Funny / Phantom of the Paradise

  • Beef singing "Old Souls".
    • Everything else.
    • Particularly, Beef tripping over his mic cord and slipping around on his ridiculous wooden platforms.
  • The Phantom approaching Beef (singing obliviously in the shower) threateningly... and shoving a sink plunger over his mouth to shut him up.
  • This little gem from Beef:
    Philbin: You know what the problem is?
    Beef: Why don't you tell me what the problem is?
    Philbin: Speed!
    Beef: Speed!? What do you know about it? You only hand it out— I take it! I know drug-real from real-real!
  • The ridiculous Mexican/Italian/whatever accent used by the Juicy Fruits' main singer in "Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye". Rarely have the words "you gave all you could give so your sister could live" sounded so hilarious.