[[AC:The Yipper Caper]]
* Niblet forgetting the important thing he had to tell Lucky because he was [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny distracted by introducing himself to Yipper]].
* "I don't have time to bother with things like adoptions! [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I need to show what an efficient pet adoption service I'm running.]]"
* Niblet's paintings during the impromptu slide show. "I painted a tree! It has a nest of birds inside. And that's a pretty sunset."
* The reveal that "mystery reporter" Carlton J. Stankmeyer is [[spoiler: a nerdy middle-school boy.]]

[[AC:A Nightmare on Pound Street]]
* "The spiders... the spiders! Make them go away!"
* This exchange between [=McLeish=] and his brother-in-law:
-->'''[=McLeish=]:''' Jerry! I mean, Mr. Mayor! What a pleasant surprise!\\
'''Mayor:''' [[SarcasmMode Yeah, like a tonsillectomy.]]
* Squirt hastily re-inflating the inflatable decoy of Lucky.
* "Look on the bright side. You could've been the world's ugliest ''cat''!"
* Cookie manages to get the dogs into the mayor's party by ''growling at the doorman''
-->'''Butler:''' Rich people are ''so'' weird...

* "How many times must I tell you? Never frolic in my personal space!"
* Rebound's previous owner is a buff, mullet-ed professional wrestler... who's ''literally'' [[InelegantBlubbering reduced to tears]] by her hyperactive antics.
-->'''[=McLeish=]:''' You, there! Who do you think you are, tearing into my dog pound like some truck-driving, muscle-bound... blubbering little school-girl?
* And this exchange, after [=McLeish=] gets Rebound put up for adoption:
-->'''The Smashinator:''' [[ThirdPersonPerson The Smashinator]] will never forget this!\\
'''[=McLeish=]:''' Well, with any luck, ''I'' will.
* "[[AttentionDeficitOohShiny Ooh, a sneaker! Ooh, a squeaky toy! Ooh, a tail!]]"
* Rebound chasing Niblet all over the pound. Soon causing a DisasterDominoes.
* Rebound driving a poor woman who tries to adopt her [[SanitySlippage up the wall]] ''within a minute''.
* "I'm not Niblet, [[PaperThinDisguise I'm a tree!]] Now go away, or so help me I'll... drip sap on you!"

[[AC:The General]]
* After Cookie bests him in a game of tug-o-war, Niblet's response is a cheery "I got second place!"

[[AC:Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine]]
* "Can I let go now? My mouth, [[TastesLikePurple it tastes like pain]]."

[[AC:Bone Voyage]]
* When the puppies are trying to find Agatha on the cruise ship:
-->'''Rebound:''' That's not Agatha! She's a short old lady with grey hair and big, goofy glasses.\\
'''Squirt:''' You just described half the passengers on this ship.

[[AC:Snow Problem]]
* When the dogs find themselves lost.
-->'''Niblet:''' Does this mean we have to start eating each other? If we do, I pick Strudel.\\
'''Strudel:''' Ack!

[[AC:The Call of the Squirreldog]]
* The three puppies chasing Mr. Nut Nut around.
* Niblet in bed with the puppies because he wants to hear the story.
* Niblet backs away from baby Mr. Nut Nut barking at him and apologizing for using a broom on him.
* "I knew it. Just like a coconut."

[[AC:Olaf in Love]]
* Kiki sure is psychic, alright
--> '''Kiki''': {''to Cookie, with a knowing smirk''} Just like I can tell you and Lucky are more than just friends.
--> '''Cookie''': [[BigWhat Wh-WHAT?!]]
--> '''Lucky''': Yeah, wh-what?! Well, it's obvious that Kiki here isn't right all the time. {''He chuckles nervously, desperate to change the subject.''} I know, let's find her a human!
* She is quite observant too
--> '''Kiki''': {''to Strudel after she explains the FKD''} [[CaptainObvious Goodness, you must be a genius.]]
--> '''Strudel''': {''amused''} Ha, I love this kid.

