.
---> Santino: SAY YES TO CRACK!
* The [=RuPaul=] Roast
** Alaska who, in addition to poking fun at guest judge Leslie Jordan and Michelle Visage, did some great rapid-fire "[=RuPaul=] is so old..." jokes
-->"[=RuPaul=], you’ve been in the industry a [[OverlyLongGag long long long long long long long long]] time."
-->"[=RuPaul=] is so old that the Hindenberg disaster nearly destroyed her Bat Mitzvah"
-->"[=RuPaul=] is so old that her colostomy bag is made of wood"
-->"[=RuPaul=] is so old that when she opens her legs, all you hear is ''puuuuh''."
** Coco as Ru's "ghetto cousin" while roasting her. She ended up winning the challenge.
** Alyssa's microphone getting turned off because her jokes were so bad. You half expected a VaudevilleHook to come out and yank her off stage.
*** Earlier in the workroom Michelle repeatedly telling her that her jokes weren't jokes and were actually just insults was cringe-inducingly hilarious. Especially Alyssa's blank stare which made it obvious it was not sinking in.
** Jinkx's bit:
-->"Michelle Visage is so full of semen... Period. No seriously, she's a whore."
-->"Ru, what I admire most about you is your ability to look at these tired queens and always find a compliment for them. You're so full of shit, the toilet's jealous."
** Ivy: "Having sex with Santino is a lot like Ru's music career: ...[[ChirpingCrickets awkward]]."
** Detox: "You are fucking gayer than the Fire Island production of RENT."
*** "Michelle's favorite movie in the whole world is ''Film/{{Showgirls}}'', and much like Nomi Malone, she relies on the talents of her black friend!"
* The perfume episode's mini-challenge, where the queens had to match the underwear on 22 muscle-bound models. Since the queens are holed up in a hotel and have had minimal contact with the outside world, they hadn't had sex in months and just ''stared'' at the men like a pack of starving wolves. Needless to say, [[DistractedByTheSexy they had some trouble with the matching]].
** A lot of the comments made are pretty good, too.
-->[=RuPaul=]: You don't seem to be doing very well, Alyssa.
-->Alyssa: No, I'm doing well; I'm just not making any matches.
* The perfume commercials
** "Heroine by Detox," playing on both the drug and a strong female:
-->''Seduction, addiction,'' (suddenly deep voice) '''Heroine.''' ''Sexy, sultry,'' '''Heroine.''' ''A new addiction for the addictive woman. Available at the clinic.''
** Some of Aubrey O'Day's critiques took the cake too:
--> "This smells like a Kim Kardashian sex tape [...] Most of these just smell like Grandma's vag."
** Jinkx Monsoon's entire commercial for "Delusion", which starts with her lounging around with two hunks like they'd just had a threesome, only to cut to her waking up alone on a couch. The clincher is having some Chex mix on her thigh when she wakes up.
-->''CONVINCE yourself!'''
** Alaska's "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVWx5R2C38A Red for Filth]]." You can hear Ru cackling in the background, which just makes it that much funnier.
--> Dangerous. Flawless. Overpriced. Whether you’re getting read the house down (‘your makeup is ''terrible''’) or just ready to go down, the exciting new fragrance Red for Filth. Are you red...y for me?”
** For that matter, Alaska's tone of voice and facial expressions as she says, "I just wanna spray it all over mah bodeh raght neeeowh!" Especially that thing she does with her jaw.
** "Oooh.. it smells like iHop! Your country breakfast is ready! Y'all hungry?"
* The entire sequence in season 5 when the gay vets are trying to tuck for the first time. It does not go well for several of them. Especially how one attempts to use duct tape after [[GagPenis size issues]] make it difficult and Coco explains why this is a ''[[FlayingAlive bad]]'' idea. Later turns into a BrickJoke when the vets are watching from the lounge and are still talking about it.
* Michelle Visage referring to Rolaskatox as "Rolodex" and even after Ru corrects her, Michelle says she likes her version better.
* Alaska's Roxxxy puppet, complete with having a wig under another wig and a tear off under another tear off.
* Jinkx's lipsync to Yma Sumac's "Malambo #1" in the Sugar Ball episode is the single funniest lipsync from the entire show.
* '''"[[http://youtu.be/AwSzSdQTqg4 LIL' POUND CAKE]]!!!"'''
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=901W8CAL9b4 Follow up]]!
* Roxxxy being completely confused by the "Sequin versus Sequins" thing. She's actually Latina, and apparently English is not her first language. This was the only time it showed, and it was absolutely ''hilarious''.
* Alyssa shouting at Coco, "Look how orange you fucking look, girl!" while Coco was in the middle of applying foundation (which really was an ungodly shade of orange), which the season rewind episode ever-so-helpfully drove home by putting Coco's face in a Dorito. For that matter, Coco's DeathGlare where she looks like an [[Literature/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory Oompa-Loompa]] samurai counts too.
--> '''I'M NOT JOKIN', BITCH!'''
** To Coco's credit, she's had some fun with this. In the reunion she admits that yes, she was very, ''very'' orange then, and a couple months later she posed for a photo in front of a Doritos truck.
