Funny / Pomplamoose

  • Nataly's occasional vlog Dawn Be That Way is pretty hilarious, as in her and her cousin Evie's demonstration of crepe-making. Although they make delicious-looking crepes, the comic high point is the sequence in which Nataly demonstrates her imperfect crepe-tossing abilities:
    Nataly: So I maybe need to work on my flipping techniques, just a little bit. [Montage in which Nataly tosses a crepe three times and it breaks up.] F—-. Motherf—-er. [She tosses another one and it lands all right.] Whoo! Yeah. All right, enough crepe-making, let's put sh— on this.
    • The self-consciously inadequate crepe-making song:
    Oil your pan, get it nice and hot / Put your plates in the oven for later / While you wait, you can make some bacon / In a different pan, this is a terrible song.
    Take your hot plates out of the oven / So you don't have to eat a cold-ass crepe, / This is still not a very good song...
  • "Bust Your Knee Caps", a smooth, fifties-styled love ballad about what the singer's family will do to the singer's boyfriend if he leaves her.