[[AC:Kennel Kittens Return]]
* Strudel's first test run of the Finger-ma-bob goes haywire, dragging her around the room and causing her to do things like slap Niblet and scratch Cookie's belly involuntarily.
* When Strudel finally gets the Finger-ma-bob working properly, she uses it to send [=McLeish=] a fake e-mail from the Mayor ordering him to go into the parking lot in his underwear and bark like a rabid dog. [=McLeish=] proceeds to do just that.
* "Everybody's yelling, so I am too!"

[[AC:The Fraud Princess]]
* This little bit of LampshadeHanging near the end, referring to how nobody seems to notice a bunch of dogs casually standing around in most of the episodes:
-->'''Wally:''' ''(seeing the Pound Puppies as they walk down the hall)'' Who're they?\\
'''Agatha:''' I have no idea.

[[AC:The Super Secret Pup Club]]
* Patches' retellings of three previous episodes [[BearsAreBadNews where bears suddenly appear out of nowhere]]-including in a suburb-and he heroically appears out of nowhere to scare them off by barking.
* Rebound wraps Strudel's ears around her eyes and rides her like a horse.

* Lucky starts to freak out when he's the only one in the pound not to be affected by Barlow's "philosophy". Even Rebound (and Barlow didn't even say anything to her).

[[AC:There's Something About Camelia]]
* There's Niblet's reaction to Strudel's announcement
-->'''Lucky''': All right, Strudel, you got us all down here. Now, what's the big news?
-->'''Strudel''': Oh, nothing. {''excitedly''} Except the most brilliant innovation since the dawn of time!
-->'''Niblet''': {''equally excited''} At long last! A device that delivers kibble straight to my tummy!
-->'''Squirt''': You've got one of those. It's called your mouth.
-->'''Niblet''': {''awestruck''} I'm amazing.
* One of Camelia's false perfect candidates is a man in a taco suit, who ends up brawling with a mechanic and a cop who both believe she's for them as well.
-->'''Mr. Taco''': I! Am! MR. TACO! {''Mr. Taco dives back into the brawl.''}
* The Pound Puppies need to distract the crowd coming for Camelia to rescue her from [=McLeish=], but how will they do it? By having Strudel, Cookie, and Squirt step-dance with big ol' smiles, of course!
--> '''[=McLeish=]''': {''Annoyed, shooing them back into the kennel''} Get out of here! Go on! There will be no random, amazing dog antics in my pound!

[[AC:No Dogs Allowed]]
* "I suppose you're all wondering why I brought you here? IAlwaysWantedToSayThat."
-->'''Strudel:''' ''SAY [[BigWhat WHAT??]]''
* There's definitely a meta-level laugh for an impassioned speech given at the end, about how puppies deserve just as much love as ponies...given by the voice of [[Creator/TaraStrong Tara]] [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Strong.]]
* While it's sad that the kids from the apartment have to give up their puppies, what's hilarious is that the parents are the ones taking it pretty hard.

[[AC:Working K-9 to 5]]
* Strudel devises a camera that can spy on the perfect person for the pup of the episode...by [[IncrediblyObviousBug latching the obvious and large camera onto said person's shirt with a big, claw machine-style grabber]]. [[EpicFail The grabber outright impales and decapitates the test dummy and the camera destroys it]]. Even better, the whole thing catches fire.

[[AC:When Niblet Met Giblet]]
* This humorous bit that starts to address Lucky and Cookie's CannotSpitItOut situation when Niblet states his intent to find Giblet
-->'''Cookie''': He's in love. When a dog's in love, he'll do anything for her. {''to Lucky, with a knowing smile.''} Haven't you ever been in love?
-->'''Lucky''': {''nervous''} Well...I...uh... {''He looks down at Squirt.''}
-->'''Squirt''': {''annoyed''} Yeesh! Don't look at me. I'm staying out of this. {''He walks away.''}
* The RunningGag of Niblet stumbling over squirrels after [[TemptingFate declaring that nothing will stop him]]. Even out in the wild.
-->'''Niblet''': [[LampshadeHanging What is with those guys?]]

[[AC:Rebound's First Symphony]]
* A RunningGag throughout the episode is Niblet repeatedly yelling "Surprise!", especially after the surprise has already happened. Unfortunately, his timing is particularly bad when he charges in and yells "SURPRISE!"...[[CrossesTheLineTwice after it seems like Yoyo will never be with his perfect person]].