* Alyssa's status as a FountainOfMemes. Comedy wasn't her thing, but she was perhaps the most ''unintentionally'' hilarious and quotable queen on the show:
--> Bitch sit your ass down and shut the hell up, bitch!
--> Coco was backstabbing me behind my back!
--> Backrolls?!
--> Yes Gawd!
--> I don't get cute, I get drop-dead gorgeous!
** Now available [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7drlrSFeMs as a dance mix]].
** During the reunion, a fan submitted a question asking whether or not she'd figured out what Alyssa's Secret was. Her response: "It's 9 inches and fully functional!"
* The mini-challenge where the queens had to put on their makeup in the dark is perhaps the funniest mini-challenge in the entire show besides the OnceASeason reading session. Ru explains what she wants them to do, and before they have time to react, she claps her hands and the lights are out, forcing them to awkwardly stumble towards the makeup tables and beat their faces without stabbing themselves in the eye with mascara pencils. Once the lights come back on, the end results range from passable to horrendous.
--> '''Alyssa Edwards''' (on Coco's makeup): Girl what ''were'' those colors?!
* Alaska and Detox passionately making out, while Alaska is dressed up as Phi Phi O'Hara, and Detox is dressed as Phi Phi's rival -- and Alaska's ''boyfriend'' -- Sharon Needles, in the middle of a lip-synced re-enactment of a fight between the two.

[[folder:Season 6]]
* In the second Season 6 premier, Bianca Del Rio's hilarious criticisms of the other queens are priceless:
--> On Trinity K. Bonet: "She reminds me of a dear old friend of mine in New Orleans. She's dead."
--> On Joslyn Fox: "Girl is wearing every piece of jewelry she owns! She looks like she went to Claire's Boutique, fell on a sales rack, and said 'I'll take it!'"
--> On Magnolia Crawford's over-contoured nose: "She looks like a swordfish! Like she can turn pages in a book with that thing..."
--> On Gia Gunn: "[The first seven queens] are all trying too hard, especially Kimora Lee Simmons-Kardashian over there."
* In the first premiere, after Laganja meets the other queens, she starts doing a dance akin to pelvic thrusting the air. Cut to [=DeLa=]'s unimpressed ConfessionCam.
-->'''Laganja''': It's time we got some fresh fish up in here! Sushi rolls, sushi rolls! ''[thrusts the air]''\\
'''[=BenDeLaCreme=]''': Barf.
* In the first premiere mini challenge, the queens have to leap from a platform and strike a mid-air pose for the camera. Vivacious jumps, lands in the pit and is completely covered by the foam cubes, so Ru asks her if she's fine... then Ornacia springs into view from the rim of the pit.
* In the second premiere, Joslyn states that she's going to be the "black horse" of the competition. The producer asks if she meant dark horse and there's a long pause before Joslyn confirms this is what she meant.
* [[http://www.logotv.com/video/misc/1010278/adore-milk-mini-challenge.jhtml#id=1723907 Adore and Milk's top and bottom bikini lip-synch]] is hilarious, easily winning out of the six total groups with the combination of Milk's bikini-clad bulge and Adore serving face and comedy, the two get so into it that they leave Ru in stitches!
* When Trinity argues with the judges over her difficulty speaking with her flippers in, guest judge Sheryl Lee Ralph tells her to put a cork in it...literally! Speaking with a cork in your mouth is an old trick for practicing enunciation.
* Bianca, Milk, Ben, and Adore's reactions to Laganja's attention whoring in the fifth episode of Untucked. Special points to Milk and Adore for BreakingTheFourthWall.
* In an episode of ''Whatcha Packin' with Michelle Visage'' when Michelle interviewed Milk post-elimination, and Milk shows off a "deconstructed/reconstructed" wedding dress she didn't get to wear, pulling it out for the camera and sweeping the lace across Michelle's face, which the editors then felt the need to repeat in a slow-motion instant reply!
-->'''Michelle Visage''': That just took all my lip gloss off! You have a remnant of Michelle Visage on your wedding dress!
* Episode 8 involves a stand-up comedy challenge for the queens with one catch: Most of the audience are senior citizens. HilarityEnsues.
** Bianca's SelfDeprecation humor takes the cake (and the challenge itself)
--->My mother is from Cuba and my dad is from Honduras, which basically means I have [[BiggusDickus a large dick]], no credit and [[StickyFingers a tendency to take things that don't belong to me]].
--->My mother insisted that we stay true to our Spanish heritage, so my first words were 'housekeeping!'.
** Darienne and Trinity also storm the challenge:
--> '''Darienne:''' At the gym, I'm like a ninja ... you will never see me there!
--> '''Trinity:''' So, as you've noticed, I'm black, but don't worry, you don't need to hold on to your wallets and purses, 'cos I already got 'em!
* Though extremely unintentional in the latest episode of Untucked following Laganja's HeroicBSOD she storms out of the Gold Bar followed by utter silence Courtney finally says something:
--> '''Courtney''': *struggles to speak for a minute* [[CaptainObvious I don't know if we handled that the best way.]]
** Similarly unintentional, just before Laganja storms out, Trinity tries to calm her down:
--> '''Trinity''': No. Relax. Relax. Relax. Take it down to a 2.
