Funny / Peter David

  • From Q-In-Law, Lwauxana's Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Q after she finds out he was only pretending to love her. Getting blasted through a bulkhead was just the beginning...
  • PAD's Amazing Spider-Man story The Commuter Cometh! is an issue-long CMOF, especially once Spidey gets to the suburbs, and Finagle's Law kicks in.
    • Personally, I busted a gut at the issue before, where The Toad, Frog Man, and The Spectacular Spider-Kid all vie to be Spidey's sidekick and end up teaming up as a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits called (appropriately enough) The Misfits. Even the title is a hoot-n-a-half Shout-Out to Rocky and Bullwinkle — "Leap for My Heart (or Spring Is In the Air)."
  • He aided Jewel Staite in winning her "bird war" with Nathan Fillion by coordinating an entire audience gathered for a Firefly panel at DragonCon to simultaneously flip Nathan off on his cue.
  • During the pitch-meeting for the X-Men crossover "X-Cutioner's Song", David's predilection for snark bit him in the ass. They were pitching ideas for using Magneto and he suggested—jokingly—that Magneto should just rip Wolverine's skeleton out and defeat him easily. This became the central plot point of the next crossover, "Fatal Attractions". Also, in a more meta sense, weakness to magnetism is now considered Wolverine's Kryptonite Factor in the current age. It's come up in fanworks, X-Men: Evolution, and films.