[[caption-width-right:300:Those eyes!]]

* Almost everything that Quack says or does.
* This:
-->'''Rabbit''': That's not corn! That's a guy!
* The birds finding out about their shadows and being convinced that they're real. The episode has a number of funny moments, but one that stands out would be Chirp trying to ''feed'' her shadow because it "looks a little flat". Even the narrator thought it was funny!
-->'''Chirp''': (''drops some seeds onto her shadow'') You simply must try these seeds from the forest. They are quite delicious!
-->(''[[{{Beat}} beat]]'')
-->'''Chirp''': (''angry'') ''[[SuddenlyShouting EAT SOMETHING!!!]]''
* "Who Stole the Big Wide World?" Quite possibly the only episode to employ huge amounts of slapstick, almost always from Quack.
* Chirp talking in her sleep:
-->'''Chirp''': (''asleep'') You're right, Quack... ducks ''do'' know best... I wish I were a du--(''wakes up'') [[CatapultNightmare AHHH!]]\\
'''Peep''': (''wakes up with a start'') What is it?\\
'''Chirp''': Sorry Peep... I had a nightmare!
* In one episode, the trio finds some pinecones and refers to them as "pineapples" [[InsaneTrollLogic since they are from pine trees and they grow on trees like apples]]. The [[LemonyNarrator narrator]] frequently corrects them throughout the episode, but then at the end [[GotMeDoingIt she too refers to the pinecones as pineapples]] and the trio corrects her.
* Any scenes with Quack and the skunk can be pretty funny.
* The pink Quack. Just the premise of it is hilarious!
* Quack [[BalloonBelly getting fat]] after gorging nuts in "Quack Goes Nuts".
* In "The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, and Nothing But the Tooth", there's this scene after Beaver Boy thinks he can't be a beaver due to missing one of his buck teeth:
-->'''Beaver Boy''': Being a beaver is all I know how to do.
-->'''Quack''': I know! You can be a fish! Fish don't need teeth. (makes bubbling noises while [[ShakingTheRump wiggling his rump]], occasionally lifting one of his legs up and shaking it) Hey?
-->'''Chirp''': Quack! Beaver Boy is still a--
-->(''Quack continues making bubbling sounds'')
-->'''Chirp''': Oh, forget it!
* "Hide And Go Peep":
** Quack screaming in terror, leaping up, and landing upside-down on Chirp when Peep reveals he was hiding between two rocks. Later the ''same thing'' happens when Peep comes out from his hiding place in some yellow flowers.
** Quack trying to find a place to hide.
-->'''Quack''': It's no use. Nothing's as blue as me except the sky! (''beat'') [[CaptainObvious It'd be pretty hard to hide behind the sky.]] (''beat'') I wonder if the sky even has a behind. Well, of course it has a behind. Everything has a behind.
** Later, Quack gets to the playground and tries to (unsuccessfully) bury himself in the sand, making a face print.
** Quack hides behind a blue ball and quietly talks to himself:
-->'''Quack''': My feet are cramped... I'm cramped! Maybe I should give up... No! A duck never gives up! I'll play this game forever! And ever! And ever! [[MotorMouth Andeverandeverandeverandeverand]]--''shh!'' (''whispering'') ...and ever.
** Quack gives away his hiding spot when a ladybug walks on his foot and tickles him, making him burst out laughing. Peep (who was nearby) [[RuleOfThree jumps and lands upside-down on Chirp.]] Chirp even lampshades how much it's happened.
-->'''Chirp''': Is this national fall-on-a-friend day?
* "Stuck Duck":
** "I lost a whole duck!"
** When Chirp thinks Peep's met a talking log (actually just Quack stuck in the log), she lovingly says, "Oh, log, I love all the work you and the trees are doing for the birds!"
** This, after a few failed attempts to get Quack out:
-->'''Quack''': Now I'm stuck upside down... and wet.
* "Peep's Night Out": When Squeak is telling Peep how dangerous night can be:
-->'''Squeak''': Do you have what it takes to be a night creature? You must be brave! Fearless! Cool! Calm! (''an owl hoots in the distance'') ''[[OhCrap WHAT WAS THAT!?!]]''