* The queens have a little game to play in Untucked where they have to guess who said what quote during confession cam. One of the quotes is a queen saying "when it comes to beating my face I'm up there with the pros." The queen who said that was Milk. Cut to all of the queens in Untucked being utterly shocked Milk said that.
** Similarly everyone instantly guesses which one is Adore due to the distinctive speech patterns, while Adore makes increasingly futile attempts to deny it.
--> '''Adore''': Whoever said that sounds dumb...
** They also show a quote from Magnolia, and everyone has different reactions to her. Adore just reacts with confusion since she never met Magnolia.
--> '''Magnolia''': I think impersonations are stupid. I don't wanna be somebody else. I wanna be me.
--> '''Bianca''': Yeah, and look where it got ya: home.
** When an especially mean thing is said on the screen, pretty much everyone points to Bianca. When it turns out to be true, everyone laughs and it's the cutest thing because no one is mad at her for saying it.
* On "Scream Queens," Lena Headey's reaction to the 80's horror video.
* In the music video for "Sissy That Walk," one of [=RuPaul=]'s roles included the delightfully campy "Charles," an ex-boyfriend from each girl's hometown, determined to take her back home with him. Not only was he dressed in a 70's disco suit with a Jheri curl wig (one of the few times in 20+ years we've seen Ru with boy hair), but when it came time to act opposite Courtney, Ru put on a hilarious Australian accent.
** Even better, the script was supposed to have Charles dumping the Queen and then leaving them in the dressing room. Darienne Lake puts on such a LargeHam performance after Ru leaves her that he ''goes off-script'' and comes back for her.
* Another fun moment with Courtney and the accent barrier:
--> '''Courtney:''' One time I was tucked so tight my rat testicle popped out.
--> '''[=DeLa=]:''' Why did you have a rat testicle???
--> '''Courtney:''' My RIGHT testicle!
* The "Female or She-male?" mini-challenge may have been controversial, but it provided some comedy gold:
** Darienne thinks a close-up of cleavage has to be fake "like one of those awful breastplates." It turned out to be Michelle! It's absolutely hysterical if you remember Michelle's rant/flashing from Season 3.
** When Bianca incorrectly guesses that a close-up that turns out to be Detox, she quips, "Here's what I don't get: Detox had all that plastic surgery but she kept that nose?! Did she run out of money?"
* [=BenDeLaCreme=] stealing the show during Season 6's puppet mini-challenge with her Bianca Del Rio puppet, complete with false fingernails as teeth.
--> '''[=DeLa=]''': Your dress looks gorgeous today.
--> ...
--> '''[=Dela=]''': Looks like your lace-front is coming off...
* As the queens walk into the workroom, Gia and Laganja immediately start voguing and singing at the top of their lungs, with Laganja wearing something akin to, in Bianca's words, "a macramé pot holder" on her head. Bianca, Adore, and Milk are right behind them rolling their eyes. Then, out of nowhere...
-->'''Laganja:''' Well, I'm young, hung, and ''clearly'' march to the beat of my own drum, so props to ya, mama!
-->'''Bianca:''' [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment Where the hell did that come from?]]
* The letter from Bianca's 8 year old neighbor, while also touching, mentions how she once found Bianca passed out drunk on the couch wearing nothing but a pair of pantyhose.
* A small moment during the finale, when Joslyn's fiancé asks her to marry him there, amongst all the cheering, Courtney and Bianca can audibly be heard scream-yelling in the background.

[[folder:Season 7]]

* On Tempest and Kandy Ho's lip sync in the season premiere:
--> '''Katya''': I don't know what Ms. Crab Lady is doing in that lip sync, but the bearded ho is turning it out.
--> '''Ginger Minj''': Kandy's dance moves are fierce, but it looks like she's gonna meet you on the playground after school and beat the shit out of you. ''(Mimes punching someone to the ground)'' What's next bitch, the macarena?
* Miss Fame trying to dance around Ru's question of whether she has any acting experience, with Ru completely unfazed:
-->'''Miss Fame''': Not yet. I mean I’ve had some opportunities that could be considered like an entryway to acting but not to the degree that I’d like to see my future evolve into.
-->'''[=RuPaul=]''': What you just described was a [=CraigsList=] ad.
* Carson Kressley on Ginger Minj, he may not know what minj is, but he ''loves'' it!
-->I love ''The Minj''. Put a little ginger on that, I could eat it all day!
* Depending on your tolerance for CringeComedy, the epic disaster that was "[=MacBitch=]" could be hilarious, especially the montage of how everything kept going wrong during taping the skit.
--> '''[=RuPaul=]''': What is happening?
--> '''Michelle''': I'm lost.
* During Trixie's exit on ''Untucked'', she finds notes from Max and Pearl expressing their love for her. Max's note, plus Trixie's response, is quite funny, especially during the new sad style of ''Untucked''.
--> '''Trixie''': (''reading Max's note'') "Trixie, I love you and the judges suck and I hate everyone else here, the end. Love, Max. PS: I will win for you." Aww! (''beat'') [[HarsherInHindsight She's not gonna win.]]
