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Funny: Ravages Of Time
  • Sun Shu testing the waters with Xiao Meng in volume 15 on the subject of Liaoyuan Huo's love interest.. and the Sima brats' attempt to turn the table in Xiao Meng's favors. When the scene segues to Huo's arrival, the brats are in the background tied up inside bags.
  • Anytime that Xiao Meng was mistaken for a girl. At one point he even gets pissed off of by a triad leader's seeming-comment of making him his wet nurse (when the triad leader had actually been wanting Xiao Meng to find him a wet nurse, not be one).
  • Pang Tong's teaching session. His casual attitude to his students' frustration makes it even better, and this troper chortled when he offers to substitute for Zhuge Liang's class at the end of that chapter.
  • The first time that Guan Yu gets atop Red Hare, they collectively radiate awesomeness to the point that Sun Ce is too shaken to pursue and Sun troops literally fall off of their horses! Suuuure, Sun Ce, blame your horse...
  • This exchange between Sun Ce and Huang Gai in volume 21, when the latter arrives at Shenting peak with backup to find Sun Ce, who "wandered off" alone for the nth time without a bodyguard to bait Liu Yao's forces:
    Sun Ce (boasting to Taishi Ci and making a cool pose): Too bad he doesn't know how to use people like I do.
    Huang Gai (breathless after hours of looking for Sun Ce): Like hell you do! Look at this mess you've made!
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