Funny / Reel Big Fish

  • The DVD included with Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album features Aaron Barrett criticising John Christianson's "smooth jazz shit" trumpet playing ("You don't like my Kenny G?"). He orders him to play a "pants down, blow your hair back, make your nipples go hard rock and roll solo". When John replays it, he does as he's told and drops his pants.
  • Some of the comments before and after the songs are pretty hilarious, especially on Cheer Up.
    • Suckers opens with one of the guys talking over the other wanting to say the intro and then not knowing what to say. In spite if the fact that it's the chorus of the song.
    • Ban the Tube Top is already pretty funny, but the ending comment "I'm sorry I went to Mars for a second but I'm back now and I've got t-shirts for everybody" is great.
    • Sayonara Senorita has someone in the background shouting "It's like one of those mechanical bulls. Except it's not really a mechanical bull."