* Katya [[http://momsgoldteeth.tumblr.com/post/114590118591/momsgoldteeth crabwalking into the workroom]] for no reason. She also got Ginger to hold up her legs and wheelbarrow her into the workroom.
* Fame absolutely ''nerding out'' over raising chickens... including her uncanny ability to cluck like one.
* Katya's aceeptance speech for winning "Meatiest Tuck" at the [=DESPY=] awards.
-->'''Katya''': "I believe it was the great American painter Bob Ross who said 'The key to a swollen vagina is ({{beat}}) courage."
* The whole "Ru Hollywood Story" challenge, with the queens having to re-enact different versions of why Merle Ginsberg was replaced with Michelle Visage. It reaches a head with Ru's story, where Miss Fame as Merle and Pearl as Michelle just spit out nonsense before doing a cat-fight in a kiddie's pool full of Jell-o.
** Pearl complaining about the challenge:
--> '''Pearl:''' "I was sitting in 40-degree Jello, I'm freezing, [[BreadMilkEggsSquick Miss Fame has a total erection rubbing on me]], just get me out of here."
** The "confessions cam" used as introductions for the different versions: behind Merle there's a photo of Michelle used as a dartboard, while Michelle speaks in front of a framed photo of her cleavage.
** For that matter, the comically big breastplates of Ginger Minj and Pearl, both as Michelle, slipping out of the dress and being pixelated like "authentic" breasts.
* Katya's epic read during the Reading mini challenge.
--> '''Katya:''' "Miss Fame. You are such a talented make-up artist. I have never met anybody who’s able to [[AssShove shove their head so far up their own ass]] without smudging their eyeliner."
* Kennedy's explanation for her bizarre [[http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/logosrupaulsdragrace/images/3/3a/Kfc.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160422073931 "Death Becomes Her" runway look]].
--> '''Kennedy''': After a long night of hooking, trade didn't like the session. So he had gutted me and set me on fire. But you know I didn't die. I had crystallized, and now I'm a glamazon bitch ready for the runway.
--> '''Ginger''': So what you're saying is... you had a costume and you had to make it fit the theme.
--> '''Kennedy''': Right.
* Pearl and Trixie Mattel's conjoined twin look.


[[folder:Season 8]]
* The first episode's photoshoot featured the queens posing with the other season winners from Drag Race ... minus Bianca del Rio. That's alright though, since Ru was kind enough to offer a SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute to Bianca ... in the form of [[https://twitter.com/RuPaulsDragRace/status/706879606377164801 a circus clown.]]
** [[spoiler:This becomes a BrickJoke in the last episode before the finale -- after the final four finish with the music video challenge, Bianca ''finally'' shows up!]]
** [[spoiler:Becomes a ''double'' BrickJoke in the Grand Finale when Ru is gathered with all the previous winners... and then borrows Raja's cell phone to call in a special guest. Cue the clown.]]
* In the second episode of ''Untucked'', [[https://slaypress.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/acid-berry-1.gif?w=300&h=224 Cynthia actually thought]] Acid Betty's name was Acid ''Berry'' this whole time!
** She promptly mocks herself by going [[https://slaypress.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/acid-berry-4.gif?w=300&h=224 "Technical problems by Cynthia Lee Fontaine!"]]
* Dax herself probably wasn't amused, but when she asks the other girls if her padding was as bad as Ru claimed, the others, without hesitation (even the ones in separate conversations), all say "Yes" in unison. The look on Dax's face is priceless.
* Bob has a lot of moments in second episode of ''Untucked''
** Bob does a small skit where she impersonates Acid Betty, noting that she can imagine Betty holding a shotgun screaming "NOBODY BETTER BE DISRESPECTING ME."
** When Dax asks if her padding sucks, Bob replies:
--> '''Bob''': If I had to pick a word for your padding, I would choose "suspicious."
** Bob notes that when she was growing up, she had no idea Band-Aids were supposed to be flesh-colored, because of her dark skin tone. She starts referring to her black dress and black hair as her "nude dress" and "nude hair." Betty takes it one step further by suggesting that ''all'' things black should be called "nude", to which Bob suggests "[[Creator/{{BET}} Nude Entertainment Television]]."
* When Chi Chi wins the second challenge she gets a trip to New England as a prize, to which she - completely seriously - asks if she'll be going over seas. Cue awkward {{beat}} before Ru clarifies that New England is in America.
* The choreographer praising Acid Betty during the critiques for being so "kind" and "caring" to the other girls, whose faces (along with those of probably a large amount of the audience) were a perfect picture of "[[FlatWhat What.]]"
** To clarify: Betty ruffled a ''lot'' of feathers during rehearsals, and tried multiple times to wrest control of the group from Chi Chi.
* Bob playing Cookie in the ''Series/{{Empire}}'' parody challenge was a match made in drag heaven.
* Bob gleefully cackling about how she was trying to turn the other challenge teams against each other... Only to become visibly frustrated when they turn the tables and start sowing dissension in her group instead! Schadenfreude never felt so good.
-->'''Kim Chi:''' Oh [[https://49.media.tumblr.com/3d1edb0a5af7365fda1afb71b0b5e417/tumblr_o4sf3bfjNE1vombpro2_400.gif ~Thorgy~]]...
