* Leina eats a toadstool that really doesn't agree with her, and has an absolutely hilarious scene where she [[WaterfallPuke throws up.]] Then she apparently starts ''hallucinating''.
!!!examples from "Hide & Seek"
* Chapter 22 features the long awaited showdown between Elina and Leina but, before the match can begin, Elina's pent up feelings causes her to lose control and literally [[http://www.citymanga.com/queen_s_blade_hide_seek/chapter-22/7/ cat pounce]] her sister, [[spoiler: giving all of Gainos a free show!]] HilarityEnsues, especially '''[[http://www.citymanga.com/queen_s_blade_hide_seek/chapter-22/8/ their father's reaction]]''' when he sees the debacle!