Since ''Podcast/RiffTrax'' is essentially an {{Uncanceled}} ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'' with the same cast as the later years of that show (Mike Nelson, Bill "Crow" Corbett, and Kevin "Tom Servo" Murphy), funny moments are almost entirely guaranteed.

* [[Funny/RifftraxFeatureFilms Feature Films]]
* [[Funny/RifftraxFilmFranchises Film Franchises]]
** ''[[Funny/RifftraxStarWars Star Wars]]''
* [[Funny/RifftraxLiveShows Live Shows]]
* [[Funny/RifftraxOther Other]] (Video Games, Comic Strips, National Geographic, Sketchfests)
* [[Funny/RifftraxPresents Rifftrax Presents]] ([=RiffTrax=] without Mike Nelson and usually without Kevin and Bill)
* [[Funny/RifftraxShorts Shorts]]