-->'''Thorgy:''' ''[[https://45.media.tumblr.com/800aff6d17f1ff69f13f84852e18097d/tumblr_o4sf3bfjNE1vombpro1_400.gif *Looks over*]]''
-->'''Kim Chi:''' [[https://45.media.tumblr.com/f5e69ad9a87d9b086a00784ff74e22bc/tumblr_o4sf3bfjNE1vombpro3_400.gif Hiiiiiii!]]
-->'''Thorgy:''' [[https://49.media.tumblr.com/ae7252dda98977fc778e2e1b4daaaaaf/tumblr_o4sf3bfjNE1vombpro4_400.gif Hi!]]
** Prior to this, Betty, Bob and Thorgy with their "Art! Art art art art!" [[EarWorm chant]] as they dance across the room.
* Possibly unintentional, but the Creator/{{Madonna}}-themed runway had four of the queens walk out in a kimono, one after another, an incident that has quickly become known as [[ScandalGate "Kimono[==]Gate"]] by the fandom. On Fashion Photo Ru-View, Raja got [[http://shackleshotgun.tumblr.com/post/142347360702 noticeably irate]].
** [[spoiler:Becomes a BrickJoke in the finale when Raja walked down the runway dressed as Madonna, complete with blonde wig, cone tits, and a monocle]]
* After a tense argument between Derrick and Naomi in the workroom, Kim Chi has something to say:
-->'''Kim:''' [[SkewedPriorities When's dinner?]]
* Chi Chi's version of Bob The Drag Queen during the puppet challenge, complete with miniature purse. Chi Chi's accent just makes it even funnier.
* Bianca del Rio's advice for the eventual winner, during the finale:
-->'''Bianca:''' Enjoy the ride, and pay your damn taxes! Right Sharon, Jinkx, Raja?

[[folder:All-Stars 2]]
* When Katya checks out Detox's ass and asks her if she had more work done, Detox replies, "No girl I just got fat!"
* Tatianna's "The Same Parts", a spoken word poem about her dick.
-->'''Katya''': The 90's beatnik doing a spoken word piece about her genitals. Tatianna's number is my absolute favorite.
* The random shots of the judges engaging in trivial activities while the queens deliberate in the workroom on who to eliminate. The first time Ru sends the queens backstage, it's jarring to the point of MoodWhiplash.
-->'''RuPaul''': While you queens deliberate backstage, the judges and I will... ''[tense music stops]'' enjoy a fruity cocktail.\\
''[cut to Carson Kressley sipping a drink from a twisty straw]''
* Alyssa and Alaska's stand-up routine, consisting of Alaska standing in front of the mic and giving Alyssa topics to riff on.
-->'''Alaska''': My name's Alaska, just like the state.\\
'''Alyssa''': My name is Alyssa Edwards and this...definitely ain't nobody's secret that this gig-a-rama is completely full of buffoonery ''[points to Phi Phi and Coco]'', riggery ''[points to [=RuPaul=]]'', and straight up...''[gestures to Alaska]'' tomfoolery. \\
'''Alaska''': Totally.

-->'''Alaska''': Detox and Tatianna are here tonight.\\
'''Alyssa''': The Heels Have Eyes, Part 2: The Remix.\\
'''Alaska''': Bam.

-->'''Alaska''': Alyssa, describe Michelle Visage in one word. Go!\\
'''Alyssa''': ''[drum roll]'' '''BEAST!'''\\
'''Alaska''': ''[{{beat}}]'' Burn.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDHEZ6q--vE Katya's Krisis Kontrol commercial]]. Perfect if you're feeling crippled under the burden of existential pain!
-->'''Katya:''' You know, these days, being a woman is tough. When I'm not struggling with my weight or worried about wrinkles, [[MoodDissonance I am bombarded by a cacophony of demonic voices in my head telling me:]] [''zooms in to NightmareFace with flames in the background''] '''"YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH."''' [''[[MoodWhiplash goes back to smiling sweetly]]'']
* When Ru [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=20&v=BEkEsi9woTU calls out Phi Phi]] over her decision not to attend the reunion taping over what she claims was an unfair edit (which World of Wonder has refuted).
-->'''[=RuPaul=]''': Tonight, one queen has decided not to join us, or as Tatianna would say, "Choices." One thing before we start. If at any point tonight you think one of your fellow queens is not telling the T, feel free to raise the paddle provided and call bullshit. For example, if one of you were to say, "I blame the edit," I'd say ''[raises paddle]'' "Bullshit!" See how it works?

[[folder:Season 9]]
* Charlie Hides, the oldest queen of the season--and the entire series at 52--has a priceless reaction upon meeting Farrah Moan, one of the younger queens of the season:
-->"Oh God, I have underwear older than her!"
* Kimora Blac has this gem:
--> "What's an adjective?"
* Episode 4, Sasha and Shea's cooking segment on the TV show challenge, full to the brim with LesYay, which gives them the win.
-->'''Sasha''', ''holding a forkful of [[{{Squick}} salad and chocolate]]'': You wanna try some?\\
'''Shea''': I thought you'd never ask.\\
'''Sasha''': Do you like that?\\
'''Shea''': Mhh... ''[{{beat}}]'' No.
