Funny moments in ''Manga/ReTake'':
* Shinji's reaction to Asuka proposing to him.
* After Shinji and Asuka wake after the defeat of the mass-production series, and having no memories of anything that happened during the fanfic, and then finding out they were engaged. As anyone that has watched the series would expect, their reactions are priceless.
* After Shinji invites the 3rd Rei to his and Asuka's wedding, we have some MoodWhiplash to a humorous scene where after everything that Shinji said in such a heartwarming context, the 3rd Rei asks out of nowhere "what's a wedding?"
* Everyone at NERV trying to help Shinji reach Asuka before her plane leaves, with them treating it [[SeriousBusiness with the same attitude they display as a battle with one of the Angels]].
* An unintentional one when Rei and Toji start a impromptu [[GoodOldFisticuffs fist fight]], because it is literally so random and out of character you can't do anything but laugh. Or FacePalm.