Funny / Policenauts

  • The scene involving Chris's mosquito suddenly going loose, and it lands all over Chris, even her boobs.
  • Before the bomb defusing sequence, Ed reveals to Jonathan that he had got a fake bag for his daughter's birthday. Cue a Dull Surprise from Jonathan.
    • Fail the vibration sensor part enough times and Ed offers to do it for you...only to fail as well. Jonathan's reaction after reloading is priceless:
    Jonathan: Fuck....FUCK! Why didn't I see that coming. A fail only you could deliver.
    Ed: Gimme a break. Shit happens.
  • The end of Act 5. Since the only way back to Beyond is the mass driver, Jonathan is reluctant to go due to his claustrophobia. As Jonathan and Ed hop onto one of the mass drivers, Jonathan asks Ed if anyone's ever ridden those things before, with Ed noting that they may just be the first. Jonathan notes that this wasn't a good idea, and Ed tells Jonathan, "Too late now! See you at L2 if we make it!" As the mass driver takes off, Jonathan screams all the way back to Beyond.