* How Jerry tries to save Sam's cover after blowing it spectacularly with a hearty greeting after Sam got arrested.
* Gail makes Dov her ButtMonkey for an episode after humiliating him with a video game. Specifically, forcing him to say "Gail's awesome" at every opportunity.
* Chris's theory on the full moon and why it affects people so weirdly (because everyone's mostly made of water).
* Dov is chasing down a perp, then the perp goes down after claiming he was shot. Dov then finds out a kid with a slingshot had hit the perp because his mom always said to listen to cops.
* At the beginning of "Monster", Andy and Sam arrest a man who robbed a bank and got dye pack all over his face. Blue-related puns abound throughout the episode, and one officer makes a Braveheart reference.
* After accidentally walking on Andy's dad and his girlfriend (Andy wanted to surprise him on his birthday), Andy and Sam are left with a funny but awkward conversation starter.
-->'''Andy''': Hey, when am I gonna meet your family?\\
'''Sam''': When I want to punish and humiliate you. *{{beat}}* Hey, wanna meet my family?
* Gail and Oliver bust a huge marijuana grow-op.
-->'''Gail''': We should celebrate!\\
'''Oliver''': We can buy shoes!\\
'''Gail''': And weapons!\\
'''Oliver''': Shoes and weapons, this is exactly what we need.
* Dov and Gail uncover a hidden safe in "Heart Breakers, Money Makers" and try to guess what's inside.
-->'''Dov''': I bet it's drugs. Or weapons, it's always weapons with these guys.\\
'''Gail''': I bet it's a severed head.\\
'''Dov''': Why would you keep a severed head in a hidden safe?\\
'''Gail''': Well were else are you gonna keep it?
** In the same episode, Chloe's pep-talk to Nick before his boxing match, which basically amounts to "don't let him hit you in the face, you have a nice face".
* A lot of funny moments in "Letting Go".
** In the first five minutes, everyone at the Penny is signing a retirement card for Helen, but they keep thinking it's for Henry. Even the people correcting others make the mistake when handing it to somebody else.
** The same scene has Gail is making a bucket-list of things to do before she's a mother. The fact that she's calling it a bucket list leads to some confusion.
-->'''Duncan''': Why - why are you making a bucket list?\\
'''Gail''': Because I really need to go shopping for buckets.
*** Later:
-->'''Duncan''': Hey guys quick question, is Gail dying?\\
'''Dov''': I live in hope.
** Duncan breakdancing with the kids while Gail watches. Just before the scene ends she starts to get into it too.
** When questioning an escaped convict's girlfriend, who's closer to a StalkerWithACrush, Tracy suggests that somebody should grab her coffee. Cue a huge pause where the ''five'' uniforms standing next to her all stare in the distance to try and avoid getting stuck with her.