* In the Kardashian musical challenge, Farrah gives Valentina an ''extremely'' convoluted explanation of how rapper Blac Chyna came to be associated with the family. It leaves Valentina at a loss for words and all she can say is "¡Escandalo!"...probably because the whole thing sounded like a [[SoapOpera telenovela]] plot.
* During Untucked for Episode 5, Eureka accidentally breaks a chair. Cynthia Lee Fontaine gives it a eulogy.
* In the Untucked for Snatch Game, the other safe queens give a primer on "edges" to Trinity, culminating in Shea talking about how her pubic hair is straighter than her hair on her head.
* During the DancePartyEnding after the Madonna runway, Sasha whips Alexis Michelle on the butt, and Trinity Taylor motorboats Nina Bo'nina Brown while they are both dressed as 2013 Met Gala Madonna.
* In "9021-HO":
** Trinity helps Valentina remove the censor bars that comprised her Madonna look from the previous episode. The censor bars were glued on, so Valentina spends the bulk of the process screaming. All while dramatic music is playing.
** After Creator/RuPaul notes that ''Series/BeverlyHills90210'' started airing in 1993, Farrah immediately notes that that was the year she was born. There's a brief moment where the other queens realize how old they are in comparison topped off by:
--> Creator/RuPaul: I'm gonna fucking-fuck you up.
** Something similar happens later. During the runway portion, guest judge Tori Spelling said she had a great time with the queens...until Valentina said she used to watch ''90210'' with her babysitter.
** Valentina's character in 9021-HO is meant to be something of an innocent virgin, but she manages to steal the show during quite a few scenes simply by her ChewingTheScenery facial expressions.

[[folder:All Stars 3]]
* [=BenDeLaCreme=] 's hilariously over-the-top lip sync to "Anaconda" has both the judges and the other contestants roaring in laughter.
* Somewhere in the middle of the lip sync between Shangela and [=BenDeLaCreme=] to "Jump (For My Love)", Ben realizes that she's not winning against Shangela and decides to copy her moves.
* The winners of the VH1 Diva's Live challenge really sold their roles: Shangela playing an over-the-top diva version of Mariah Carey parodying her New Year's failure, and [=BenDeLaCreme=] as a [[SophisticatedAsHell rapping Julie Andrews]].
* The Bitchelor challenge, where the queens were challenged to do improv with Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, just led to one hilarious moment after another:
** [=BenDeLaCreme=] as the cougar:
*** "I'm here to land me a boy---MAN."
*** Ben eats a banana and offers it up to Jeffrey. She later uses the mashed up banana to flirt:
---> "Are you looking for a woman that's clean or a woman that's dirty? ''(Rubs her mouth with the banana)'' Remember that I already had this in my mouth before?"
*** "If Jeffrey needs a warm bosom to press himself against at night, I'm the wrong girl 'coz these ''(her breasts)'' don't feel temperature."
** Trixie as the fake bitch:
*** "Some people might say I'm fake, but those people are alcoholics."
*** "I like my men like I like my coffee: incapable of loving me back."
** Kennedy as the party girl:
*** She wears really crooked teeth and really lumpy padding. After greeting Jeffrey, she takes a swing from a hip flask.
---> "As I look into Jeffrey's eyes, I just get so moist inside. I gotta have his baby"
*** During the two-on-one date, she takes out two glasses and a bottle of vodka out of her padding.
---> "We gonn' make a toast to love. And your nice ass."
*** After Jeffrey asks her about her past relationships:
---> "All I had was uh...He turned out to be a crackhead. And he stole all my shit at my apartment. But I found him though. And shot his ass."
*** It all culminates in Kennedy taking off her wig, lifting her dress, collapsing on the floor and exclaiming: "I'm a man!"
** Shangela as one-half of a polyamorous duo:
--->"MMM. Look at the sperm count on this one."
* Shangela on Milk's bizarrely highly self-confidence:
--> '''Shangela''': I don't know how she is this delusional. Somebody put something in her cocktail? COSBY?
* Shangela's takedown of the Drag Race fandom in regards to Trixie's [=RuPaul=] impression during Snatch Game:
--> '''Shangela''': Y'all told her on the internet it was funny. I blame y'all.

[[folder:Season 10]]
* Yuhua Hamasaki's cover story on social media for where she was during the filming of Season 10: She was [[https://twitter.com/yuhuanyc/status/920370623955832833 in a coma]]. Which [[https://www.instagram.com/p/BaXGVF3gPWt/?taken-by=yuhuahamasaki happened in China]]. [[RefugeInAudacity After she got in a car accident]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice with a "bad Asian driver"]]. ''Hashtag China, hashtag coma''.
* Monet X. Change's sponge dress for the "Drag on a Dime" challenge and her sheer delusion that it should have been in the top, even though the other queens thought she was a total EliminationHoudini:
** First, in ''Untucked'', she tries to explain her concept and how her blue earrings represented water, and the white balls on her head were suds. Absolutely no one made that connection. Asia points out that Monet's entrance look was a janitor pushing a broom before the dramatic tearaway, "We ain't servants no more, girl!" Later, when Mayhem Miller bursts into tears describing her frustration at being constantly rejected for the show, Monet cuts the tension by offering Mayhem a sponge off her dress to blot her tears.
