Funny / Railroad Tycoon

  • In "Island of Hope" in Tycoon 2's Second Century campaign, as in other maps the identities of train robbers is reflective of the map and the storyline. In this case, your trains will be robbed by "starving mob", since in the story food is very scarce. This leads to the Black Comedy of papers triumphantly declaring "Starving Mob Captured!" and celebrating it means no more train robberies.
  • The game over message in the "Hell and High Water" mission, where the map is flooding. "So, how long can you tread water?"
  • Certain maps in Tycoon 2 do not allow any track to be built that is not connected to the rest of a company's network. On a map like China, this can lead to an AI player starting their company in a place like Taiwan, which does have two viable cities on the map but which is separated from the mainland by a sizable stretch of open ocean.note