Episode 14:
* Kaito's self imposed TrainingFromHell in order to activate [[{{bullettime}} Mouse Elephant Syndrome]] to beat the Kill Ballad cheater so Kona can deactivate the robots attacking Tokyo.
* Subaru dresses up as his [[http://i.minus.com/iFMOQwh3wWZym.gif Mr. Pleiades]] persona to distract the police.
* Akiho's reaction when Kona grabs onto Kaito's arm.

Episode 21:
* The love confession scene. The whole thing.
** First, Akiho says that she has something to say to Kaito - then [[GenreSavvy immediately starts wondering whether that would set the kill flag]]. Kaito promptly and completely casually drops the L-bomb, to which Akiho reacts with a DoubleTake.
** After the two share a kiss, it's revealed that the others were watching... by Frau screaming "'''DIE, NORMALFAGS!!!'''" She then doubles it up by gleefully asking Subaru for a "reveal of your secret [[YaoiFangirl feelings towards Yashio]], plz!"