** The dress is brought up even in the second episode. When the queens go back to the workroom after Vanessa's elimination, Monet talks about how she thought she should have been in the top, and Asia turns around and looks at her like she's crazy, and later the girls wipe the floor with it. Then in ''Untucked'', after another tearjerking moment, Monet jokes about how she can go get the dress if someone needs a blotter (Vixen: "After you wiped the floor with it?!"). Then Asia says she ''still'' thinks Monet should have landed in the bottom last week, and that if she herself is ever in the bottom, she'll tell the judges, "Y'all remember [Monet] was a sponge, right?"
* "[[SayMyName Miss Vanjie]]... [[RunningGag Miss Vanjie]]... [[MemeticMutation Miss Vanjie]]..."
* The third episode mini-challenge, where the queens have to "audition" for an ad featuring Ru's chocolate bar:
** Miz Cracker is asked to do a monologue ''as'' the chocolate, then hop round like a bunny. Her being Miz, she {{lampshades}} it.
-->'''Miz Cracker:''': Is this an episode of ''Series/TwinPeaks''?
** Eureka humps an invisible wall.
** Blair St. Clair is forced to do a ridiculous tap dance-ish move at increasing speed.
** Monét claims to be Northern Irish, and when asked to do an Irish jig, she... [[JiggleShow jiggles]].
** Monique Heart seduces the chocolate bar [[FakeBrit with a British accent]].
* Asia O'Hara going for the grotesque in the Tap That App challenge of episode 3. After receiving the app "Madame Buttrface", she puts on the most hilariously grotesque makeup, including a squashed nose, multiple moles and a giant unibrow, to the point that she completely steals the show. Her [[https://tv-fanatic-res.cloudinary.com/iu/s--ujs4g00e--/t_full/cs_srgb,f_auto,fl_strip_profile.lossy,q_auto:420/v1523060642/the-mug-heard-around-the-world-rupauls-drag-race-s10e3.jpg expression during a freeze frame]] has Michelle and Carson in complete hysterics.
* An argument between The Vixen and Aquaria is interrupted when [[EekAMouse a spider is spotted]]. Cue nearly EVERYONE freaking out and screaming (with Mayhem even ''climbing onto the table'' to get away from it!!)
-->'''Monet:''' [''unfazed''] It is a spider, oh my ''Lord...''
* The Vixen tells Ru how her grandmother taught her embroidery as a child by having her write her name on a napkin, then stitch over the writing, to which Ru responds, "That's a great way to teach a child...how to grow up to be gay."
* Asia and Monique's bewildered reactions to Monet explaining that [[AluminiumChristmasTrees the English accent used to sound American but it eventually changed to what it sounds like today some time after colonizing America.]]
* After Aquaria compliments Ru's look in episode 4, Ru states that she's actually not serving a look. While dressed like [[http://inmagazine.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RuPaul%E2%80%99s-Drag-Race-Season-10-Episode-4-Recap-The-Last-Ball-On-Earth-Rupaul-runway.jpg this]].
* During her lipsync battle with Dusty Ray Bottoms, Monét X Change exaggeratedly braces herself to perform a splits, leaps into the air...[[SubvertedTrope and lands on her two feet again]], shaking her head and waving her hand dismissively. The move has the judges in hysterics.
** She also takes a moment to hold the mask that was part of her outfit over her mouth to make it look like she's trying to catch her breath, which the judges also love.
* Monet's lipsynch against Mayhem Miller in the next episode, where she basically acts out a trailer trash character and even pulls out two cans of hairspray to do her hair onstage. Like Tammie Brown before her, Monet is the kind of crazy queen that you just want to put onstage because you have no idea what she'll do or say next.
* The mini challenge for episode 8 has the queens throwing shade at RuPaul -- who then fake-slaps them across the face. Then for Asia O'Hara, Ru ends up ''[[EpicFail accidentally smacking her for real.]]''
-->'''[=RuPaul=]:''' I am so sorry!!
-->[''cut to Confession Cam of Asia holding her cheek in shock'']
** Asia's reaction is what makes the moment side-splitting:

[[folder:Snatch Game/Misc.]]
* Several of the Snatch Game performances, including:
** Tatiana's brilliantly wide-eyed portrayal of Britney Spears
** Pandora Boxx as a hilarious out of it Carol Channing from Season 2
--> "Raspberries!"
--> "I'm a little embarrassed Ru, I'm a little embarrassed, cause I just wrote "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.""
** Raja as Tyra Banks from Season 3
--> "I smized so hard my eyes bled, girl!"
** Stacey Lane as Monique's character from ''{{Film/Precious}}'' who the judges noted managed to steal the show even when not speaking due to multiple {{Funny Background Event}}s and facial expressions.
** Alexis Mateo as a pregnant Alicia Keys from Season 3
** Manila Luzon mocking Shangela's Tina Turner impression.
-->"I don't know, Ike. Halleloo!"
