Funny / Princess Waltz

  • The introduction of Glen, Angela's dragon adviser. We first hear his voice, as he goes on a hammy speech about his awesomeness...and then we actually see him, and he's just a tiny little dragon since he has little power in the real world.
  • Liliana "Lun Lun" Guenther's big introduction. She makes a huge speech and talks about how she's arrived to save the day...only she's too late; Arata and Chris are already gone. At least Liliana gets to show off her power as well as her comedic side, since she destroys the remaining monsters easily.
  • Another funny moment for Liliana: Liliana the foreign transfer student with an outrageously long name! (To paraphrase Liliana's excuse, "Well I lived abroad you know!")
  • Chris explains to Arata about the Guarden, expecting him to be shocked. Arata's response: "AWESOME! It's like being in a fantasy movie!" The game shows Chris's reaction by tilting "his" sprite.
  • Liliana and Suzushiro's exchange when they first meet up, which starts out as friendly, then turns into Stealth Insults, then turns into all-out Volleying Insults, complete with the game's Battle Theme Music.
  • Arata and Chris talking in unison due to the requirements needed for them to sync properly, and Arata's lame excuse as to why he's holding Chris' hand:
    Arata: It's a nice day for holding hands, don't you think? Want to hold hands with us?
    Nodoka: I think I'll pass!
    • Plus his holding of Chris' hand throughout the entire day, even when she is talking to another princess.
  • Angela collapsing from hunger, right after the player is led to believe she was injured or there to harm him.