* ''Series/PhoenixNights'' has one in the very first episode, when Brian (one of Creator/PeterKay's characters) realizes that the band are singing a song with very UnfortunateImplications:
-->'''Brian:''' See, nothing offensive, nothing blue.\\
'''Journalist:''' No, just racist.\\
''[The band launch into the chorus of their song, which goes "send the buggers back"; realization dawns]''\\
'''Brian:''' ''Get 'em off!''
* When Brian turns an outdoor toilet into a childrens' play area, complete with dirty urinals and a climbing frame made out of scaffolding.
** "''Was'' a condom machine, Jerry, ''was'' a condom machine! Now it does penny chews, tenpence apiece!"
* Also, Keith Lard the fire inspector (also played by Peter Kay) - an overzealous ObstructiveBureaucrat whose [[{{Squick}} inappropriate relationships with dogs]] are an open secret, though he was cleared by the police investigation. During his fire safety seminar, he draws a plan of how the fire exits of the club should be laid out and... [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmcdLEnhSi8 see for yourself.]]
** Funnier still is that there's apparently a real Bolton fire inspector called Keith ''Laird'' and some thought the character was based on the real man. Channel 4 had to put an apology at the end of the episode to clear things up.
* "There is a horse in my cabaret suite!" It proceeds to get drunk by drinking from the beer taps, and mounts the mechanical bull.
* The characters' reactions immediately after [[spoiler:the captain]] dies.
** "Put him next door." "Why?" "Because in here's murder! Next door's natural causes!"
* And, of course, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DjTIiCJwCw Sammy Snake.]]
* And the novelty car alarm which Max (yet another of Peter Kay's characters) programs to shout [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTDDlWtnvSE "get back you bastard, or I'll break your legs!"]]
* Brian on the phone, discussing venison pies: "''How'' much?... I know it's deer, it's bloody extortionate!... Well, have you got any damaged?"
* The ''Film/DasBoot'' fruit machine is funny the first time it appears, in the first episode, but its true CrowningMomentOfFunny is when it [[IncrediblyLamePun resurfaces]] [[BrickJoke at the beginning of the second episode]]. During the Captain's wake, someone wins the jackpot and it starts playing ''Deutschland über Alles'' at full volume complete with a digital voice yelling [[GratuitousGerman "Achtung, das Jackpot!"]] ''immediately after one of the Captain's friends recounted a [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII war story.]]''