** Sharon Needles as Michelle Visage from Season 4
--> "Oh please, she should've seen what me and Ru were on. It's all behind us now, but we were on uppers, downers, and candy corn!"
** Chad Michaels as Cher
--> "I don't know why they keep booking me on this chicken shit gigs!"
** Jinkx Monsoon as Little Edie from ''Film/GreyGardens'', where she completely steals the show.
** Roxxxy Andrews as Tamar Braxton in Season 5. Made even funnier in the reunion show when the actual Tamar Braxton makes a cameo... and imitates ''Roxxxy''.
** Season 5 sees Ru make hay in the face of Alyssa's less-than-satisfactory Katy Perry:
--> '''[=RuPaul=]''': Have you ever kissed a girl?
--> '''Alyssa''': [[CriticalResearchFailure Why Ru, never!]]
--> '''[=RuPaul=]''': Oh, really?
--> ''Blank stare from Alyssa''
--> '''[=RuPaul=]''': ... Have you ever fucked a black guy?
** "Well Julie, I just wrote '[[VulgarHumor anus]]'"
** In Season 6, [=BenDeLaCreme=] slays the challenge as Maggie Smith in her ''Series/DowntonAbbey'' persona. Not only does she give a perfect impersonation in both look and voice, but she has this priceless exchange with Trinity (as Music/NickiMinaj):
-->'''Trinity''' (after [=DeLa=] gives her answer in flowery British prose): Ru can you get some people who speak normal English next time for the show?
-->'''[=DeLa=]''': Well excuse me! We originated the language!
** Bianca Del Rio also turns in a good performance with a flawless Judge Judy, complete with an Officer Byrd hand puppet... which she hurls at Gia Gunn's Kim Kardashian when she offers up a response of "big black dick."
** Adore Delano's perfect Anna Nicole Smith, everything from her look to the faces she gives to what she says and the inflections of how she says it were so impossibly perfect, even Ru was in awe at how much Adore was channeling Anna Nicole Smith (Ru and Anna were good friends in real life, while she was still alive).
** In Season 7, Kennedy's Little Richard and Ginger's Adele are both so hilarious and flawlessly executed that they tie for winner.
** From the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1toMCOdjls4 2015 live Snatch Game in Chicago]]: Laganja Estranga as played by Alaska, and Alaska as played by Jinkx.
** In Season 8, Bob The Drag Queen's spot-on (and hilarious) impersonation of Uzo Aduba in Snatch Game, followed by Bob switching characters mid-game to an even funnier Carol Channing. No one was surprised when Bob won the challenge.
** In All Stars 2, Alaska becomes a quip machine as Creator/MaeWest, and Katya delivers a delightfully loopy Music/{{Bjork}}. It's no surprise when they win the challenge. Alyssa also does a fantastic job at an exaggerated Creator/JoanCrawford in spite of [[NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent not getting her accent at all]].
-->'''Katya!Bjork''': How many bones do I win?
-->'''Alaska!Mae''': How many bones do you ''want'', hun?
** Season 9's Snatch Game had quite a few impressive performances, including Alexis Michelle as Liza Minelli (who wins the challenge), Sasha Velour as Marlene Dietrich and Valentina's impression of Ariadna Gutierrez after the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.
** From Season 10, highlights included Aquaria suprising everyone with a hilariously dead-eyed portrayal of Melania Trump (who wins), and Monet X Change as Maya Angelou -- especially after Chi Chi [=DeVayne=]'s not-so-great performance as the same person in All Stars 3. Special mention has to go to her "soliloquy":
-->''"If these hoes try to come for me''\\
''I surely will cut thee''\\
''I will not hesitate to put thee in a ditch''\\
''Because Maya Angelou ain't no punk bitch."''
* One of the show's bumpers reads "Available in stunning standard definition! [[SelfDeprecation The Queens will thank us.]]"
* ''Drag U'' isn't without its funny moments, either. "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwShpvsJQXU Is that my ring?]]"
* Bianca and Alaska's [[http://www.logotv.com/video/rupauls-drag-race-season-7-episode-1-queens-commentary-with-bianca-del-rio-and-alaska/1734532/playlist.jhtml shade-filled]] commentary on the first episode of Season 7.
** Followed by [[http://www.logotv.com/shows/rupauls_drag_race/rupauls-drag-race-season-7-episode-8-commentary-with-alaska-and-shangela/1735587/playlist/#id=1735587 Alaska and Shangela's snark]].
* One of the promos for Season 7 was Bianca giving [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNGfntwwCHY her opinion]] on the queens... however, it just cuts to [[WeAreExperiencingTechnicalDifficulties a test pattern]] and then cuts back to a practically speechless Bianca.
-->'''Bianca''': Wow, I think this is the first time in my life that I'm actually speechless. What the fuck?
* Alyssa's [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvAcoBGxkN0 reaction]] to Violet's impersonation of her.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d5yxyU_1qM Mimi Imfurst's entire performance]] on The Roast of Michelle Visage, which was part of the Drag Race cruise.
--> '''Mimi''': Now, Pandora, let's be honest -- you were such a fucking cunt on [=RuPaul=]'s Drag Race All Stars that even Roxxxy Andrews would've left you at a bus stop.